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Futures 6th

  Courts 3, 4, 5 & 6 (7eague + Futures 6th) 

 American International College

125 Cortland Street

 Springfield, Massachusetts 01109

Our Futures division, which originally was the 7th Grade division (with some 6th Grade), now harnesses some of the best 6th Grade Talent across the country.  Last year teams like Team Final and Team United highlighted the Futures, and now they will be gearing up for the 7eague this winter.  It gives us and everyone else a glimpse into the future, and gets the young talent we are pinpointing even more acquainted with and ready for the MADE circuit and level of competition. 

Our Futures division will be in February at Session 2 of the Boys Lea8ue & 7eague & Championship Weekend in March!

Age & Grade Verification 

& Online Check-In


Promoting Fair Play for Youth Athletes


What is National Sports ID?

We issue digital sports id’s verifying the age/grade of youth athletes and provide efficient processes and tools to manage and protect the integrity of teams, tournaments and leagues.
Please help us protect the integrity of NG tournament and promote fair play for our youth athletes by getting your team age/grade verified. Teams that complete the process of getting age/grade verified only have to do it one time and it allows express registration to tournaments for the year.. Players will receive a verified sports id that can be used at  tournaments around the United States. 




1. Sign up AS A COACH and create coach account.

2. Watch pop up video and follow prompt to Create Team.

3. On team page click Invite New Members to send invites.

(To register players click Manage Team > Add/Verify players)


Coaches get a team management & communication platform free!



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