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Winter #Lea8ue

Consolation 2016-17
Lea8ue Alumni (from left to right): Bryan Antoine, Elijiah Everett, RJ Davis, Scottie Lewis, Posh Alexander, Anthony Harris, Juwan Gary, Hunter Dickinson

Lea8ue Alumni (from left to right): Bryan Antoine, Elijah Everett, RJ Davis, Scottie Lewis, Posh Alexander, Anthony Harris, Juwan Gary, Hunter Dickinson

The Lea8ue will once again be sponsored by Nike and fueled by Gatorade, which is always a very influential and dominant combo.  We are fortunate to work with such great powerhouses and pilots of the sport, and it’s enjoyable to see the kids take pleasure in the luxury of it all too.  All four sessions will highlight and showcase the epitome of our winter focus, which is our 8th Grade bracket -- the Lea8ue.  On this third go around, much is expected, especially as we continue to expand the amount of teams within this division.  In our first year we had 12 teams, with Team CP3 being the undisputed and undefeated first inaugural Champions, while last year we held a 16 team Lea8ue and saw Team Takeover be just as dominant and also go on to have a perfect winter season and capture the Lea8ue Championship.

This year we are ecstatic to announce that we will be harnessing 20 teams for our 8th Grade division, which means more talent, thus more competition.  It would be very surprising to witness another undefeated run from an 8th Grade team this year, which is why we strongly feel that this year’s Lea8ue will be just as competitive and exciting as the prior two years.  Regardless, the joy and true fruits of our labor reveal itself when our 8th Grade talent moves on to some of the best high schools in the country, and furthermore begins to receive offers and interest from Division I schools.  Some kids get offered before even playing their first games of high school, and some land major offers during and after the freshman seasons -- all of which points back to the exposure received under MADE Hoops and the names made and developed under our popular microscope.  Without a doubt, our 8th Grade Lea8ue is second to none and sure to get the elite athletes noticed and recognized across the country, while preparing them for the highest competition and lifestyle of being an elite level hooper.