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Winter #7eague

Championship Showcase Games 2016-17

We are proud to announce that during this special third year, we will officially be having a 7th Grade division which will compete in 3 out of 4 sessions this winter.  Adding the class of 2022 in a competitive bracket of their own creates a further index of top notch talent under a developmental scope.  The young promising talent of 2022 will get to experience the MADE Hoops Winter Lea8ue and have their own spotlight as well through the rigorous winter.  Adding this division will surely make the 8th Grade division more competitive and give the youngsters an extra year to improve their talents before transitioning to the high school level after it is all said and done.  

In the new 7eague, we will have teams ready to square off in three sessions this winter.  It excites us a lot and really expands our brand and the number of athletes and programs we get to deal with.  We look forward to exposing the future, so why not continue to decorate the totem pole and add a division where we see fit and most importantly, where the game of basketball needs it.  We hope this makes the Class of 2022 just as excited as we are, and look forward to mirroring the Lea8ue and bringing all of the positive light and exposure to the 7eague.

2022, welcome to the 7eague!