Player Badge Index

2 Way Threat

A contributor who brings substantial value in more than one area on both ends of the floor. Rare at a young age, but an exceedingly strong indicator.

3 Level Scorer

A proficient scorer at all three levels. Capable of making defenses pay from all over the floor with their advanced scoring ability.


A shooter and defender. This prospect brings value as a floor spacer and defensive presence, the glue to a cohesive lineup.

Acrobatic Finisher

A tough, nimble slasher who attacks rim protectors at the cup with creativity.

Back To Basket Big

A traditional big who can score at a high volume on the block. Advanced footwork, touch with either hand and creativity creating creases of spaces.

Backdown Punisher

A low post force who’s a threat to put the opposition in the rim each possession. Excels establishing position in deep.

Ball Hawk

A weapon in the passing lanes with high level instincts as a team defender. Quick burst and the ability to turn defense to offense in a split second.

Ball Skills

This prospect is highly coordinated, fluid with the ball and has soft hands. Rarely slowed down from bobbles, digs or pressure.

Ball Stripper

Chock-full of two hand digs and aggressive steals attempts both in rotation and on the ball. Regularly strips lackadaisical slashers.

Bucket Getter

A true volume scorer who’s wired to put the ball in the hoop from all over the floor. This player can carry a team’s weight offensively on any given night.

Catch & Shoot

Feet set with a little bit of space, and it’s curtains. This shooter makes defenses pay for slight lapses with their quick trigger, shot preparation and strong mechanics.

Charity Stripe Specialist

Calm, cool and collected at the free throw line no matter how much time is on the game clock. They're called 'free throws' for a reason, and this player is always the one you want at the line when the game is on the line.

Chase Down Block Artist

A lively athlete that's made his mark sprinting the floor to meet attempts at the glass.

Clutch Shooter

With the clock winding down, this prospect steps up to the plate. Cool and calm under pressure, this shooter rises to the occasion when it matters the most.


A prominent vocal presence. A leader whose communication is infectious.


Competes at a high level no matter the setting or competition level. Brings energy and winning impact wherever he goes.


The connective tissue to an offense. A ball-mover and high level processor who takes pride in making the right play, glues together an offense and often goes unsung in the success of an offense.

Corner Specialist

An automatic shooter from the corners.

Crafty Point Guard

A crafty ball handler with a vast collection of dribble packages and unique movement skills. Gets to his spots and creates with a skillful approach.

Crafty Scorer

A skilled scorer who’s methodical getting to his spots. Skilled footwork and ball handling lead to inventive scoring opportunities.

Defensive Anchor

A stout defense piece who can cover ground in a hurry, provide leadership and compensate for slight lapses with his presence and positionality at the rim. The captain and catalyst defensively.

Defensive Leader

A versatile presence with a hard-nosed, energetic approach on the defensive end. A player who can glue things together with his switchability and hates to be scored on more than he loves scoring.

Defensive Menace

No matter where you’re at on on the floor, you fear this defensive player blowing up the action


A small guard who creates havoc by using his gravity to his advantage by constantly blowing by defenders, slithering through the teeth of the defense and/or by generating pressure at the point of attack on the other end.

Energy Giver

An extra effort player. Loose balls and physical rebounds, this player is getting in the mix and going the extra distance for his team.

Fast Break Igniter

A grab and go threat from the first tip. This prospect thrives in transition and is looking to spark quick offense more times than not.

Fast Twitch

A fast twitch athlete who takes little to no time to reach their peak speed and burst. Filled with shake and quickness.

Feel For The Game

A high feel for the game player. It’s evident this player has played a wealth of basketball across various settings.

Finisher At The Rim

A hard-nosed finisher whose efficiency and effectiveness isn’t impacted by contact at the cup.


A speedy athlete who thrives in the open floor and is capable of generating quick offense with their creativity off the dribble. A weapon in transition whose natural flair leads to easy points.


Advanced ability to nail challenging runners in and around the paint. Thrives getting to the middle of the paint and using touch to convert over the top of length.

Floor General

A high IQ ball handler who’s consistently looking to set up offenses. An organizer and connector who acts as a coach on the floor.


A solid and fundamental presence. A coaches favorite who understands the right way to play.


A familial history of athletic success. A mother, father, brother, sister or a close relative who found success at a high level.

Giant Slayer

A slasher proficient at finishing through length at the rim. Unbothered by stout rim protectors who overwhelm most with their length and instincts.

Hard Worker

A relentless worker off the court who has a track record of working methodically on his skill and/or physical development.

Hidden Gem

A diamond in the rough and needle in a haystack. This player has gone unknown and undervalued for too long.

High Academic

A high academic candidate who’s prioritizing academic prestige.

High Flying Athlete

An electric athlete who plays far above the rim. A highlight reel on the break along with the scalable physical tools to build upon on both ends.

High IQ

A high IQ player and heady decision-maker. Just as much as one plays the game, this player is always thinking the game.

High Volume Scorer

This player might take time to settle in, but is at his best when he’s hunting his shot from all over the floor throughout the course of the game. Provides a scoring spark when he hits the floor.

Hook Specialist

A post scorer with a go-to hook shot to produce buckets. Smooth touch and the length to finish over the top of bigs.

In The Gym Shooter

A distance shooter who can light it up from extended range. A threat to fire from anywhere and blow open a game.


A high level processor with lofty intangibles. This player displays a palpable understanding of the game along with how to impact winning through a variety of avenues.


An intimidating presence who may act as the identity of the team. Talks plenty and asserts himself both physically and vocally.

Late Bloomer

A late bloomer who’s sprouted physically or seen a notable jump in their skill development. New to the spotlight, but has intriguing long-term indicators.


A leader on both ends of the floor. Either vocally or by example, this player is the identity and heart of the team.

Lob Threat

A vertical floor spacer with a significant catch radius and the pop to finish above the rim. A weapon in the dunker spot.

Lob Wizard

This playmaker has a knack for delivering passes near the rim for finishes in unexpected spots, specifically alley oops, off backboard passes and flair passes in transition.

Lockdown Defender

A defensive weapon who locks down his opposition each time out. Quick feet, lateral instincts and an engaged defensive approach.

Low Turnover Guard

A trustworthy ball handler who rarely makes mistakes. A tight handle and strong decision-maker with the ball in his hands.

Master of Pace

This ball-handler is exceptional at changing gears and manipulating defenders with his tempo. He may not blow you away with his tools or explosiveness, but there’s not much you can to stop him from getting to his spots.


Long arms, long legs, big strides and a wide range. This prospect has distinct measurables.

Mid-Range Maestro

A scorer who makes a living in the mid-range. Creative and polished getting to his spots in the intermediate and converting with touch.

Mismatch Machine

An offensive threat who generates advantages at volume with his blend of functional strength and speed. Leverages his tools to overwhelm either faster, weaker defenders or stronger, less mobile defenders to create offense.


A relentless worker whose motor is always roaring. Skillset aside, this player provides value with his effort, energy, intensity and work rate.

Multi Position Defender

An ultra-switchable defender who can guard multiple spots with high impact. Blends size, instincts, quickness, ground coverage and toughness.

Natural Talent

An exceptional natural talent with an inherently high skill level. High upside is palpable at an early stage of development.

Needle Threader

Catered towards a guard who has a knack for fitting passes in tight windows. A playmaker with timing, precision and a natural feel for the game.

Off The Dribble Shooter

An advanced pull-up shooter. A threat to make difficult shots with an assortment of moves to get there. Hop-step jumpers, step backs and spins, he's ahead of the curve firing off the bounce.

Paint Beast

A bruising interior force who seeks out contact to finish or get to the line. A weapon for offenses looking to make a living on the inside.

Pass First PG

Rare breed of a true set-up man with a knack for putting his teammates in spots to score. A high IQ and crafty passer who consistently makes the right read with the ball in his hands.

Perimeter Shooter

High level marksman with polished mechanics and versatility. Off the catch, off the dribble and from anywhere around the arc – defenders prefer to run this shooter off the line.

Physical Player

An abrasive, physical prospect who makes his presence known with his aggression and energy.

Pick & Roll

A creator with a strong blend of pace and feel in ball screens. Proficient creating advantages for himself and teammates in the pick & roll.


A pass/dribble/shoot player who makes plays for himself and those around him. The straw that stirs the drink on the offense end.


A highly skilled player who’s polished beyond his years.

Positional Size

Provides the name of the game in modern basketball – positional size. This prospect has a physical advantage over those with similar skillsets.


A prospect who can seamlessly play anywhere on the court due to their skillset. On offense, they can fill a wide range of responsibilities to impact winning. Defensively, they are easily switchable up and down the line.

Post Magician

A creative low post scorer chock-full of nimble footwork. Produces points at a high rate from the post.


An above the rim, power finisher. Shows no fear attacking the cup and a proficient finisher through contact. With a head of steam, this driver is hunting for posters.


A prospect with enticing long-term tools to build upon.

Quick First Step

This prospect has a dynamic first step and leaves on-ball defenders in the dust with their burst and juice off the dribble.

Raw Athlete

A raw athlete with less polish and ball skills, but inherent physical gifts.


A high volume rebounder who takes pride in their production cleaning the glass.

Rebounding Guard

A strong positional rebounder who assists bigs in cleaning the glass. Sparks quick offense with his ability to grab and go.

Rhythm Shooter

A dynamic shooter when he gets in a groove from his spots. Advanced shot preparation and a fluidity to his stroke off the dribble.

Rim Protector

Not only a shot blocker, but a rim deterrent who makes drivers think twice. Strong positional feel and instincts at the rim, forcing opponents to settle for jumpers more than they’d like to.

Role Player Star

A star in his role. A high value ancillary player who accentuates the stars around him and brings exceptional value in his role.

Second Jump

A prospect with an elite ability to get off the floor on his second, or even third jump, especially when rebounding. This gives them an advantage on the glass on both ends, exploding for rebounds, put backs or block opportunities.

Set Shooter

Given time and space, it’s automatic buckets for this scorer. Makes defenses pay for lackadaisical defense and is a true zone-killer.


A shifty athlete who can shake defenders and change directions very quickly.

Shoot Over Defenses

An elevated perimeter shooter who’s unbothered by length closing out. A high release scorer who can rise up or fire over the top of defenses.

Shot Blocker

A stalwart at the rim with a strong feel for stifling shots with pop, instincts and length.

Shot Creator

A skilled scorer who’s at his best creating scoring opportunities for himself. A wide range of avenues to get his own buckets, this scorer can be the engine to an offense.


A prominent slasher who is consistently looking to find his way to the rim. A strong athlete with the handle to get downhill and the skill to finish when he gets there.

Slippery Off Ball

A high feel, energetic mover off the ball. Routinely flies around screens with strong instincts for making the right read quickly.

Slithery Finisher

A flexible and acrobatic converter with a plethora of craft and touch at the rim. No matter the size or the coverage being faced, this slasher is finding his way to the front of the rim.

Sneaky Athlete

This player may not have the obvious tools, but they’ll surprise with you with subtle explosiveness.

Space Creator

A prospect with a natural wiggle and a wide range of moves to create separation to get his shot off. Shakes defenses and creates advantages based off his blend of skill and tools.


A specialist with a specific, bankable skill. This player provides exceedingly high value in one area.


Extreme speed from baseline to baseline.

Star Potential

Displays star upside at an early stage. Rare blend of tools and indicators that make for a sky high projection.

Stat Sheet Stuffer

A versatile contributor who stuffs the stat sheet.


A threat to steal the ball when defending on the ball. Quick hands, aggression and a strong feel for when to strike.


A prospect whose tools pop, but their instincts drive stock, steals plus blocks, production. High level activity, length and smarts.


This player is reeling in everything within his vicinity. Soft hands and quick reflexes, he’s a heavily reliable target in the dunkers spot.

Takeover Ability

A player who can heat up and dictate the result of the game when dialed in as a focal point of an offense.


Distinct physical tools that separate this prospect from others.


A tough, hard-nosed player. Unfazed by contact and aggressiveness.

Transition Scorer

At his best playing out in space and hunting for easy buckets in transition. A creative player who converts on odd-man scenarios at a high rate.

Unlimited Shooting Range

A threat from just over half-court, this scorer has no issues firing from deep beyond the arc. Has a knack for spacing the floor from extended range.


Screams with upside given their tools or early indicators of big-time skill.


A utility player who can check any box any given game to contribute to winning.


This prospect's versatility is his calling card. Blends a variety of tools to provide value in numerous areas of the game.

Vertical Takeoff

A high flying vertical leaper with extreme pop.


A high level playmaker with top notch court mapping. A strong processor who poaches advantages and makes quick decisions with the ball in his hands.

Volume Shooter

This scorer might take time to settle in, but is at his best when he’s hunting his shot throughout the course of the game. Efficiency grows as time goes on.


A winner at each step along the way. Forget the box score, this player perpetual motivation is walking away with a win.

Young For Class

This prospect is young for his class. On the right side of the age curve.

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