16 Big Things From Friday and Saturday at Run N' Slam

Tripped over to Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Bill Hensley Memorial Run N' Slam, unveiling a wide range of new names and fast-rising prospects from around the Midwest. Plenty more to come on following the weekend, but here are 15 takeaways from the past two days of action.


Jamarion Batemon has arrived. The 2025 guard's name has arose sporadically over the last year or so, but he's asserted himself onto the radar in a big way in Fort Wayne. Young for the class and still just a wiry 6-3, the Milwaukee native is full of bend and touts some impressive shot-making versatility. Still plenty of polish ahead of him, but the foundation in place should draw significant intrigue on the recruiting trail before long. There's a ton to build on. 

- A top five prospect in the nation, Flory Bidunga has done what he's supposed to do thus far. Surrounded by high level decision-makers and spacing, Indiana Elite poses severe mismatch problems for just about every opponent they've faced. Not many guys coast-to-coast faster off the floor than Bidunga — locking down the paint and deterring drivers, while doing pull up's on the rim on the other end.

- Came away from Flyin To The Hoop this high school season highly intrigued by Garfield Heights' big DeAndre Jones as a potential sleeper in 2024, and he's continued to improve with Wildcat Select. At 6-9 with significant length, Jones plays with incessant energy. Skying for rebounds, flying around defensive, providing weakside rim protection and beating guys down the floor. Still expanding his game offensively, he's comfortable shooting from deep off the catch, connecting on a few on Saturday. One I'd expect to gain even more traction on the recruiting trail through the summer.

- The spring momentum continues on for YnR’s Darrion Sutton. At 6-9 with fast-twitch athleticism and a snappy handle, he’s posed matchup problems consistently as both a slasher and downhill playmaker. It’s not the first time he was the best prospect on the floor against more known guys, and I’d bet against it being the last.

- First live viewing of Indy Heat’s Greg Lawson, and the buzz coming out of Michigan is well-founded. Skilled with a slick handle, Lawson sheds the first line of defense and draws rotations in a hurry. Still more to flesh out and polish up once he gets there, but flashed numerous high level reads off the live dribble as well as deceleration around the rim to find a finishing angle. Gets to the line, shoots it off the bounce and full of counters to generate steam getting downhill. Due for a rise in 2025.

Wherever Mike Jones has gone over the last few months, productivity has followed. The 6-7 bruiser has developed quite a bit on the offensive end over the last year, now better understanding areas of the floor to attack from. Whether it’s on the glass or finishing at the rim, there’s an ease at which Jones plays through other bodies regardless of the setting.

- A pivotal piece of the Indiana Elite group around Bidunga, Cooper Koch showed extremely well through pool play.   Shooting prowess aside, the future Hawkeye provides immense value as a connector — activity off the ball, on-point entry passes, creative interior passes to find shooters and an innate feel for getting defenses off balance as a perimeter ball-mover. Koch does a ton of different things well and more than anything, understands how to fit into a team context and elevate the guys around him.

Strong few days for Illinois Wolves wing Angelo Ciaravino, who has continued to improve and add new layers to his skillset over the last year. The 6-6 wing has high level instincts off the ball, knifing open defenses with timely cuts and flashing to space to make a quick decision when the offense bogs down. Been bullish on his impact for sometime and with the improvement, I don’t think it’ll be long till more mid-majors enter the mix.

Azavier Robinson has reeled in a variety of big offers this spring, and it didn’t take long to see why. Wide-shoulders, a rugged approach and loaded with burst to get downhill, the 6-2 G produced paint touches with ease and knew what to do when he got there. Hard-nosed 2025 creator out of Indy.

- Appears that Jacob Theodosiou is settling back in nicely, with some newly added strength on his frame. Now with Indy Heat, the 6-3 guard impressed with his patience orchestrating offense and overall control on the flow of the game. The physical maturation should open the door for even more, as his shooting ability and smooth feel have been calling cards for sometime.

Offers have begun to roll in for Indy Heat’s Marcus Johnson through the first two EYBL Sessions and he showed much of why in Saturday’s action. The 6-1 G has a nifty handle and an advanced grip on pace in the pick and roll. Johnson has continued to put up big numbers in Fort Wayne thus far.

Midwest Basketball’s Trent Noah showed to be as advertised rather quickly. The sweet-shooting wing plays with plenty of confidence but picks his spots accordingly. Pristine mechanics, range beyond the arc and strong feel as a relocation scorer. His skillset is at a premium and programs continue to take notice.

An additional new name to pop this weekend, Indy Heat and local product Kellen Pickett. The 6-8 forward has strong instincts defending in rotation, making timely reads to swat drivers. On the other end, Pickett excels relocating off-ball, routinely floating to space to get his quick trigger jumper off over the top of defenses. Plays with an edge and it’s easy to see his skillset scaling up well as he continues to fill out. The Fort Wayne native added his first offer from UCF last week and it’d be no surprise his name pick up some more steam.

Indy Heat’s Justin Curry II caught my eye in Atlanta at EYBL Session 1 and I came away intrigued again here. The 6-3 2026 guard doesn’t require much usage, but plays within himself and takes what the defense gives him. Still adjusting to play against all the physicality, but has strung together impressive sequences driving closeouts and attacking tilted defense. High feel ancillary guard with plenty to build on.

- New name onto the radar, TNBA Ohio’s Trey Drexler is one I’ll be keeping tabs on moving forward. Highly skilled 2026 southpaw with creation chops and a flamethrower from deep.


- Strong spring rolls on for Gabe Sularski. The Meanstreets wing continues to impress with his knack for putting pressure on defenses directly off the catch with quick decisions. High feel, skill on the ball, passing versatility and a shooting stroke that’s shown plenty of promise. Still just 14-years-old, the top-75 2026 has strung together an impressive few months.

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