2024 Forward Tyler Edore Hopes to Make The Most of His Time on The MHC

CM3 Elite is a talented program out of Queens that features a number of scholarship players up and down it’s roster. The newest member to the MADE Hoops Circuit, CM3 came into East Warmup last weekend looking to make a statement and behind 2024 big man Tyler Edore, did just that. They knocked off the East Coast Cyclones in a gritty defensive battle that set the tone for the rest of the MHC season. 

“You know there’s a lot of great players out here and a lot of competition, we just have to match that intensity and that’s what we plan to do,” said Edore.

Playing alongside high school teammates Tori Babs-Ogundeji, Jaziah Luckie Carter, and Flavio Jean, as well as former Brooklyn Collegiate guard Jayden Johnson, there is a chemistry amongst this group that will be hard for anyone on the circuit to truly replicate. They’ve played together for years at this point and it’s shown early in this AAU season. CM3 is hoping that a strong showing will result in scholarship offers for a number of players in this talented and cohesive group. Edore knows what he’s looking for in a college program. 

“I’m looking for a college that’s very family oriented, a great relationship between the coaches and the players, a place that will help me continue to develop over four years and someplace that I can make connections” 

St. Peter’s, UMES, Milwaukee, and IPFW are amongst the division programs that have all shown varying levels of interest in the big man in recent months and playing on the MADE Hoops Circuit should only help his cause. He’s still hoping to find the right fit and join a program as a member of the class of 2024 if possible and will play the Spring out and see where he lands. 

Edore and company will make the trip down to Baltimore for this weekend’s #EastMania. While they won’t have any MHC competition over the weekend, they will get three good games, including one against Pro16/Puma  member Team Museum. The Baltimore Convention Center is going to bring a number of talented programs together for what should be one of the best non-live period events of the Spring. A strong showing for any of the CM3 group, including Edore, will go a long way in hopefully acquiring some of those scholarship opportunities. Can’t make it to the convention center to catch the action in person? You can watch along on Baller.Tv Here
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