Volume 4: Transfer Portal Rankings

Portal season continues to boom. Throughout the 45-day portal period, we will be releasing eligibility-based rankings once per week. Beginning with freshman, up to graduate transfers and each classification in between, let's break down the Top-30 players in each threshold of eligibility remaining.

Three Years Remaining (Freshmen)

  1. Myles Rice, Washington State
  2. PJ Haggerty, Tulsa —> Memphis
  3. Kanaan Carlyle, Stanford
  4. Wesley Yates, Washington
  5. Malik Mack, Harvard
  6. Gavin Griffiths, Rutgers
  7. Garwey Dual, Providence
  8. Brandon Garrison, Oklahoma State
  9. Carey Booth, Notre Dame
  10. Aden Holloway, Auburn

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