Volume 5: Transfer Portal Rankings

Portal season continues to boom. Throughout the 45-day portal period, we will be releasing eligibility-based rankings once per week. Beginning with freshman, up to graduate transfers and each classification in between, let's break down the Top-30 players in each threshold of eligibility remaining.

Three Years Remaining (Freshmen)

  1. Myles Rice, Washington State —> Indiana
  2. DJ Wagner, Kentucky
  3. PJ Haggerty, Tulsa —> Memphis
  4. Kanaan Carlyle, Stanford
  5. Malik Mack, Harvard —> Georgetown
  6. Wesley Yates, Washington
  7. Gavin Griffiths, Rutgers —> Nebraska
  8. Garwey Dual, Providence
  9. Brandon Garrison, Oklahoma State
  10. Carey Booth, Notre Dame —> Illinois

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