Versatile '25 Jordan Mabe talks recruitment and his game heading into MHC season

2025 forward Jordan Mabe is one of the more versatile defenders in the Midwest among the senior class. He's a lengthy prospect that can guard wings and bigs while also being able to switch onto guards for spurts. Offensively, he's crafty around the basket and can also step out to the perimeter and knock down shots. As he gears up for a grassroots season on MHC with Central KY Basketball Club, he spoke with MADE Hoops about his recruitment, game, and excitement for the circuit.



Schools Recruiting Him The Hardest: "Morehead State and Marshall have had me for several visits but I haven’t heard from them since their recent coaching changes. I have also heard from NKU, Concord, Tennessee Tech, and Vandy with an offer from Campbellsville University."

Morehead State: "Coach Spradlin and Coach Combs felt like I had known them forever plus Morehead State is close to home. Also they explained a lot about the transfer portal and how it’s changed recruiting.

 Marshall: "Coach Cline was amazing and the campus feels very comfy. At the games I went to at Marshall, everyone in the arena was friendly and the atmosphere was very welcoming "

Tennessee Tech: "They were one of the first schools to contact me and said they really liked the way I played."

Northern Kentucky: "NKU has said that they would like to see me in person and that they are very interested in my future."

Who He'd Like To Hear From: "I’d love to hear from schools like Princeton, Yale or other highly academic schools. At this point I’m open to any school at any level. It’s all about fit."

His Game: "I’m very versatile, I can play any position. I’m very vocal, most of my coaches say I’m a coach on the floor. I’m the ultimate competitor. My biggest weaknesses is I’m too hard on myself and I pass up shots that I should take."

MADE Hoops Circuit: "I love playing against good competition, that way I know where I fit against them. Last year on a different circuit I was fortunate enough to play in front of nearly every big program in the country so I’m hoping to see some of those faces and hopefully make a good impression. With this being my last year on the circuit I’m hoping to enjoy it! And lastly my team and I are here to win!

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