2025 Rankings Roundtable: 10 Prospects We're Betting On

With the 2025 rankings set, the MADE Hoops Scouting Team goes through ten players that we are betting on long-term in a loaded class with no shortage of options to choose from.



Max: Khaman Maluach

A new name for most, but Maluach would be in the center of the 2025 dialogue if he was stateside. A native of South Sudan and now with NBA Academy Africa, the 16-year-old stands at 7-1 with real mass on his frame. At this stage, his most sustained impact comes on the defensive end where he’s perhaps the most impressive high school-aged rim protector I’ve seen regardless of class. Highly mobile, explosive, powerful and stocked with significant length, the ceiling is sky high as a rim protector. Offensively, he’s fast-improving and has shown significant perimeter shooting indicators to go with an impactful foundation as a dive man. Maluach’s decision-making process is rather raw and there’s a ways to go, but the blend of size, explosiveness and shot-blocking instincts is more than enough to garner a top 15 spot with the debut of our rankings and has me looking to buy plenty more stock long-term.

Max: Hudson Greer

With a consensus ranking just on the fringes of the top 75 in 2025, I think the industry’s scope will begin to shift on Hudson Greer moving into the summer with Pro Skills. The Lake Travis (TX) native shoots the ball with versatility at 6-7, scoring with fluidity off pin downs and closeout attacks while also consistently attacking the cup with no fear. There’s a toughness and ruggedness to his approach that opens some eyes with each viewing given his perimeter firepower and more slender frame. We’re happy to be early to the party with Greer as a top 20 prospect in the class, but I don’t think it’ll be long till others follow suit.

Max: Dorian Jones

Still in the early stages physically, but I’ve enjoyed tracking Jones’ development to this stage. Wiry thin, loaded with quick twitch and advanced instincts, the 6-5 racks up deflections on the defensive end and as he continues to fill out his frame, projects as a multi-tooled defensive weapon. On the other end, there’s some more to sort out but I’m confident in the Richmond Heights (OH) guard’s touch at all three levels and overall explosiveness. There’s more polish to go here than with some others, but I’m in on what he can evolve into with time.

Tony: Joson Sanon

Sanon was extremely undervalued nationally in a talented and deep 2025 recruiting class, although last summer served as the beginning of the “coming-out” party. He brings a mature approach on the offensive end, which tends to pair nicely with his versatile scoring package. Another notable trait that separates him from most younger prospects is his consistency and simplistic playing style. The first-team All-NEPSAC selection is a potent pull-up scorer who is notably methodical when getting to his spots. Sanon’s combination of improved processing, a mature offensive approach, and a consistent, high-powered scoring prowess helped him debut at #7 in our first set of 2025 rankings.

Tony: Tounde Yessoufou

A big selling point with Yessoufou’s long-term upside would be his rare foundation of physical tools at a young age. He’s a physically imposing point of attack ball handler who has the strength + speed to put pressure on the rim when slashing downhill. An explosive and powerful finisher who has no issue when matched up with length or bigger opponents. Another key reason why I’ll be betting on Yessoufou long-term would be the appealing growth, comfortability, & fluidity as a spot-up shooter. The California native has steadily risen in the 2025 class and he debuts at #9 in our 2025 rankings.

Travis: Jasper Johnson

Johnson has the build to bet on long-term. He’s grown a lot in the past year in both height and game alike. The top-20 prospect has a long, lanky build at 6’3” and as he continues to put on muscle and weight, he will continue to take the next step on the physical side. Johnson has volleyball-line range from the outside and shoots it with a confident, lefty stroke. His downhill game and decision making have gotten significantly better and he’s equipped with a very trusty floater to go along with improved athleticism.

Travis: Will Riley

Most of the country isn’t familiar with Will Riley, but they will soon enough. He’s a lengthy wing at 6’8” and has a lot of promising skills to work with — mid-range scoring, an improving handle, and the ability to finish through contact consistently. There’s a lot of over-usage to the term “big guard”, but Riley has more potential to be just that than the heavy majority of wing prospects. When more coaches are able to get their eyes on him this spring and summer, look for his recruitment to blow up quickly.

Travis: Aaron Rowe

Rowe is probably the most impressive two-way guard out of the top prospects in the 2025 class up to this point in their careers. Despite a lack of height and weight, he gets into the paint at a high clip and finishes well through contact. He keeps the ball on a string and plays a great floor game, reading the game very well from the point guard position. There’s still a lot of upgrades left in his game as well as he continues to improve his outside shooting, and if that gets clicking at a high rate, he’s got high upside as a two-way threat as he’s already the best defensive guard at the top of the class.

EricChris Nwuli

Chris Nwuli has been one of my favorite prospects in the class for quite some time, and a lot of that comes down to his athleticism and motor. I haven’t seen many guys in 2025 who play as hard as he does on a consistent basis. His vertical explosiveness also makes him a dangerous

defender who wreaks havoc with his length. Even if his perimeter skills don’t come around as much as I’d like them to, I’m confident he’ll be able to find his niche at the higher levels as a versatile two-way piece. Arizona State, Ohio State and UCLA have offered already as we head into the grassroots season.

Eric: Jackson Keith

One prospect not many people are talking about outside the state of North Carolina is 6’5” wing guard Jackson Keith. A talented mid-range and perimeter scorer, he shined at our Southeast Camp last fall. Sitting at #42 currently in the rankings, I think it’s a great spot for him as he shows polish in his offensive arsenal this spring. Right now, his offer list includes North Carolina State, Illinois, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech.

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