Roundtable: 2025’s We Are High On & Prospects Who Could Make A Jump

In this week’s roundtable, MADE Hoops’ Max Feldman and Travis Graf discuss 2025 prospects they’re higher on than most and juniors outside of the top 50 who could make a big jump soon. 

Q: Which 2025(s) are you higher on than most?

Max: Big one at the top is Khaman Maluach. Since I saw him up close this past winter, I’ve been sky high on him. Rim protection, explosive finishing and floor-spacing flashes. Confident the South Sudanese big winds up in the picture for the top spot in the class. Joshua Lewis, whom we have inside the Top-30 while being outside the Top-75 everywhere else, has a ton of long-term appeal that’s begun to materialize. Long, shoots it well from deep and brings offensive value in a number of areas. Damon Friery, Kellen Hampton and Jeremiah Cooper are a few more favorites. 

Travis: I’m a believer in 2025 wing DeShawn Gory long term if he’s able to put some things together. He needs to tighten up his handle and definitely put on weight and muscle, but the flashes are intriguing. He’s a promising athlete that has shown the ability to get hot from deep. If he can become less streaky from the outside, he can be a lengthy stretch option as a three or possibly a four if he were to put on a lot of weight over the next year or two. Only one other site has him ranked. 


Q: Who is a player ranked outside of the top 50 that you feel could shoot up the rankings?

Max: Ton of candidates, but I’ll roll with Damon Friery. I think he’s begun to turn a corner developmentally and pairs high level shot-making at 6-9 with enticing offensive versatility. Terrion Burgess, London Jemison and Chuck Love are a few others that come to mind.

Travis: The first one that jumps out to me is Chris Cenac Jr., a toolsy forward at 6’9” that makes some fantastic plays look effortless. Motor and consistency have to get much better, but in terms of upside, this is truly an easy choice when looking outside of the top 50. He has length, two-way ability, and has shown flashes of outside shooting and driving. 

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