2027 Rankings Primer

2027 rankings have arrived, and you can access the full Top-150 here. After evaluating the class on a national scale over the past few months, I'll break down some overlying themes, strengths and things to watch.

Breaking Down The Top

It came down to a four-horse race at the top, with Baba Oladotun debuting at #1 overall. The incoming DeMatha (MD) wing's level of shot-making at 6-8 is extremely hard to come by, especially for a 14-year-old loaded with physical upside and natural creativity with the ball in his hands. At the 2nd and 3rd overall spots, we landed on two prospects who are already proven producers at higher levels. Paul Osaruyi has starred in FIBA play with the Canadian national team and mixed in strong moments, especially on the defensive end, with Arizona Unity's E16 and E15 groups. Jaylan Mitchell thoroughly impressed this spring and summer at the E15 level with BBE, putting up nearly 14 points and 5 rebounds per game on strong efficiency. Lincoln Cosby comes in 4th overall, oozing with tools as a versatile 6-8 wing with excellent defensive instincts, soft hands and skill off the bounce. 



- Intersection of size and skill at the top. As we broke down with the debut of 2026 rankings, a large theme at the top remains the presence of big wings with impressive skill levels early on. The entire Top-5 projects as oversized creators or big wings, with just two guards inside the Top-10 and just five inside the Top-20.

- Production playing up. From Jaylan Mitchell, to Pat Otey, to King Gibson, Paul Osaruyi, Jahari MillerMartay Barnes and more, there's a number of Top-50 prospects who've already proven their ability to produce against older guys. Long-term indicators remain the cornerstone of ranking incoming freshman, but productivity has been rewarded for many.

- Foreign presence near the top. For most in the industry, international prospects are waited on to be added to rankings. That is not the case for MADE. Hugo Yimga (France), Joel Ntale Kabugi (Congo) and Godson Okokoh (Canada) all land inside the Top-15, while Baba Diop (Sweden), Dash Daniels (Australia), Nour Gassim Toure (Guinea), Amari Upshaw (Canada), Isaiah Lukusa (Canada) and many more hailing from overseas land inside the Top-150.



- Lead guard depth. Both the guards in the Top-10 don't fall into this precise category, but there is plenty of depth in terms of high level playmakers and potential true lead guards long-term. Cayden Daughtry, Jamaal McKnight Jr, Delton Prescott, Tyler Forrest and Jaxson Davis are just a few who landed in the Top-150.

- Versatile big prospects. The modern game bleeding down to the youth once again here, as there's a heavy presence for fluid-moving frontcourt prospects with versatile skill foundations. Godson Okokoh, Henry Robinson Jr, Griffin StarksMayom Mayom, Derek Daniels, Peter JuliusDeng Ngor and Andrew Kretkowski are just a few to debut as Top-150 prospects.



- Versatile wings. There's certainly a few, like Gene Roebuck and Josiah Nance, but it seems there aren't quite as many multi-faceted wings blending pass, dribble, shoot ability and feel at size as usual. Ways to go, and some will certainly will grow into it, but a theme to track nonetheless.

- Shot-makers near the top. Always a key to track, but a potential weakness may be the lack of shot-makers near the top. Streaky outputs are a norm this early on, but Devin Cleveland, Kavian Bryant, Pat Otey, Mazari Browne, Tyrone Jamison, Ben Mirgon and Greyson Pierce all look like potentially high level shooters down the line.


Non Top-25 Prospects Just Scratching The Surface

- Charles Chienggan Pur

- Martay Barnes

- Beckham Black

Amari Upshaw 

- Teeshon Smith

- Tyler Johnson

- Joshua Rivera

- Alim Olajuwon

- Ryan Wingard

& many more.

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