2024 NBA Draft: 20 Non-All American One & Done Candidates

Returning for Year Two of '20 Non-All American One & Done's Candidates', I'll be diving deep on potential risers for the 2024 NBA Draft.

In the last six drafts, there has been an average of 19.6 collegiate one and done prospects per cycle.

Of those one and done collegiate prospects, 65.25% of them were McDonald’s All-Americans (24 selected per class). The other 34.75% (6.8 prospects per class) rose significantly compared to their RSCI ranking. 

Listed in alphabetical order below, I'll zoom in on the sell and swing skills for each of the 20 prospects.


Taylor Bol Bowen

Florida State wing || Ranked 48th overall in 2023

The Sell: Prototypical Seminole wing under Leonard Hamilton long, rangy wing at 6-9 with defensive aptitude and athletic fluidity. Progressed in a number of key areas during his time at Brewster, specifically as a passer, handler and shooter. Moves better than most at his size. Very much a ball of clay on either end of the floor. Stock is going to be driven by flash-based moments more than sustained productivity, but shown a promising path of growth worth betting on.

The Swing Skills: Still far from a finished product in terms of playing in the half-court and making-decisions in traffic. Plays sped up at times offensively and the lack of handle polish has been semi-limiting against elite level competition. Shot 30% from three, had a negative assist to turnover ratio and shot just 50% inside the arc at 6-9 in EYBL, so there's plenty to clean up on.

Elliot Cadeau

North Carolina guard || Ranked 9th overall in 2023

The Sell: Elite level playmaker with high end intangibles. Exceptional point of attack defender even without big time length due to his lateral quickness, strong core and quick hands. Premier blend of feel and skill level with the ball in his hands. Natural leadership traits as a table-setting guard. Rare level of efficiency given his usage level in EYBL (153 AST to 57 TO). Progressing at a promising clip as a shooter -- seemed to turn a corner in his development in the fall of 2022 as a shot-maker. Has a number of the requisite outlier-level traits to break down the wall of being a small guard in the NBA.

The Swing Skills: Concerns regarding his size paired with efficiency as a three point shooter. Margin for error as a 6 foot to 6-1 guard is narrow in the current NBA. Leapt up to 34% from 3PT range this spring in EYBL, so maintaining that progression will be key. Fights extremely hard, but could be targeted in switches given lack of length. Opportunity and production should be there from the jump, but it'll be a question of scalability throughout for Cadeau. 

Coen Carr

Michigan State wing || Ranked 34th overall in 2023

The Sell: 6-7 wing who'd enter the NBA as a 95th percentile-plus level athlete. Long and strong with explosiveness in tight spaces and an around the clock motor. Event creator on the defensive end -- exceptional shooting passing lanes, defending in rotation and disrupting on-ball with his length. A weapon off the bounce offensively -- timely cutter and an abrasive finisher at the rim. If his three point shooting can reach around average, which would promote a positive progression, it's easy to align the pieces from there and project Carr as a high impact role-playing forward with a hard-nosed approach.

The Swing Skills: Continued shooting development and requisite time on the floor in year one. For Carr to make the leap, he'll have to provide further promise as a spot up shooter. In the NIBC last year with Legacy (SC), he knocked down 47% of his looks from deep, but that was on just 1.2 three point attempts per game and shot just 15 total three's in his final EYBL campaign. Shaky at the free throw line and a small sample size from deep have been the questions for multiple years, and with a talented, veteran-laden frontcourt in East Lansing, it may take more than a year for things to hit.


Myles Colvin

Purdue wing || Ranked 47th overall in 2023

The Sell: Explosive wing athlete with a low-maintenance, yet impactful style of play. Overlooked grassroots prospects with intangibles. Excels off the ball as a cutter, floor-spacer and transition finisher. Pristine, balanced, repeatable three point stroke off the catch, and comfortable getting it off against tight closeouts. No wasted motion in his offensive process -- takes open looks, decisive attacking closeouts and has connective tendencies in the half-court. Real upside as a movement shooter long-term and excellent getting to his mid-range pull-up. One of the youngest prospects in the class and in CBB. Projects as an athletic shot-making swingman with closeout creation ability and defensive upside.

The Swing Skills: Leap in competition and handle creativity. Stood out through numerous experiences with USA Basketball in his approach as a worker and how he can fit in around other talent, but the sample size is arguably lower than any other 2023 Top-50 prospect because of independent grassroots and public school. Lacks some bend and overall creativity as a ball handler. Decisive and efficient getting to his spots, but likely struggles against other high level athletes in terms of creating his own in the half-court early on. Defending within scheme and guarding his yard will be a work in progress. A favorite in the class, but it may take time to materialize with the bulk of offense running through the pair of guards and arguably the nation's best player in the post.


Kaden Cooper

Oklahoma wing || Ranked 50th overall in 2023

 The Sell: Long, explosive wing stopper with top tier athletic ability. High level perimeter defender with switchability across the wing and backcourt at 6-6 with fantastic lateral quickness. Wreaks havoc on the ball or in rotation. Physical in all he does and at his best playing in space. Sneaky supplemental skill as a playmaker -- sees the floor relatively well and excellent cutting off ball to create advantage, then set up guys around him once the defense is tilted. High level motor and competitor. Projects as a hyper-athletic wing who hangs his hat on the defensive end.

The Swing Skills: Shot-making and half-court offense. Three point shooting has been inconsistent over the last year (30% in 2.9 attempts per game in 3SSB) and overall touch may be a question mark. Should take no time to settle in as an athlete, but might not have a bankable trait just yet offensively. Handle polish will have to improve as well, out of control and turnover prone through stretches (30 AST to 48 TO in 3SSB). Opportunity should present itself in Norman, but I'd expect it take more than one year developmentally, as Cooper was a late-bloomer in high school.


Davin Cosby

Redshirt Alabama wing // Reclassed from 2023 to enroll early

The Sell: Smooth shooting off-guard with defensive chops. Late bloomer in high school before breaking out in the summer of 2022 and stacking up high major offers, eventually reclassifying to join the Tide early. Prototypical 3 & D plus threat. Physical and fast laterally defending in space. Brings an intensity and ruggedness, especially now as he's added plenty of mass since arriving early. Fluid, repeatable stroke from three (35% on 7.4 3PTa per game in 3SSB) and is comfortable in a low usage role (84th percentile in spot up looks and 80th percentile in guarded attempts in 3SSB). Crafty playmaker inside the arc, brought a ton of value as a secondary handler with Team Loaded (1.4 AST to TO). Undervalued two-way prospect with shot-making ability and proof of concept in Oats' scheme.

The Swing Skills: Crowded perimeter and backcourt rotation in Tuscaloosa. With 4-5 potential perimeter pieces in front of him, all of which with more experience, it may take more than one year to carve out a sustained role. Shot selection was a bit more shaky with Word of God in the OTE setting. Comfortable projecting him as a 37%+ shooter from deep, but the handle and rim pressure will need to make a jump.  


Rob Dillingham

Kentucky guard || Ranked 29th overall in 2023

The Sell: Creative guard with an elite handle and pull-up shot-making. Handful to stick in front of and adept making plays for others attacking downhill. Projects as a sparkplug bucket-getter who doesn't need a ball screen to generate advantages in the half-court. Shown the ability to play alongside other guards and doesn't require the ball in his hands. Shifty shot creator with a depth of off the dribble counters matched by few. 

The Swing Skills: Defense and margin of error for undersized guards. Lacks strength and physicality, likely going to be hunted defensively in year one. Quick hands and grabs steals, but struggles to hold his ground. Wired to score rather than make plays for others (1.2 AST to TO ratio in EYBL over 22 games). Streaky three point shooter across settings over the past two years (26% from 3PT in final EYBL campaign). 6-1 shooting guard with a limited ceiling physically. Overall style of play and approach may not scale up.


Freddie Dillione

Redshirt Tennessee guard // Reclassed from 2023 to enroll early

The Sell: Late-rising creator prospect with positional size. Physical handler with excellent pace. Comfortable on or off the ball, the catalyst for the big rise entering his senior year was largely related to the boost in creativity and pace in ball screens. Fluid athletically and has upside to tap into defensively. Wired to score the ball and has shown the ability to do so at all three levels. Willing and able to rack up free throw attempts. Continued progression as a playmaker will open up intrigue rather quick as a 6-6 combo-guard.
 The Swing Skills: Turnovers, efficiency and approach. The rise was due to the jump in playmaking, but he didn't shake all the prior habits as a score-first threat. Lack of nuance in ball screens was evident through the turnover output, as he tends to force the issue in the middle area at times. Lacks intensity on the defensive end, but has the frame to evolve into a plus there. Originally a member of the class of 2022. Scalability to a lower volume role is a real question mark.


Garwey Dual

Providence guard || Ranked 12th overall in 2023

The Sell: Twitchy two-way guard who hit a developmental boom heading into his senior year. Elite backcourt defensive prospect with a seven-foot wingspan, fast hands and lateral quickness. Highly disruptive guarding at the point of attack and plays with an impressive work rate. Ball was put in his hands in primary duties as a senior and he thrived in the process. Excellent downhill playmaker with live dribble passing ability and impressive floor mapping instincts. Looks to have turned a corner as a shooter over the last year. Loaded with twitch and bend as an athlete. High upside guard prospect on an enticing developmental curve.

The Swing Skills: Physicality. No question on the talent level on my end, but it's within reason that the lack of strength and physicality could require two years of developmental time. New system in place at PC with a few other guards in place with experience. Shooting, while improved, still is a relative question mark given streaky outputs. 


Dennis Evans

Louisville big || Ranked 35th overall in 2023

The Sell: Late blooming seven-footer on a high-end defensive trajectory. 7-1 with a near 7-7 wingspan and plenty of rim to fill out. High level instincts recovering from the weakside. Covers ground better than most his size. Shown touch out to three point arc. Plays hard and brings a promising engagement level on the glass, where the upside is sky high. Tools-based prospect just beginning his ascent. Very young for the class.

The Swing Skills: Lack of polish and nuance. Struggled in some settings against other high level prospects. Ball skills are still growing in polish, hard hands in traffic and left-hand reliant. Slow load mechanics as a shooter, requires time and space. Nuance defending in ball screens will be a work in progress, as he can be caught slow-footed to often. For a prospect where reps seems to be the best means of development, and in a less than ideal setting, it very well might take more than one season.


Caleb Foster

Duke guard || Ranked 15th overall in 2023

The Sell: Skilled creator prospect with playmaking instincts and touch. After a down junior year, he put together a fantastic final EYBL campaign and senior season. Physical 6-4 guard with mature pace in ball screens, a shifty handle, soft touch at all three levels (38% 3PT, 47% unguarded jumpers and 35% on pull-up jumpers in EYBL) and passing savvy (70th percentile and just 8.1% TO rate in ball screens in EYBL) that's steadily developed over the back-half of his high school career. Flashed off the dribble shot-making and potentially premier change of direction when it's mixed with his functional strength. Prototypical combo guard prospect with an intriguing frame and first step.

The Swing Skills: Opportunity and consistency at the rim. A crowded backcourt in Durham is going to inevitably shorten up someone's playing time. If Foster can't retain consistency and efficiency, it may be a two-year process. Rim finishing and inside the arc scoring will be an area to track, as he's loaded with craft but has struggled with efficiency there (just 52% at the rim and 28% on runners in EYBL). Overall steadiness will be a key to monitor given the ups and downs over the past two years.


Gavin Griffiths

Rutgers wing || Ranked 37th overall in 2023

The Sell: Sharpshooting wing prospect with an excellent basketball IQ. After dealing with an injury in early spring of his rising senior year, he shot 40.6 percent from three-point range on 11.3 attempts per 40 minutes at the 2022 Peach Jam. Pristine, balanced, repeatable mechanics from deep. Knockdown when his feet are set, and shown the ability to fire on the moving coming off screens (90th percentile in guarded jumpers in EYBL). Added strength and assertiveness boasted long-term intrigue as more of a pass, dribble, shoot weapon than purely a spot up shooter (70% at the rim in EYBL). Brings value as a connector and wastes no motion. Highly valuable offensive prospect with a process, approach and skillset I'm eager to bet on.

The Swing Skills: Physicality and defense. Adding mass in a real way over the past 18 months, but still may struggle to create separation consistently, especially in the Big Ten. Heady and instinctual defensively, but may take more than one year to build up his body enough to have executives confident in his trajectory on that end (4 total stocks in EYBL). With one of the nation's top classes potentially headed to Piscataway in 2024, there could be reason to opt for another year.


Deshawn Harris-Smith

Maryland guard || Ranked 23rd overall in 2023 

The Sell: Modern combo guard prospect with a winning pedigree. Very strong backcourt rebounder and does plenty of little things to impact winning and elevate the guys around him. 6-4 with a sturdy base and loads of functional strength, bringing physicality in all he does. Electric playing in space and attacking in transition. Cerebral and understands how to serve as the trigger-man in the flow of offense. High-rising, productive shooter (94th percentile on jump shots in EYBL). One of the most productive prospects in the class of 2023, to go with big time intangibles. Projects as a high floor combo threat in the backcourt with a mature approach.

The Swing Skills: Lack of bend and continued development. Extremely strong and physical, but could lack some juice and variability as a slasher against other elite athletes (blocked 15 times in EYBL). Spot up shooting and shoring up his right hand have been the steady areas of progressions the last two years, and those will have to continue to improve on an upward curve (shot just 5% on pull-up jumpers in EYBL). Expecting a productive freshman year, but with reason that scouts seek a sophomore leap to add more substance.


Jacob McFarland

Houston big // Ranked 88th overall in 2023

The Sell: Rangy, late-blooming rim-running prospect with a strong foundation of tools to build on. Wiry 6-10 athlete with instincts defending the backline and the mobility to cover ground in a hurry. Runs the floor extremely well and the motor has grown more consistent. At his best playing out of the dunkers spot at this stage offensively and attacking the offensive glass. Broke out the summer going into his senior campaign, on a strong developmental curve. 

The Swing Skills: Frame and raw skillset. Attempted just 3 shots per game in UAA play. In a Cougar scheme that's made its mark with physicality in the frontcourt, it may take time for the narrow big to carve out a role. Yet, their prioritization of him as a recruit is a tribute to what the staff believes he could evolve into down the line. Jumpy/foul prone defending the rim in drop, lacked consistency as a finisher in traffic and raw offensively in the half-court. One year of development may not be enough.


Scotty Middleton

Ohio State wing // Ranked 69th overall in 2023

The Sell: Prototypical 3 & D wing prospect. 6-6 with plus length and a three point stroke that's come a long way in a short time. Very streaky and inconsistent mechanically from deep prior to his senior season and summer, but clicked at the right time. Big-time defensive prospect with his ability to slide his feet with guards, generate deflections and intensity out in space. Sneaky strong interior and downhill playmaker for others. Clear-cut path to an NBA role as a complementary wing. 

The Swing Skills: Handle and consistency. Handle polish has been a holdback, forcing him to settle for tough looks, lack variability as a slasher and struggle in traffic (negative AST to TO ratio in EYBL). Adding strength long-term will be key, as smaller, more stout defenders have given him trouble. Certainly turned a corner a shooter, but has been streaky in terms of touch (25% 3PT & 53% FT in EYBL) and has a tendency to miss bad when he does. Different than Branham and Sensabaugh in many ways, but most specifically in their physical profile, as the previous two Buckeye one & done wings came in ready to bump in the Big Ten. Physically, it very well may take more than a year in the weight room to be a sustained producer.


Yves Missi

Baylor big // Ranked 26th overall in 2023

The Sell: Toolsy rim runner that's young in basketball years. Made significant year-to-year strides in his four years playing basketball. True 6-10+ with plus length and plenty of room to add strength. Upside as a rim protector with coverage versatility, moves better than most at his size and flashed ability to switch onto guards and survive. Very quick off the floor and has natural instincts defending the cup. Promising instincts and touch as a rim finisher. Shown floor-spacing flashes early on upon arrival in the US, but hasn't been asked of him in EYBL or at Prolific. Fills an NBA role, plays extremely hard and is on an impressive developmental curve. 

The Swing Skills: Frame and feel. Reclassed up from 2024 after coming along well this past season, but the weight room will remain key. Mechanically inconsistent as a shooter, converted just 50% from the FT line in EYBL. Plays sped up as a roll man and isn't always strong with the ball in traffic. Activity level negates some of the holes, but will have to clean up the edges offensively to make a one & done leap. Climbed levels rather fast since arriving in the US, so reasonable to expect year one in the Big 12 to have it's bumps.  



 Jarin Stevenson

Alabama big // Ranked 25th overall in 2023

The Sell: Versatile, modern big with strong mobility and ball skills. Reclassed from 2024, making him one of the youngest prospects in college basketball. Much more comfortable with the ball in his hands than most 6-9+ posts and has intriguing upside as a high post, DHO and short roll playmaker. Shown touch at multiple levels (54/20/74 shooting splits in EYBL this summer), while thriving as a rim finisher (71% in EYBL). Opportunity to make his mark early and often on the glass, where he has a fantastic work rate, instincts, length and soft hands. Thrives playing in tempo and in a more simplified offensive role. Not a traditional rim protector (0.9 blocks per game in EYBL), but disruptive defending the backline in rotation. Likely a flash-based season, but easy to see the appeal as a switchable, multi-faceted at the next level. Noah Clowney's freshman leap should accentuate the appeal.

The Swing Skills: Consistency and polish. Showed to be up and down through stretches over the last year, struggling to stack wins in a primary role. Growing in polish, not necessarily skill related, but in terms of acumen (2+ turnovers per game in EYBL) and positioning. Does a ton of the hard things well given his tools and ball skills, while some of the simpler facets are unpolished. Given the reclassification and a few elder statesman incoming via the portal, it very well could be a multi-year process as Stevenson polishes up around the edges. 


Jaylin Stewart

UConn wing // Ranked 38th overall in 2023

The Sell: Mismatch big wing with excellent ball skills and three-level scoring ability. High level functional strength and natural power athletically. Physical and aggressive in his offensive approach, bends the defense in non-traditional ways. Outstanding instincts on both ends (34 blocks in EYBL), has strong feel as an interior playmaker and gets off the floor faster than expected. Trademark mid-range scoring ability (91st percentile in that area and 36% on all dribble jumpers). Physical wing with scoring chops, smarts, contested shot-making ability and toughness. 

The Swing Skills: Three point efficiency and defensive fit. Connected on just 30% of his threes in EYBL, and just 34% on unguarded looks. Huskies' system generates open looks and he'll have to convert at a strong clip to make the leap in one year. Frame has continued to sharpen over the last year, but improving laterally will be key to promote promise in his defensive trajectory. Has all the tools to be a plus on that end. 


Dailyn Swain

Xavier wing // Ranked 42nd overall in 2023

The Sell: Versatile wing with two-way upside. 6-7 with fast twitch athleticism and a wealth of reps with the ball in his hands over the last few years. At his best generating paint touches in the half-court and attacking in space. Strong variability as a driver and once he gets a step, knows how to capitalize in a number of ways (90 AST, a team high, to 59 TO in EYBL). Impressive change of direction, deceleration, passing instincts and pick-up for a handler at his size. Highest level upside is likely on the defensive end, as he generates stock at a strong clip (72 in final EYBL summer) and defends multiple spots. One of the youngest players in college basketball.


The Swing Skills: Shooting. Shot 13% from 3PT on just over one attempt per game in EYBL. Showed more comfort from deep during the high school season, but still has questions to answer with it. Plenty of complementary skills, but approaching 30% would be pivotal if he were to make the leap. Given his age and frame, it's more likely than a multi-year process. 


Wesley Yates

Washington guard // Ranked 30th overall in 2023
The Sell: Microwave scoring pull-up shooter. Loaded with craft and space creation ability at all three levels. A weapon from long-range and gets his shot off in a hurry. Dynamic leveraging his gravity and getting to spots inside the arc (94th percentile on runners in EYBL). One motion, smooth jumper and high level touch (46% on unguarded jumpers). Strong and sturdy with a low center of gravity, tough to wall up when he gets to an ounce of an advantage. Plays with a strong work rate and competitiveness (27 stocks). Wired to put the ball in the bucket and does so a wide-range of ways.

The Swing Skills: Shot selection and impact without the ball. Streaky by nature, as you'd expect with his archetype. Went very hot and cold in his final EYBL campaign (below 20% from 3PT in 2 EYBL sessions). Prolific bucket-getter, but prone to taking plenty of tough ones and averaged less than 2 assists per game in EYBL. Shown the ability to be knockdown off the catch, which will be key to promote promise as an or off ball scorer. Can lock pop around the rim at times, very much a below the rim, craft-based finisher. Shot-making versatility and defensive fit will be among the keys to monitor, as opportunity should be present. 


Just Missed...

Jackson Shelstad — shot-making, cerebral lead guard, but low margin of error at size. Going to key in a ton of wins in CBB.

Miro Little — no questions regarding his skill level and smarts, but more so a question of what the role looks like year one in a crowded backcourt. 

Carey Booth  — high flying, late-blooming 6-10 athlete. Excellent defensively and has vastly impressive offensive flashes. Streaky through stretches in UA and may be a two-year deal physically. 

 Dedan Thomas — set for a high usage role as a primary playmaker (2.6 AST to TO this summer) and should impress as well as produce, but low margin of error at his size. 

 Cameron Carr — late-blooming shot-making wing, but on a veteran-laden roster and necessary time in the weight room before playing SEC competition, it'll take more than one year in Knoxville.

Layden Blocker — hyper-competitive guard with a two-way impact. A bit undersized, young for the class and has a deep guard room to compete with. Promising prospect, but the sample size is unlikely to be there in year one.

Taison Chatman — ready-made combo guard who may challenge for playing time earlier than expected. Pass, dribble, shoot guard with a mature frame and smarts.

Mo Dioubate — physical wing with a workman-like approach and defensive aptitude. A preseason knee injury may prolong the trajectory, but going to surprise folks in Tuscaloosa when healthy and opportunity arises.

Al Amadou — ultra toolsy big wing/forward in need of more seasoning. Hand in glove fit under Shaka Smart, but will need game reps. 

Jordan Dumontt— overlooked Canadian wing with prototypical wing size and outlines of a 3&D ability. Lacked consistency in stretches and has depth in front of him, but should produce flashes.

Silas Demary Jr Physical two-way guard with impressive pace, but lowly shooting output over the past few years. Evolving into a consistent 3PT shot-maker will open everything else up.

Mayar Wol — Shot-making wing at 6-8 with physical upside and athleticism, but lackadaisical decision-maker and struggles with physicality at this stage. Flashes will be there, but needs time in the weight room. 


International Freshman Without McDAAG Eligibility:

Jan Vide

Aday Mara

Alex Condon

Ilane Fibleuil

Kyshawn George

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Marqus Marion

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