Augusta Live: Saturday's 16U Standouts

Chandler Gamble (Boom City Elite): Chandler Gamble is multifaceted forward with a versatile skill set on both ends. Gamble has a lot of intangibles that translate to high level productivity. Defensively, Gamble garnered ample rebounds on the glass and was reliable as a rim protector. He exuded great effort and efficiency as a rim runner, which opened up him for easy buckets at the basket. The lefty forward also showcased some consistent shot making off the catch when acting as a floor spacer. 

Jadyn Lee (Boom City Elite): Jadyn Lee is an aggressive scoring guard who proved to be a tough shot maker off the bounce in the mid-range area.Also adept at turning the corner in pick and roll play and making plays at the rim with his functional strength, or using his body to get to the line. When playing off the ball, Lee played off of his teammates well and made shots off the catch. 

Ashton Walker (Boo Williams EYBL): Ashton Walker is a quick combo guard with a natural feel as a scorer. Walker shot the ball exceptionally well in Saturday’s action and exhibited little nuances in his game that proved he’s a high level talent. Walker already has the smarts to play off two feet in the lane, which enables him to convert more controlled drives. When he wasn’t looking to score, Walker was able to facilitate and actively get his teammates involved. 

Kamren Robinson (Boo Williams EYBL): Kamren Robinson really had a solid showing all weekend at Augusta Live. Robinson was one of the only guards that consistently applied ninety-four feet of high-level ball pressure, and took pride in the defensive side of the ball. Offensively Robinson showed he can consistently make shots off the catch and was reliable as a decision maker, wisely picking his spots when to be aggressive and when to defer to his teammates. 

Kingston Flemings (SA Future): Kingston Flemings came alive today with his tight handle and ability to ignite offense off the bounce. His superb floor game was on full display, as he made perfect reads and carved up defenses to get to his spots. Flemings’ ability to score in isolation situations was glaring, as well as his high IQ passing once he got the defense to collapse. Flemings’ also showcased the ice in his veins, making big plays down the stretch and connecting on a game winner to push his team to a 4-0 record on the weekend. 

Camden Cowgill (SA Future): Camden Cowgill has been one of the most consistent players participating in our Augusta Live event. Cowgill stood out in Saturday’s action after putting together a lethal shooting display, erupting for 32 points against Team United. During the loud scoring performance, Cowgill showcased his ability to make tough contested shots off the bounce, his extended range and poise playmaking when asked to be the primary ball handler. 

Kaden Magwood (Team United EYBL): Kaden Magwood played with immense intensity and grit in Saturday’s action. Despite his toughness and passion for the game, Magwood displayed that he can be a legitimate offensive threat from the guard position. Magwood utilized his strong build to get downhill to the rim, as well as connected on his polished pull-up game. Defensively Magwood plays with a dog mentality and applies full-court pressure to test opposing guards’ handles.

Elijah Clinton (Brad Beal Elite EYBL): Elijah Clinton is an athletic wing with a natural feel as a scorer. It’s evident to see he has all the tools to become an elite shot creator. His upper body strength, solid core and balance allow him to shield defenders off while he probes the lane, finding a spot on the floor where he’s comfortable rising over top for mid-range jumpers. His athleticism and leaping ability gave him opportunities to crash the glass on both ends, as well as utilizing it to get defensive stops.

Will Riley (UPLAY EYBL): Six-foot-eight combo forward Will Riley is already regarded as one of the best rising juniors in the country, and today he showed flashes of why he’s such a highly touted recruit. His impressive floor game and self creation off the bounce was evident as he got into lane at his own pace. Riley is confident in his mid-range game, scoring in an array of ways with unorthodox makes by using his length. A skilled passer who often knows where the help is coming from before he makes his move, allowing him to make pinpoint decisions and quickly find the open man. Defensively he was very disruptive using his length to deter shots at the rim, and obstruct the vision of smaller guards. 

Isaiah Sealy (Mokan Elite EYBL): Isaiah Sealy was one of the most impressive prospects from Saturday’s action just with his basketball instincts, his energy and effort. The six-foot-seven guard kicked his way over pick and rolls, and jammed DHO action for steals that led to emphatic dunks on the other end. Aside from his defensive tenacity, Sealy showcased his patience as a passer in pick and roll offense, utilizing his height to eat traps and find the open man. Exhibited very strong attacks in the lane, absorbing bumps and finishing at the rim. 

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