Brandon Benjamin looking to make noise on MHC

2025 forward Brandon Benjamin and his Kulture squad have recently become a part of MHC, and Benjamin is going to be one of the featured players on the circuit. The Link Academy forward is going to draw numerous D1 programs into the gym and have them paying close attention to Kulture’s every move. Below, Benjamin talks about his recruitment, what he’s looking for in a school, and MHC. 



Schools Involved: “Fairfield, Fordham, Iona, Albany, I’m about to get re-offered by James Madison, and I’m trying to get an offer from Vanderbilt.”

Fairfield: “I think they have a pretty nice program, not going to lie. They have a good coaching staff, too. Their pitch is they just want me to come there and really develop, they’re just going to let me play to my strengths and get better.”

Fordham: “They’re pretty fast paced, so kind of like how I play. When I was at Bergen, my point guard goes to Fordham, so that would be a good time and we could have a reunion if I went there.”

Iona: “Iona is nice for real, and they’ve been telling me the same stuff as Fairfield. They’ve been recruiting me really, really hard. I love their head coach, Tobin (Anderson), that’s my guy. Their assistant staff is very cool, too. They have a pretty good campus and they just got a new weight room, the weight room is pretty sick.”

Albany: “Albany is good as well, they hustle hard. They play very hard and fast paced. They feed their bigs and that’s another good place because they’d want me to play to my strengths.”

James Madison: “Their new staff wants me to go there and play to my strengths, but at the same time, bring the ball up and push it in transition. They want me to work on stuff that I usually don’t work on. Their campus is beautiful, and their whole facility is, too.”

Vanderbilt: “It’s a really good academic school and a really nice campus. I would love to go there. I have a really good connection with the coach and the assistant coach.”

What He’s Looking For: “How they treat their players and a family system, what really reminds me of home, and how the campus is.”

Being a Top Dog on MADE Hoops Circuit: “Honestly I’m excited, I can’t wait. I just can’t wait to play in the live period, I’m so excited to be there. College coaches can see me playing the wing, I’ve been transitioning a lot to become a wing, so I’ll get to be seen there more often than usual. I’ll be inside and outside, showing that I can do both.”

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