2027 Spotlight: Meet Camron Dunson-Riggs

Continuing down the 2027 Spotlight series, here I’ll introduce you to Camron Dunson-Riggs out of Normal, Illinois. Before long, these prospects will be front and center on the national stage striking headlines. Let's zoom in on the explosive wing finding his way fast.




The Chicagoland area has a fantastic crop of 2027 talent, but Dunson-Riggs, out of central Illinois, has asserted himself as one of the state's most intriguing long-term prospects. Alongside Devin Cleveland and Davion Thompson, the 6-5 wing impressed in a big way at 2023's 8th Finale. Physical, athletic and plays with an edge, his upside will surely be one to monitor over the coming years as a potential national prospect. This fall, Dunson-Riggs will attend Normal West (IL).

  For someone who has never seen you play before, describe yourself as a player?

Dunson-Riggs: “Big guard. Can handle, rebound and defend different guys."


Tell me your basketball story...


CR: “My dad introduced me to the game. Really, I started playing basketball as soon as I could walk. When I was 10, I had one game where I had 41 points. After that, it blew up and I knew."


What areas of your game are you trying to sharpen the most before high school?
CR"Shooting, forsure."
 Whether it be High School, College or the NBA, who are some guys you like to watch and model your game after?


CR: “Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum."


Favorite thing to do off the court?


 CR: “Hang out with my friends. Do something fun."


Headed to high school in the fall, what are some of your goals as a freshman at Normal West?

CR: “Break some records. Make an impact early."

In a few years when your potential recruitment gets started, who are some schools you'd dream of hearing from?

CR: “Duke and North Carolina."


What has the experience been like playing at MADE, not just guys from Illinois anymore, but from all over?


CR: "It's cool, it's definitely much harder. I've learned a lot."


Scout Take

 Camron Dunson-Riggs | 6-5 Wing, 14.8 years old


"Raw, but ultra talented wing with an impressive athletic profile. Long and twitchy with outstanding bend athletically. Doesn't move like he's 6-5. Hangs his hat defensively at this stage as a havoc wreakor and disruptive on-ball defender. Motor has room to continue to grow. Great in the passing lanes and knocking handlers off rhythm with his lateral quickness and hands. Very good as a cutter off the ball, in transition and productive as an offensive rebounder from the wings. Handle has room to continue to polish, along with shooting. Tools to be a high level slasher down the line given further polish. Does a ton well early on and has plenty to build on, to go with key areas of development to monitor." -- Max Feldman

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