Canada Showdown HS Standouts

Timothy Eze (Wing, Northern Kings 17U): Eze is a rangy and explosive athlete who shined throughout Northern Kings’ championship run. He was a physical ball handler at the point of attack that could beat closeouts with his strength and force. Also proved to be a bouncy finisher in the lane as he converted some emphatic finishes above the rim. Leveraged his motor, aggression and vertical pop to be productive on the glass as well.

Taj Au-Duke (Guard, Northern Kings 17U): Au-Duke is a well-built athlete who played well in a primary ball handler role over the weekend. He’s another tough handler at the point of attack who had the ability to beat closeouts with tight crossovers & aggression. He was a reliable downhill playmaker who definitely made some strong reads, however he proved to be more than capable of converting jumpers on the perimeter. Flashed some shotmaking ability specifically when opponents went under screens.

Sean Blake (Guard, CKATT 17U): Blake put together some impressive spans of play over the weekend at the Canada Showdown. He’s a quick-twitch athlete who was filled with acceleration and changes of pace as a ball handler. Beat closeouts routinely with his speed and this allowed him to provide paint touches at a high volume. A flexible finisher in the lane who converted some tough, contested layups through traffic. 

Christian Nitu (Big, CKATT 17U): Nitu was another CKATT prospect who put together some appealing sequences of play in Canada. He’s a long and fluid athlete who proved that he can damage as a rim-runner in the open floor. Where he really impressed was his mix of shotmaking flashes and face-up scoring. Leveraged a high and fluid release point to shoot over smaller defenders when given the space. Still a work in progress, although he continues to grow and expand his game.

Tristan Beckford (Wing, BM Elite 16U): Beckford was a freak athlete who caught my eye with a huge putback over a defender in the lane. He was a dangerous threat at the point of attack between his blend of long strides and explosiveness. His vertical pop allowed him to be productive on the glass, however he also popped on the defensive end as well. Demonstrated quick hands and feet while having the instincts to break plays up. 

Efeosa Oliogu (Guard, BM Elite 16U): Top-15 2025 wing Oliogu was another explosive wing prospect who impressed for BM Elite at the Canada Showdown. He’s a well-built athlete who is loaded with aggression, pop and verticality as a rim finisher. Dangerous lob threat in the open floor or when he gets space off back-door screens. Punished opponents at the point of attack and had his way getting to the rim all weekend.

Chukwu Anigozie (Wing, Team Trappings 16U): Anigozie was another athlete who caught my eye with his motor and two-way activity. He was a highly productive rebounder who wasn’t afraid to matchup with bigger opponents. Legitimate putback threat who had a quick first jump and soft hands to secure the ball. Flashed some face-up scoring ability while being able to beat slower defenders off the bounce.

Laarguen Wuol-Kouth (Guard, Dreamchaserz 16U): Wuol-Kouth was another backcourt prospect that played well in the 16U Division. He’s an ultra-quick lead guard who leveraged his extreme end to end speed in the open floor and at the point of attack. Put constant pressure on the rim with his ability to beat closeouts and blow by defenders. Also showed glimpses of a crafty finishing package and impressive flexibility in the lane.

Janoy Walkes (Guard, TPG 15U): Walkes is a tough lead guard who led TPG on a deep run at the Canada Showdown. He’s a shifty ball handler who leverages counter moves and tight crossovers to beat defenders off the bounce. He was able to beat closeouts, put pressure on the rim and finish with his dominant hand at an efficient clip. Also showed glimpses of his ability to hurt defenses with his pull-up scoring.

Te’Ziah Malcolm-Marshall (Wing, TPG 15U): Malcolm-Marshall is an athletic wing who showed glimpses of his ability to play and defend multiple positions. He was comfortable playing on the wing where he could exploit defenders with his long strides and quick ground coverage. Also, he was more than capable of posting up smaller mismatches on the low-block when given the chance. The blend of size and athleticism allowed him to reel in numerous rebounds over the weekend.

Mahamed Salah (Wing, Eurostep Basketball 15U): Salah was another athletic wing that caught my eye in the 15U Division. He was a quick-twitch athlete who had the speed to attack closeouts quickly and abruptly. Prominent slasher who was able to get downhill often, yet it was his finishing that also popped at the Canada Showdown. He converted an array of tough finishes through contact and traffic over the weekend. 

Zayden Bangura (Guard, Team Step Up 15U): Bangura was a notable playmaker who had a knack for creating offense off the bounce. He’s a shifty ball handler who was able to leverage his size when passing over defenders or out of traffic. His paint touch production allowed him to pick defenses apart with his drop-down and skip passes. Excelled at getting his team situated on the offensive end while creating high percentage looks for his teammates.

Anei Majock (Wing, Strive Hoops 15U): Majock caught my eye with his advanced physical tools due to his mix of size, length and fluidity. While most of the production came in flashes over the weekend, it’s easy to see why he’s a prospect who oozes with upside. Flashed some slashing ability while leveraging ample ground coverage to attack closeouts. Also used his length and size well to garner deflections, rebounds or blocks on the defensive end.

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