Top-125 2025 DeShawn Gory Talks Recruitment, Visits

DeShawn Gory, a top-125 prospect in the 2025 class, was originally a part of the 2024 class. He's giving himself an extra year to gain weight and to round out his game, and the's reaping the benefits of that in his recruitment already. Below, he talks about schools that are showing interest and programs he'd like to visit in the near future.



Seton Hall: “I haven’t taken a visit, but they do want me to come on one. So far, Coach (Rasheen) Davis has been really keeping in contact with me and asking how I’m doing. I really appreciate a coach that’s putting in effort, and he’s actually going to come see me in about two weeks I believe.”

Louisville: “Obviously my brother goes there, Dennis Evans. Coach KP (Kenny Payne) and Coach Nolan (Smith), they’ve been in contact and just showing really high interest. They were at a lot of my AAU games and they should be out here to see me soon during the high school season.”

Washington: “They recently reached out, a couple days ago actually. They were at my game on Wednesday, so they put forth the effort to come and see me. Coach (Ben) Lee came to see me and kept it real, telling me all of the stuff I need to do better and what I’m good at already. I really appreciate that from a coach.”

San Diego: “Coach (Ryan) Devlin, he reaches out almost every day, every weekend and tells me to have a good weekend. He’s always sending me quotes about what it means to be a leader and being great, and sending me stuff on San Diego because I have a couple of friends that go there. He just shows me their program, what their coaching style is like, what the gym looks like, stuff like that. He wants me to come on a visit soon. I really like San Diego.”

Virginia: “Coach Sodie has been reaching out to me sending me things on Virginia and what the program is looking like this year. They are interested and looking forward to seeing my development throughout this season.”

DePaul: “Obviously one of my AAU teammates Jaden Henley goes there. Coach Stubbs (Tony Stubblefield) is a good friend of my AAU coach, Coach Kool Aid. He’s been reaching out and just telling me all of the stuff about DePaul. He actually wanted me to go to the game tomorrow but I won’t be able to make it. He tells me how Jaden’s been doing and what kind of person I could be at DePaul and how I could help their program.

Old Dominion: “The coaches have been reaching out a lot, talking to my parents and talking to me. He’s just been wanting me to come out on a visit and has been telling me about all of the players he has coming in already, and telling me how I could help Old Dominion become a super high major, a better school, and a better program.

Visits: “I’m actually setting up a visit to go to DePaul. That was supposed to happen in September but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I’m looking to set a visit for Seton Hall also. I don’t know when yet, but maybe soon, possibly after the high school season. Louisville should be after the high school season, probably more AAU season. Old Dominion, I should be taking a visit after the high school season.”

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