DMV's fabulous freshmen: Jamaal McKnight Jr.

Over the course of the next 4-to-5 months, we'll be blasting out introduction articles from some of the high-level freshmen in the DMV area. The influx on talent in what is considered the hotbed of high school basketball continues to flow because of the development of these prospects in the middle schools ranks. For this series, we caught up with DeMatha and Team Durant point guard Jamaal McKnight Jr.

McKnight Jr. is a 5-foot-11 lead guard who has wasted no time in making his presence felt within a deep Stags' rotation. He provides advanced feel, tough shot-making ability and a tight handle. All of which bode well when projecting his productivity to come as a high school prospect.

CG: For someone who has never seen you play before, describe your game.

JM: I'm an aggressive player. I can get into my pull up and I know how to get into my three-point shot, too. 

CG: When did you start playing basketball?

JM: I started playing at a young age. I was playing at like four years old. My father put the ball in my hands early because he was a coach, so I was just always around it. I learned a lot from him and watching his players when I was young.

CG: You can always seem to tell when a kid's father was a coach by their feel and how they break the game down, especially as a point guard. Is he the one that taught you the game or did someone else have a heavy influence?

JM: It was definitely my father. Still to this day, he puts my through my workouts. It's never a lot of flashy stuff or anything. It's very fundamentals. He's always taught me that from a young age. The flashy stuff comes once you get into your groove.

CG: Why is basketball important to you?

JM: Basketball is important to me because I feel like when I get on the court all my stress goes away. It also brings me closer to God, to be honest. I pray before every game and whenever an opportunity comes my way I just pray about it.

CG: What is the next progression in your development?

JM: I just need to be a better leader. I'm young, but I can still come in and be a better leader. Another thing is just continuing to get my shot stronger.

CG: Are there any players that you emulate your game after?

JM: I watch a lot of guys like Sharife Cooper. I watch a lot of kids in high school, too. Anthony Brown from PVI, I like the way he plays with pace.

CG: Do you have a dream school?

JM: No dream school for me. When that time comes, it'll always be who wants me the most. That's where I would want to be.






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