MADE Hoops announces 2023 Derek Smith Invitational: Schedule, info, teams, rosters, media credentials, & more

November 16, 2023



Contact: Travis Graf, Event Organizer and MADE Hoops National Scout – (502) 641-2257




MADE Hoops is pleased to announce the 2023 Derek Smith Invitational. This event brings together some of the nation’s best high-school basketball players and teams in the country, including three of the country’s Top 25 teams – Prolific Prep (CA), Link Academy (MO), and Bishop O’Connell (VA).

Also featured are five teams from the state of Kentucky – St. Xavier, Bardstown, Seneca, Frederick Douglass, and Desales.

The 2023 Derek Smith Invitational is headlined by a primetime matchup between Prolific Prep (CA) and Link Academy (MO) at 8:45 p.m. local time on Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023.

Among the talented players who will take part are 16 who rank in the Top 100 for their respective class, according to MADE Hoops, including 2024 No. 1 overall prospect AJ Dybantsa and 2026 No. 1 overall prospect Tyran Stokes, both of Prolific Prep (CA). 

Stokes and Jasper Johnson of Link Academy (MO), the No. 12 prospect in the class of 2025, are Kentucky natives who will be returning to the state to showcase their talents in Louisville. 


Location: Louisville, KY


  • Saint Xavier High School

  • 1609 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, KY 40217

Ticket Information:

Price: $25

Purchase link:

Note: Limited quantities available at the door, so buy online before the event to secure your spot.


Media Credentials:

Welcome | 2023/24 MADE High School Series MEDIA Application | MADE Hoops

Event Schedule:


1:45 PM - St. Frances (MD) vs Bilingual Christian Academy (FL)

3:30 PM - St. Xavier (KY) vs Bardstown (KY)

5:15 PM - Seneca (KY) vs Shabach Christian (MD)

7:00 PM - Bishop O'Connell (VA) vs Southern Coast Academy (FL)

8:45 PM - Prolific Prep (CA) vs Link Academy (MO)


12:00 PM - St. Xavier (KY) vs Prolific (CA)

1:45 PM - Frederick Douglass (KY) vs St. Frances (MD)

3:30 PM - Word of God (NC) vs. Southern Coast Academy (FL)

5:15 PM - Bilingual Christian Academy (FL) vs. Seneca (KY)

7:00 PM - Desales (KY) vs Shabach Christian (MD)

Top Players

AJ Dybantsa (Prolific Prep || No. 1 in 2025)

Tyran Stokes (Prolific Prep || No. 1 in 2026 || Native of Kentucky)

Jayden Quaintance (Word of God || No. 3 in 2024)

Tre Johnson (Link Academy || No. 7 in 2024)

Jasper Johnson (Link Academy || No. 12 in 2025 || Native of Kentucky)

Zoom Diallo (Prolific Prep || No. 12 in 2024)

Labaron Philon (Link Academy || No. 17 in 2024 || Kansas commit)

Aiden Sherrell (Prolific Prep || No. 24 in 2024 || Alabama commit)

Bryson Tucker (Bishop O'Connell || No. 25 in 2024)

Derrion Reid (Prolific Prep || No. 36 in 2024)

Neiko Mundey (Shabach Christian Academy || No. 61 in 2026)

Jalen Shelley (Link Academy || No. 62 in 2024 || Arkansas commit)

Mikey Lewis (Prolific Prep || No. 69 in 2024 || Saint Mary's commit)

AJ Swinton (Bishop O'Connell || No. 80 in 2024 || Florida State commit)

TO Barrett (Link Academy || No. 88 in 2024 || Missouri commit)

James Brown (Link Academy || No. 93 in 2024 || North Carolina commit)


“It’s a privilege to work alongside the Smith Family and honor a Louisville legend in Derek Smith,” event organizer and MADE Hoops National Scout Travis Graf said. “I’m most excited for this event because of the fact that it’s being held in a basketball-rich city and will be an awesome experience for the community.”

“Having the firepower that these programs have along with the star power of 16 top-100 prospects is something Louisville residents don’t get to witness on a regular basis,” he continued. “This event could be a staple for the local basketball community for years to come.”

About MADE Hoops:

MADE Hoops is the grassroots leader in cutting edge youth basketball events and experiences. We feature the most competitive middle school leagues in the country, along with unmatched high school and middle school camps and tournaments. Our winning combination? Elite competition, high-level coaching and training, unparalleled media coverage and professionally run events.

MADE Hoops was founded in 2014 and is celebrating its 10th year of operation beginning with the MADE Winter Circuit, beginning Dec. 2, 2023.

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