E16 Hidden Gems: Guards

Taking a deep dive into a collection of hidden gems who have caught my eye in the E16 Division. Whether these guards are underrated or unranked, their play has been worth noting as we approach the live periods. 

Luke Barnett: 21.3 PPG (Paul George Elite)
Ashton Meeks: 21.0 PPG (Team Durant)
Trey Beamer: 19.0 PPG (Team United)
Jermal Jones Jr: 17.8 PPG (Jet Academy)
Andrew Hillman: 16.2 PPG (Oakland Soldiers)
Deuce Burkes: 14.6 PPG (Team Herro)
King Kendrick: 14.1 PPG (All Ohio)
Jacob Williford: 12.4 PPG (JL3 Elite)
Jaylen Alexander: 12 PPG (Georgia Stars)

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