Nike E16 Session 3 Preview

Nike EYBL Session 3 tips off in Dallas, Texas this Friday and there are plenty of notable, intriguing prospects to watch. Read below to see the list of players looking to make an impression this weekend, whether it be bouncing back from Session 2 in Phoenix or continue raising their national stock. 

Cayden Boozer, Nightrydas Elite: As one half of the Boozer twins, Cayden has been consistent and productive throughout EYBL play so far. He scored in double figures in all four games during Session 2 and averaged 6.8 assists in those contests. Boozer will aim to keep the nice blend of consistency and offensive production going heading into Dallas, as Nightrydas Elite looks to continue their dominance. Boozer has been reluctant to stretch his game out to the 3-point line, so keep an eye out if there’s any flashes in that department. All in all, Boozer’s steady play thus far makes him an ideal candidate to watch for a potential monster Session 3.

Jermaine O’Neal Jr., Drive Nation: Son of six-time NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal, O’Neal Jr. has performed very well, notably in Session 2, so far. To kickstart the weekend, O’Neal put up 21 points against Team Griffin and then went for 20 the following day against Maine United. Consistency is key for O’Neal, as he followed up each of his 20-point outbursts with poor scoring performances. Regardless, O’Neal has showcased his scoring acumen and soft touch which he’ll look to continue doing in Dallas. And, as a perimeter-oriented player, O’Neal is aggressive on the glass and skis in for rebounds on both ends. Drive Nation will be facing off against tough competition throughout the weekend, so O’Neal will have plenty of opportunities to show those in attendance what he’s got. 

Jamier Jones, Florida Rebels: Jones started strong in Phoenix, putting up 18 points in only 16 minutes during Florida Rebels’ first action of the session. Although his overall scoring numbers dipped after that initial performance, Jones still scored in double-figures three more times with improved field goal efficiency. The 6’5” combo guard could certainly be a player that has multiple high scoring games, and is a prospect that could very well be an All-Circuit Team candidate. Jones currently holds one offer, from the Houston Cougars, but a strong Session 3 in Dallas could make Jones a sought after guard in 2025 due to his length and athleticism which will be on full display during Session 3. 

Chuck Love, Mokan Elite: As one of the best guard prospects in the Midwest, Love entered Phoenix with big expectations. Despite playing limited minutes and struggling to find his shot during Session 2, Love showed mature poise throughout the weekend. It’s clear that he’s a high-level competitor and a prospect that truly values winning, but expect Love to establish himself a bit more in Dallas this coming weekend. Love only averaged 19 minutes of playing time during Session 2, so the hope is that we see that number increase a bit. He’s a multi-level scorer that brings solid length and athleticism, which he’ll look to showcase in Dallas. If Love is able to find himself on the court, make sure to tune in because he’s an under-recruited prospect that could pop if given more responsibilities.

Jaylen Cross, Team CP3: One of the more under-the-radar prospects in E16 is Jaylen Cross. He averaged 13.5 points during Session 2, displaying his steady scoring ability all while being efficient from the field. He’s highly impactful in transition, and in the half-court his balance and body control allow him to get to his spots as a ball-handler. Not only is Cross capable of playing on-ball, but he’s just as deadly without the ball in his hands. He’s great at relocating and finding gaps in the defense for easy buckets. The combination of intangible skill and on-court production make Cross one of the more intriguing players in his class, and if there’s any sort of uptick in scoring, you might be hearing a lot more of Cross’ name. 

Will Riley, UPLAY Canada: Riley has been a breakout star in E16 during this year’s EYBL. After a strong showing in Session 1, Riley followed it up by averaging 22.6 points per game in Phoenix and was one of the most electric scorers in the division. Riley was named to our E16 All-Circuit Second Team for his performance in Phoenix, but all signs point to Riley elevating his play even further, making him a strong candidate for First Team or even an E16 Award. He picked up offers from a few Pac-12 teams such as Washington and Oregon in late April, but if Riley’s able to keep climbing the ladder, more offers could be on the way. 

Aleks Alston, Mac Irvin Fire: Alston doesn’t do a ton of scoring, nor does he fill the stat sheet, but the 6’9” frame and raw tools are enough to be excited about. He’s got excellent length and has shown intriguing flashes so far. With that, there’s a ton of potential that Alston has a major showing in Dallas this weekend. He’s proven that he’s a capable scorer when given opportunities to score for himself, so the hope is that he’s a bit more aggressive during Session 3. If does just that, a few more offers could come in, in addition to one he picked up from Georgia Tech in June.

Legend Smiley, NW Rotary Rebels: Smiley closed Phoenix with consecutive 21-point scoring efforts, which indicates he’s in for a major weekend in Dallas. Smiley even shot 7-15 from deep in his final two games during Session 2, flashing high-level shooting ability from deep. Smiley will look to keep his hot streak going from the perimeter, and all over the court as he’s proven he can score efficiently from multiple areas. Smiley was named to our E16 All-Circuit Second Team, and similar to his opponent Will Riley, Smiley will look to catapult himself into First Team territory with an even stronger performance in Dallas. With his multi-talented offensive skillset, there’s a strong likelihood and he does so. 

Landon Clark, Maine United: Playing alongside Cooper Flagg, Clark tends to receive less attention than he probably should. And, while he has struggled a bit during E16 play so far, Clark has shown enough flashes and upside to indicate that he’s due for a strong session sometime soon, and the hope is that it happens this weekend in Dallas. His best game in Phoenix came against Team Final on Friday where he scored 14 points and 4-5 from deep. Clark has an incredibly smooth stroke, and when he has it going, he elevates Maine United to another level with his spot-up shooting. Clark is someone to keep an eye on, especially if his shots start to fall with Flagg drawing a heavy amount of attention for opposing teams.

Amari Evans, NH Lightning: Evans was named our Stockriser of the Session in Phoenix and also made E16 All-Circuit Third Team. That, combined with the fact that he had multiple 26-point performances during Session 2, make Evans a strong prospect and one that should be monitored very closely in Dallas. Evans recently picked up an from Marquette earlier this month, and if he keeps up his scoring barrage and continues to rise up the ranks in the division, more could certainly be on the way.

Matchups to Watch
Expressions vs. Howard Pulley (Friday, May 12 at 4:00 PM)
Nightrydas Elite vs. Houston Hoops (Friday, May 12 at 7:00 PM)
UPLAY Canada vs. All Ohio (Friday, May 12 at 8:30 PM)
PSA Cardinals vs. Team Melo (Saturday, May 13 at 8:00 AM)
Team CP3 vs. Team United (Saturday, May 13 at 11:00 AM)
NH Lightning vs. Strive for Greatness (Saturday, May 13 at 12:30 PM)
Team Takeover vs. Arizona Unity (Saturday, May 13 at 3:30 PM)

Division A
Nightrydas Elite
UPLAY Canada
All Ohio
Houston Hoops

Division B
Drive Nation
Phenom University
The Family
Paul George Elite

Division C
NH Lightning
Maine United
Strive for Greatness
City Rocks

Division D
Team Takeover
Arizona Unity
Boo Williams
The Skill Factory

Division E
Team Griffin
Florida Rebels
Team Durant

Division F
PSA Cardinals
Georgia Stars
Team Melo

Division G
Team CP3
Mokan Elite
Team United
NW Rotary Rebels

Division H
Mac Irvin Elite
Howard Pulley/Team Tyus

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