Early May Rankings Movers

Fluid rankings are underway, and in the near-month our rankings have been live, there's plenty of action. There's not much change in the 2023 class, but the same can't be said for the top 150 of 2024, 2025 and 2026. Below, we'll outline the most significant stockrisers in each class.

The top 150 rankings for all four high school classes are available HERE



Dink Pate debuts 18th overall 

Yves Missi debuts 20th overall 

Ilane Fibleuil debuts 31st overall

Marcus Adams Jr debuts 65th overall

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VJ Edgecombe  moves up to 6th (+2)

Kanon Catchings moves up to 9th (+3)

Jalil Bethea moves up to 10th (+8)

Drake Powell moves up to 11th (+16)

Austin Swartz moves to 23rd (+15)

Labaron Philon moves to 29th (+8)

Bishop Boswell moves to 36th (+12)

Jaiden Glover moves to 45th (+14)

Andrew Crawford moves to 47th (+35)

Curtis Givens moves to 49th (+54)

Jackson McAndrew  moves to 52nd (+33)

Nic Codie moves to 67th (UR)

AJ Swinton moves to 79th (+38)

Eric Freeny moves to 93rd (+32)

Doryan Onwuchekwa moves to 96th (+29)

Taj DeGourville  moves to 102nd (+36)

Amari McCottry moves to 121nd (UR)

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Cooper Flagg moves to 1st (+1)

Jayden Quaintance moves to 3rd (+5)

Caleb Wilson moves to 6th (+8)

Sadiq White moves to 10th (+6)

Jeremiah Fears moves to 20th (+14)

Kingston Flemings moves to 25th (+13)

Darius Acuff moves to 24th (+98)

Nate Ament moves to 26th (+62)

Kayden Edwards moves to 31st (+22)

Aleks Alston moves to 39th (+32)

A'Mare Bynum moves to 50th (UR)

Jaylen Harrell moves to 51st (UR)

Niko Bundalo moves to 53rd (+88)

Adlan Elamin moves to 88th (UR)


Brandon McCoy Jr moves to 5th (+9)

Sam Funches moves to 14th (+5)

Alex Constanza moves to 20th (UR)

Elhadji Diallo moves to 23rd (+29)

Kevin Thomas moves to 40th (UR)

Dhani Miller moves to 41st (+49)

 Stephen Brown moves to 42nd (+9)

Dean Rueckert moves to 49th (+12)

Gabe Sularski moves to 75th (+29)

Justin Curry II moves to 93rd (+45)

Full 2026 rankings

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