East MSA: 7th Grade Top 20 All-Star Selections

Queens, New York: Our annual East Middle School Academy returned to the East Coast over the weekend in New York City. While the event was evidently loaded with notable headliners, there was a collection of prospects who took full advantage of the platform and showed out. 

Malachi Miller, 2028 PG: Small lead guard who exudes confidence and possesses in the gym range. High IQ player with quickness, excels off the bounce at using advanced dribble moves like inverted drag dribbles to get his shot off or get into the lane. 

Omar Torres, 2028 G: Strong, physical guard who applies downhill pressure constantly and gives effort on both ends. Plays through the whistle and slashes to the rim power and grace. As he continues to grow and expand his game, Torres will be an impact player to watch in the class of 2028. 

Ian Archbold, 2028 F: Lengthy prospect with early indicators of having legitimate two-way tools and potential. His size, frame and fluidity in his movements are eye-catching at first glance. As his body continues to fill out, and his ball skills improve, Archbold will be a prospect to keep a close eye on. 

Willie Darden, 2028 SF:  Willie Darden is a household name who continues to expand his game and sharpen his tools that are already proven. Willie is known for his grab and go capability, enticing ball skills and offensive touch. This weekend at MSA, Darden demonstrated some impressive facilitating and decision making, combined with his do-it-all scoring prowess and disruptive defense. 

Skylar Ragoo, 2028 CG: Skylar Ragoo is emerging as one of the best guards in his class. His positional size paired with creative ball handling and multi-level scoring is what makes Ragoo such a problem for opposing players. His natural feel as a scorer compliments his elite shooting ability off the bounce. 

Hector Almodovar, 2028 PG: Dynamic lead guard Hector Almodovar was electrifying to watch this weekend at MSA, with his defensive tenacity and invigorating offensive arsenal. Quick-twitch ball handler who can get downhill with ease using knife-like shifts of direction. Polished mid-range scorer who excels as a space creator and is capable of extending his range. Very selfless playmaker who thrives at producing paint touches and making the correct reads. 

Michai White, 2028 PG: Michai White is a smooth operator that has the ability to control games with his scoring prowess. Elite shot creation matched with an advanced pace and shooting touch. White plays at his own speed, very seldom he gets flustered by on-ball pressure. Tough competitor who exhibits confidence creating offense with the ball in his hands. 

Kelvin Anderson Jr., 2028 G: Off the initial glance his quickness and flare with the ball in his hands are what pops. Anderson Jr. is a combo guard with functional strength and explosiveness that makes plays off the bounce. Anderson Jr. effortlessly obtains paint touches with his quick first-step and bursts of speed. His ingenious playmaking and shot-creation off the bounce attributes to the excitement and spark he brings to the game. 

Jordan Mason, 2028 G: Lefty guard Jordan Mason did a lot of things well this weekend at MSA East. Mason started off the weekend showcasing his streaky sharpshooting with a quick-trigger release. As camp progressed, Mason showed some legitimate potential as an elite defender with his high motor, quick anticipation, and effectiveness in the open floor when transitioning from offense to defense. Mason has a solid foundation of skills, fundamentals and positional size that can take him far as he continues to develop. 

Jaylan Allen, 2028 F: Jaylan Allen is a raw prospect with great positional size, athleticism and all-around strength for his age. Standing at 6’5” with explosive leaping ability and keen defensive instincts, Allen was controlling the paint with his rim protection and physicality. Allen is the type of player that can dictate the outcome of a game solely with his energy and effort. Possesses solid lateral quickness and agility for his size. Runs the floor hard for thunderous dunks when granted the opportunity. 

Chase Butler, 2028 SG: Chase Butler was impressive this weekend with his efficient shooting display from deep and his ability to outwit opposition with savvy situational decision making. Butler lit the nets from deep, and didn't need much space to get his shot off. When spotting-up, Butler was always in a stance ready to shoot high-arching bombs from deep. It’s easy to see Butler is comfortable with defenders running at him hard the way he made contested jumpers and attacked close-outs with poise and confidence. 

Kevin Wheatley Jr., 2028 SF: Kevin Wheatley Jr. continues to show strides as a fluid, versatile shot-creating forward. Wheatley is a rangy athlete, measuring in at 6’5” who possesses glaring long-term upside. Wheatley Jr. is capable of utilizing toughness around the rim when playing inside, but he excels when given the opportunity to create off the bounce in space, to get to his smooth mid-range game. 

Kai Cox, 2028 G: Kai Cox is a fierce competitor and aggressive downhill playmaker who showed no mercy at MSA. Cox’s competitive edge and ability to make winning plays were on full display this weekend. Has great size for his age matched with some deceptive ball handling, which allowed him to live in the lane where he converted on contact layups using his functional strength. 

Yasir Turner, 2028 PG: Yasir Turner is a hard-nose, pure point guard who played with a chip on his shoulder. Turner may lack size at this early age, but his feel for the game and offensive skill set is highly developed. Turner used his stature to his advantage, fitting into small creases of the defense while keeping his dribble low and quick for lurking help side defenders. His craftiness around the rim and his ability to create separation off the bounce made Turner a hard cover. 

Carter Robinson, 2028 G: Robinson is a high-level athlete who primarily popped as a slasher in Queens. Long, tough, & well-built wing prospect who affected the game in numerous facets. He proved to be a rugged rim finisher that certainly didn't shy away from contact or size. Flashed some spot-up shooting value, although he did the majority of his damage on the drive. 

Legend Bunch, 2028 G: Bunch is a toolsy wing guard with strong positional size and disruptive length for a prospect his age. A potent space-creator who was able to convert on an array of self-created jumpers over the weekend. His multilevel and high-volume scoring was on full display throughout our East MSA. The Virginia native is a noteworthy 2028 prospect to track in the coming years. 

Jamieson Young, 2028 G: Jamieson Young came to East MSA in Queens and cemented himself as a tough guard with scoring prowess. Young plays at a great pace and is a bigger player for his position at this age. At his best when he’s looking to attack downhill for drives to the rim or short pull-up options. Talented pick and roll ball handler, using hesitations and eye fakes to fool defenders off their feet. 

Damir Arp, 2028 G: Combo guard Damir Arp possesses a high IQ with some impressive self-creation and shooting ability. Arp was breaking defenders down off the bounce using long, hang crossovers as well as getting into the lane off the catch, utilizing quick rip-through moves from a split catch stance. He used his length and quickness to avoid shot-blockers, and was very advantageous as a distributor once he got into the lane. Arp also exhibited delicate shooting touch, and advanced understanding of how to use his body to pin defenders on his back. 

Devin Bey, 2028 G: Big guard Devin Bey popped at East MSA with his quick situational processing, versatile offensive arsenal and toughness. Bey is a reliable creator off the bounce, igniting offense for others with his penetration drawing multiple defenders or knifing down the lane for easy layups himself. Decisive decision maker, who was getting downhill and scoring at ease when guarded by smaller defenders. Bey also exhibited great positional rebounding, quickly igniting the break and pushing coast to coast. Active defender who gave multiple efforts and provided toughness. 

Jaiden Hunter, 2028 F: Jaiden Hunter is continuing to show why he’s a prominent frontcourt prospect in the class of 2028. Possesses a multitude of early long-term indicators with his notable physical tools, expanding outside game and positional size. It’s clear to see Hunter is still improving his consistency as a shooter, along with his grab and go capability in transition. He also showed some enticing qualities as a defender. Standing his ground when absorbing contact and gaining leverage underneath the rim, to utilize his length as a deterrent. 

Nigel May, 2028 PG: Nigel May was impressive at East MSA with his passion, intense demeanor and shooting capability. Tough, gritty scoring guard Nigel May meant business from day 1 of camp. Sturdy guard who is deceptively quick and stronger than he may seem at first glance. Brought the intensity and competitiveness during every possession he was on the floor for games and drill work at stations. Solid shooter with a high-arching jumper that looks fluid at the peak of the release. 
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