East MSA: 8th Grade Top 20 All-Star Selections

Queens, New York: Our annual East Middle School Academy returned to the East Coast over the weekend in New York City. While the event was evidently loaded with notable headliners, there was a collection of prospects who took full advantage of the platform and showed out.


Tyler Sutton
2027 | Guard | Philadelphia, PA 
The Philadelphia native was one of the top backcourt prospects in attendance over the weekend. Dynamic lead guard who scored from multiple levels while playing at a composed pace. Produces paint touches with ease between his blend of speed, burst, & counter moves. Smooth pull-up scorer who flashed a diverse shot profile off the bounce. He’s a backcourt prospect on our radar who continues to shine this AAU season. 

TJ Allen
2027 | Guard | Watertown, MA
Allen was a heavy producer who garnered plenty of buzz over the weekend. Well-built and ultra-quick athlete who demonstrated advanced ball skills. Shifty handler at the point of attack who broke defenders down with his speed, wiggle, & burst. Fluid pull-up shooter who was able to connect on an array of mid-range jumpers. Dangerous transition scorer who can push the ball quickly in the open floor. 

Johnny Magna
2027 | Guard | Howard Beach, NY
Magna was another backcourt prospect who popped over the weekend. The PSA Cardinals product is a highly skilled guard who is fundamentally sound. Capable self-creator who is a confident scorer inside the arc, plus his shooting range extends out to the three-point line. Crafty finisher at the rim who showed glimpses of his flexibility & ambidextrous finishing. One of many talented young prospects out of New York City in the 2027 class. 

Greyson Pierce
2027 | Wing | West Hartford, CT 
Pierce continues to transform his game and flash growing offensive versatility. The Connecticut native was a headliner over the weekend who possesses strong positional size & disruptive length. Reliable spot-up threat from the perimeter, plus he continues to show enhanced comfortability as a pull-up scorer. Tough finisher at the rim who doesn’t shy away from contact or length in the lane. 

Andrew Kretkowski 
2027 | Wing | Matawan, NJ
Kretkowski showed signs of growing athleticism and vertical pop throughout the weekend in Queens. Skilled & versatile scoring threat who can hurt defenses from multiple levels in numerous ways. Flashed his advanced & brisk processing by locating cutters or spot-up shooters. Bouncy rim-finisher who threw down numerous dunks in the open floor over the weekend. The New Jersey native is a notable 2027 to track at Rutgers Prep (NJ) next season. 

Malachi Jordan
2027 | Wing | White House, TN
Jordan made the trip from Tennessee to our East MSA and he was another heavy producer in Queens. A well-built & physical athlete who proved to be a two-way specimen during scrimmages. Fluid pull-up scorer who is confident in the mid-range area, plus he’s a capable spot-up shooting threat as well. Tenacious, scrappy, & instinctual on-ball defender who showed glimpses of his switchability. 

Moussa Kamissoko 
2027 | Big | New York City, NY
Kamissoko is a toolsy frontcourt prospect who has notable upside to reach in the coming years. Possesses an appealing physical profile between his blend of positional size, length, and mobility. Productive rim-runner who leveraged long strides to beat opponents down the floor for clean looks at the rim. Continues to flash growing confidence as a floorspacer & perimeter shooter. 

Anderson Diaz
2027 | Guard | Elmsford, NY
Diaz had some strong showings over the weekend and there’s a lot to like with his game. Shifty ball handler filled with burst & counter moves which allows him to beat closeouts routinely. Potent perimeter scorer with a wide array of shot-creation versatility and extensive range. Put together his fair share of playmaking chops while showcasing his strong vision & evident feel for the game. 

Rashad Robinson Jr
2027 | Guard | Elizabeth, NJ
The New Jersey native has been developing at a steady rate since he played in our East Circuit this past winter. Shifty ball handler at the point of attack who utilized a tight crossover to break down defenders. Flashed evident touch at the rim, plus it’s clear that he’s been working on diversifying his shot profile & expanding his range. Robinson was comfortable operating on or off the ball which made him a dangerous scoring threat. He was one of three New York Rens products to play in the Top-20 All Star Game.

Vasaun Harper
2027 | Wing | Paterson, NJ
Harper was another backcourt prospect who shined throughout the weekend at our East Middle School Academy. Long & fluid athlete with a versatile scoring package. Smooth spot-up scorer who has the handle to create advantages & separation off the bounce. Prominent grab & go threat who can push the ball after securing rebounds or outlet passes in the open floor. The New Jersey native is another notable 2027 prospect to look out for on the East Coast.

Jacob Canton
2027 | Guard | Piscataway, NJ
Canton had a strong winter on our East Circuit with New York Rens and he continues to make evident strides in his game. Quick-twitch & lengthy athlete who gets to the rim with ease, especially in the open floor. Capable pull-up scorer who has the range to convert jumpers from three-point range as well. Tough on-ball defender who can wall off slashers and guard in space. 

Zikom Etolue 
2027 | Wing | Ellicott City, MD
Etolue was highly productive during scrimmages at camp and he looks to be rapidly improving. Powerful & physical athlete who leveraged his aggression at the point of attack. Rugged, hard-nosed finisher who embraces contact & often finishes through it. Developing shooter who continues to show improving range & comfortability on the perimeter. Highly productive rebounder who leveraged his physical tools on the glass. 

Izzy Tchoubfong 
2027 | Big | Derwood, MD
Tchoubfong was a highly productive frontcourt prospect that showcased a budding, two-way impact. High-motor and well-built athlete who is loaded with vertical pop & toughness on the glass. Prominent putback threat who always fights for second chance opportunities. Potential mismatch to slower bigs given his foot speed that allows him to beat opponents off the dribble. The Team Durant product is another DMV prospect who is one to look out for in the 2027 class.

Elliot Erickson
2027 | Wing | Gardner, MA
Erickson is a highly improved wing who continues to show noticeable developments in his game since our East Circuit. Functional athlete who leveraged a quick first step to attack closeouts as a slasher. Versatile scoring threat who is a consistent spot-up shooter that is capable of scoring in the mid-range area as well. High-energy defender who plays with a relentless motor on the glass. The Massachusetts native is a prospect to keep an eye out for in the Northeast. 

Andrew Iduh
2027 | Big | Piscataway, NJ
Iduh is another prospect who has notably improved his game since he played on our East Circuit. Physical low-post presence who leveraged his power & upper body strength to finish at the rim. He was another high-motor rebounder who was relentless on both ends of the floor. Assertive rim protector & prominent weak-side rotator who had a knack for disrupting opponents shots in the paint. He’s another frontcourt prospect to look out for on the East Coast. 

Troy Tomlin
2027 | Wing | Henrico, VA
Tomlin is a bouncy & rangy wing guard who is a prominent two-way threat. Leveraged an explosive & quick first step when slashing downhill, plus he’s a bouncy finisher at the rim. Prominent spot-up shooter who continues to show glimpses of a growing pull-up arsenal inside the arc. Scrappy & laterally quick on-ball defender who tends to disrupt the flow & rhythm of opposing guards. The Team Takeover product will attend powerhouse Paul VI (VA) next season. 

Talib Martin 
2027 | Wing | Staten Island, NY
The New Heights product was a prominent slasher who had his way getting to the rim over the weekend. Long-limbed, rangy athlete who leveraged ample ground coverage & minimal dribbles when attacking off the bounce. Aggressive finisher who has gotten much better at embracing & finishing through contact. The New York native showed glimpses of his spot-up shooting on the perimeter, yet it was his ability to attack a tilted defense that popped most in Queens. 

Marque Johnson
2027 | Wing | Ewing, NJ
Johnson was another athletic wing prospect  who was a springy finisher at the rim. Leveraged a long & quick first step to attack closeouts while being productive as a slasher. Developing shooter who showed some shooting flashes, although he popped most as a driver & rim-finisher. Utilized his bouncy first jump to throw down some emphatic dunks in the open floor. There’s a lot to like early on with the New Jersey natives' physical tools & developing skill. 

Josh Rivera
2027 | Wing | Yonkers, NY 
Rivera made waves on our East Circuit with PSA Cardinals this past winter and he performed at a high level during camp. He’s another long and fluid athlete who showcased a diverse shot profile. Highly reliable spot-up shooter with extensive range & a smooth pull-up game. Capable grab & go threat who utilized a functional handle to push the ball himself in the open floor. 


Matt Mena
2027 | Big | Reston, VA
Mena was a heavy producer for Boo Williams on our East Circuit and he had some strong showings at camp in Queens. He’s a true mismatch nightmare that imposes a versatile offensive threat given his ability to score inside & out. Physical low-post scorer who leverages his upper body strength to generate separation when finishing at the rim. Reliable floorspacer who is a prominent catch & shoot option, especially out of the pick and pop. The Virginia native is set to attend Bishop Ireton next season where he could certainly garner some more buzz in the coming years.

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