East Circuit Preview: Team Melo

Year 10 of the Winter Circuit will be here before we know it and as usual, the Baltimore and DMV areas are churning out an impressive amount of talent at the youth level year in and year out. This year's Team Melo program will ensure that narrative remains.

Bryce Hudgins and Aaron Early are the names to watch in terms of impact guys. They'll be expected to lead this year's group if they plan on reaching their full potential. Each are gifted playmakers in their own right who have ability to contribute in a handful of ways to the final box score.

Reggie Holmes Jr. is a name to watch when looking at potential X-factors. His father, Reggie, is one of the best players to ever put on a Morgan State jersey and his production carried over into his professional career where he was the FIBA African Basketball League's scoring champion in 2019. Holmes has passed down his scoring prowess to his son and should be a fun developmental watch over the next calendar year.

Early could be pegged as the best long-term prospect of this group. His combination of sneaky athleticism and untapped potential point to a high ceiling as he matures.

Head coach Chris Gaines had the following to say when reflecting on this year's squad:

"It's a really young group, so I expect them to get better as the year goes on and hopefully we can get hot at the right time."




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