Storylines From East HSA

There was a few hundred prospects at MADE Hoops' East HSA this past weekend. A lot of those players were familiar faces, but there were many others who popped up on the radar. Throughout the next few days, we will be rolling out standouts, stock risers, and begin creating profiles for the players in attendance. Today, we will kick things off with four of the top storylines of the weekend.



Mingo Brothers Excelled

2025 Kayden Mingo and 2026 Dylan Mingo were standouts all weekend long, and will be having a combined mixtape on MADE Hoops IG, so stay tuned for that. Kayden made an argument that he might be getting overlooked on the national scale, as he was efficient at getting to the rim and scoring in traffic, showing off impressive athleticism at times as well in the open court. He also scored well off of the bounce from the mid-range. Dylan backed up his lofty national ranking and was one of the top prospects in the building, getting to his spots at a high rate while displaying a tight handle and wiggle. His measurements and movement skills off of the bounce stood out all weekend and he was able to do mostly whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.


New Names Popped Up On The Radar

Camp settings are a great opportunity for players to get in front of scouts due to the combination of drill work, skill work, and games all in one weekend. There's players at every camp that pop up on radars for all levels, just not division one, and there's division two and division three coaches in attendance. Some of the names that put themselves on the radar include David Munro, Dionycius Bakare, Ziyi Xiong, and Jalen Bell. 

2025 big man David Munro might not be a division one prospect at this time, but he will make a coach at a lower level very happy. He was very efficient on the block, finishing over his left shoulder consistently while displaying soft hands and good footwork. He held down the paint defensively with his size and also scored 30-40 points in one game.

2026 wing Dionycius Bakare was a human highlight reel all weekend long, putting top tier athleticism and explosion on display. He stands around 6'5"-6'6", but currently wears a size 19 shoe and looks to be growing. There were also a lot of promising flashes that he's more than just an athlete, comfortable putting the ball on the floor and finding his way through the defense in the half court and mid court.

2026 big Ziyi Xiong is a work in progress and he needs time to develop, but the flashes were definitely there and intriguing. The flashes were both on the interior and perimeter, as he would finish with touch around the basket and then step out and knock down some outside jumpers with confidence.

2027 guard Jalen Bell is a young perimeter prospect to track in the freshman class. He was one of the more impressive and consistent shooters on display, and got scorching hot in one game where he hit around eight shots from beyond the arc. His smooth lefty stroke combined with his speed and ability to attack sloppy closeouts made him a tough guard on the perimeter.


26's Luca Foster & Aiden Derkack Had A Great Weekend

Two of the 2026 prospects that made the top 20 game also made statements about their rankings with their play. Luca Foster is a guy who MADE Hoops needs to look at upon our next rankings update, and Aiden Derkack backed up his top 100 ranking. Luca Foster was a breakout performer at East HSA, showcasing length, athleticism, and the ability to score from multiple levels with confidence. He also displayed a high IQ and the ability to play on and off of the ball in the camp setting. Aiden Derkack is a lengthy 2026 wing forward with a lot of tools and upside, and there's reason why mid-major offers are already rolling in. He was underrated with the ball in his hands and was consistent from the mid-range and outside off of the catch and bounce. His length and athleticism allowed for a big impact on both ends as well.


2025 Guard Tristan Brown Is A Name To Monitor

Tristan Brown thrived this weekend at East HSA, proving to be one of the most difficult guards to contain off the bounce. His flare, lateral shiftiness, and strong frame pop quickly upon first glance. He's great at using hard step-crossovers to gain leverage, where he then used his strong upper body to initiate early contact and create driving angles. He's a capable shotmaker from a live dribble, but made a living manipulating defenders with his evasive handle and physicality as a downhill finisher.


2027 and 2028 Prospects Shined

Despite being some of the younger kids in the camp, there was a group of freshmen and eighth graders that stood out among the rest. Tyler Sutton, a top 10 prospect in the 2027 class, got wherever he wanted to on the court at a high level and displayed a healthy balance of scoring and playmaking. Marvin Reed was another ranked 2027 guard that had a good showing over the weekend, displaying impressive speed and a tight handle, getting paint touches at will. Marque Johnson and Willie Darden were a pair on 2028 wingss that stood out among older prospects as well, with Johnson bullying his way to the basket at will and Darden with a promising frame and long strides on impressive drives.


Upperclassmen Make Their Mark

It wasn't just the young prospects that made a big impression, there were a lot of 2024's and 2025's that did the same. Two of the top upperclassmen that stood out were 2024 guard Aasim Burton and 2025 big man Luke Bevilacqua. Burton jumps off of the page with his exciting style of play, shiftiness, pull-up game, and the ability to get downhill to create for himself and others. Bevilacqua was the most polished big man in attendance, showing off soft hands and soft touch to go along with good footwork and fundamentals.

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