East HSA & The Rankings

The MADE Hoops team was on hand at East HSA this past weekend in Manalapan, NJ to take in all of the talent inside Sportika Sports. There were quite a few players participating in the camp who either helped improve their ranking, backed up their current ranking, showed that they need to be ranked, or at least be in the discussion. Below is a breakdown of some of these prospects.




2025 G Kayden MingoMingo excelled as a downhill driver and got to his spots with high efficiency all weekend long. He took high IQ shots and really dictated the pace in a few games. He was efficient from the floor and really stood out among his peers, warranting a bump after another solid outing following a steady summer.

2026 G Deron Rippey Jr.: Rippey already had a lofty ranking at No. 28 in the 2026 class, but he was arguably the most dominant guard in the building all weekend long. He also did a great job of leading by example in both drills and team-oriented settings. He gets better with each viewing and there's reason for a small bump considering all of these points.

2027 G Marvin ReedReed was one of the better guards in the building this weekend and, despite already being ranked in the 2027 rankings, he's now gotten closer to cracking the top 100 of the freshman class. His quick first step is lethal, and coupled with his high IQ, tight handle, and improving processing ability, Reed looks like he could continue this upward trajectory.







2026 G Dylan MingoMingo was arguably the top prospect regardless of class at camp and completely backed up his top 15 ranking in the 2026 class. His length and scoring chops automatically stand out and he played with extreme confidence on every possession, toying with defenders and getting shots from whatever spot he wanted.

2026 W Chidi NwigweNwigwe was the highest-ranked prospect in the building this weekend and it was easy to see why. He's dynamic offensively and uses his length and speed to create advantages on that end of the court. Defensively, he's versatile and was able to guard pretty much every position in the camp setting.

2027 G Tyler SuttonSutton showed why he's so highly regarded already in the freshman class. He got paint touch after paint touch and displayed a high IQ as a lead guard. He kept the ball on a string and got to his spots with high efficiency, where he balanced scoring and playmaking.

2026 G Jordan Skyers: Skyers currently sits inside the top 135 of the MADE Hoops 2026 rankings, and he made that look like a smart decision this weekend. He impacted the game on both ends of the court and finished with strength regardless of the size of his defender.

2026 W Abdou ToureToure possesses impressive physical traits on the wing and was often able to get into the paint using long strides and strength. He's comfortable as a downhill driver and even showed some playmaking chops off of the bounce. Excelled in iso scoring situations.

2025 F Onyx NnaniNnani is a top 150 prospect in the 2025 class, and the flashes continue to impress and have become more frequent. He showed upside as an athletic downhill driver as well as stepping outside to knock down a couple of shots. His biggest upside comes with his potential as a multi-positional defender.

2027 W Munir GreigGreig is already a top 20 prospect in the freshman class, and he did nothing to discount that lofty ranking this weekend. He showed impressive athleticism on both ends, punching home thunderous dunks on offense while using his length and burst to make key defensive plays.

2026 G Tyrease HunterHunter backed up his top 100 ranking with his play in East HSA, knocking down shots from all over the floor to go along with a good build at an early age. Hunter impressed most of all with his shooting ability off of the dribble in the mid-range.

2026 W Aiden DerkackDerkack is a lengthy prospect with a good frame to grow into over time, one that will handle a lot of muscle. He was an aggressive downhill driver, and also knocked down a lot of shots from the mid-range and outside. This coupled with his upside as a defender backed up the notion that he's a top 100 prospect in 2026.

2026 G Jalen GrantGrant was another prospect who was generating buzz in the gym with his consistently productive play at East HSA. His speed and handle consistently kept defenders on their heels as he generated paint touch after paint touch and provided a healthy balance of scoring and playmaking.

2026 G Jermel ThomasThomas currently finds himself ranked inside the top 125 of the 2026 rankings. He's a crafty guard that played with flair, really standing out as a downhill playmaker. He also showed the ability to make shots from multiple levels and his energy was infectious all weekend.

2026 W PJ SingletonSingleton backed up his top 75 ranking with a skill set and shot making that popped upon viewing. He has quality shooting mechanics and is one of the better shooters in the northeast for his class. He's still developing physically, but is a promising prospect as a sophomore. 

2027 G Jacob CantonSkilled shot creator and shot maker from the perimeter. He has a tight handle and created space with craft and quick change of pace and direction. Also made the correct reads at a high rate with the ball in his hands.

2027 F Daniel AbassAbass is a promising prospect, especially from the physical aspect, for a 2027 kid and that's why he's inside the top 150 for that class. He showed physicality, a knack for the ball, and finished around the rim with athleticism and strength.

2026 G Hassan KoureissiKoureissi is a wiry athlete that's improved his skill set steadily over the past year and some change. He knocked down shots with confidence over the weekend and displayed some defensive versatility as well, backing up his top 75 ranking.



2026 G Luca FosterFoster was the talk of camp among scouts and spectators, really making a name for himself and putting himself on the map. He's now cracked the top 150 of the 2026 rankings and the momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. He's a skilled guard that's made the case of being one of the more underrated prospects nationally in his class due to his shot making, handle, and length on the perimeter.

2025 Big Luke BevilacquaBevilacqua cracked the rankings for the first time after continuing to show production and improved interior presence this weekend. He displayed soft hands and a soft touch from the inside, and also initiated the break a few times before creating from the top of the key. High majors are now getting involved in his recruitment.



2024 G Moses HippsHipps stuck out the most this weekend due to his ability as a knockdown shooter from the perimeter. He'd get hot and absolutely take over for spurts at a time. Hipps also showed off an impressive IQ on the perimeter. 

2026 W Jasiah JervisJervis' knack for scoring the ball in a variety of ways automatically stood out at East HSA. He also possesses impressive length and is only 15 years old, so the upside is there and worth monitoring.

2026 F Julius AventAvent's upside on the wing was evident, and he played things happen on both ends of the court. He showed the ability to guard multiple positions and excelled when driving to the basket.

2026 G Jasiah CannadyCannady took over spurts of games with his multi-level scoring ability. He's ultra-competitive and took matchups personally, having multiple impressive outings of scoring and creation from the lead guard spot.

2025 G Jaen Chatman: Chatman is a 2025 prospect with impressive athleticism and a quality frame. He threw down some monster dunks and showed upside as a two-way player that could score in bunches and guard multiple positions. 

2026 G Weshly Rosario: Rosario show the ability to play both on and off of the ball at camp. He displayed excellent pace and a nice feel for the game, and also made a huge impact on defense at times which isn't always easy to do in camp settings.

2026 G Kingston McKoy: McKoy excelled as both a knockdown threat off of the ball while attacking closeouts and as a lead guard that initiated the offense. He displayed impressive scoring chops from all over the floor and played in attack mode all weekend.

2026 W Dionyisius Bakare: Bakare popped over the weekend due to his standout athleticism and vertical pop. He's a freak athlete that threw down a bunch of insane, powerful dunks in transition. In addition to being a top-tier athlete, he's got improving ball skills and is a multi-positional defender.

2026 Big Ziyi Xiong: Xiong is an intriguing long-term prospect who is beginning to put together parts of his game. He's a name to monitor as he develops over the next few years. Showed flashes both on the perimeter and on the interior. 

2026 G Blake Hargrove: Hargrove's ability to put the ball in the basket was definitely noticed throughout the weekend. He knocked down outside jumpers with confidence and also got to the rim where he finished in traffic and in transition.

2026 G Isaiah Gore: Gore had a quick first step and kept pressure on defenses all weekend long as he was able ro get into the teeth of the defense. He also scored from multiple levels with ease. Gore is definitely a 2026 prospect to keep an eye on.

2025 G Tristan Brown: Brown was a tough assignment for any defender throughout the weekend. He played with flair, quickness, and at a great pace throughout the camp and really opened the eyes of some of the scouts in attendance.

2025 W Myles BlackleyBlackley has impressive length on the wing and used long strides and wiggle to get into the defense's interior. At 6'5", his pull-up jumper was tough for opposing guards to contest when combined with his knack for space creation. 

2027 G Elijah Jenkins: Jenkins impressed as a scoring guard that got hot at different points throughout the course of camp. He also showed impressive vision at times to go along with developing processing ability.

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