East Circuit Preview: Expressions

One of the more intriguing teams in the East Coast Circuit this winter is Expressions. Their combination of guards and wings can be one of the most impressive on paper and we'll see if everything goes to plan during the season. MADE Hoops spoke with Coach Joe Saunders to get a preview of his squad.



"Some players that we'll play through early on are wings Willie Darden and Braylon Washington to go along with guard Jadon Beatty," Saunders said. Darden was a recent standout at MADE Hoops East HSA due to his frame and ability to impact games in multiple ways with his versatility. "Willie has high level potential, Washington is one of our best at being productive all around, and Beatty is a big time shot maker and tough," he continued.

When talking about X-Factor players that could help determine the season's outcome, Saunders pointed to Adriel Cantave, Corey Hadden, Aidan McGrath, and Naz Hilario. "Adriel Cantave is the biggest X-factor," he said. "We also have a couple of players, Brayden Buckley and Amyas Hall-Chiari, who could surprise people this winter."

"What will separate Expressions in winning games is our cohesiveness and togetherness, really playing on the defensive end, playing team ball, and competing with an edge," Saunders said.

Let's see how Expressions looks here in a couple of weeks at session one, as they bring Willie Darden, one of the more promising 2028's in the circuit, to the table along with other key pieces.

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