20 Takeaways from Saturday at Nike EYBL Session 2

Curtis Givens has seen his confidence skyrocket the past few weeks after multiple big performances on the EYBL Circuit. He’s a skilled floor general who has made evident growth as a creator and shotmaker in the last few months. Potent pull-up scorer who flashed a wide array of shot-creation versatility the last few days in Phoenix. Showed evident growth as a playmaker by delivering accurate passes while displaying an improving feel with the ball in his hands. The scoring, playmaking growth, and glaring confidence have made him one of the more notable standouts thus far. 

Loved the productivity and energy I saw from AJ Dybantsa during Saturdays action in Phoenix. Our #1 ranked freshman was scoring from multiple levels and showcasing his improved jumper. He’s a long, rangy athlete who is loaded with explosiveness off the bounce. Excelled at utilizing long strides and minimal dribbles to slash his way downhill to the rim. Connected on an array of spot-up jumpers from behind the arc today, plus he flashed some pull-up touch in the mid-range area as well. 

A notable backcourt headliner in Phoenix has been the Northwest Rotary Rebels’ Terrence Hill Jr. He’s a bursty creator who thrived at using acceleration & deceleration bursts to attack closeouts on the perimeter. Connected on an array of self-created jumpers inside the arc, plus his shooting range extended past the three-point line. He’s been a prominent scorer in Phoenix and I’m excited to see if his recruitment heats up as a result. 

Regardless of the opponent or setting, Patrick Ngongba has been highly productive on the EYBL Circuit. He’s a physically imposing frontcourt prospect who thrives at leveraging his strength to anchor the interior on both ends of the floor. He was a powerful finisher at the rim who has the upper body strength to absorb & finish through contact. Ngongba was a sturdy screen setter who gave his guards plenty of angles to work with in the pick & roll. His production and motor has popped in Phoenix, however his best basketball could certainly still be ahead of him. 

Pittsburgh commit Brandin Cummings has been extremely impressive in Phoenix at Session 2. He’s an ultra-quick lead guard whose a consistent shotmaker on the perimeter. Flashed improving body control & touch when finishing through traffic today. The Pennsylvania native continues to steadily improve his game and he’s a prospect we’ll be monitoring closely throughout the EYBL season. 

Darius Acuff Jr has been an offensive weapon for The Family at Session 2 in Phoenix. He’s a shifty lead guard who has the versatility to score the ball from multiple levels on the offensive end. His acceleration bursts forced defenders to stay on their heels and he leveraged this advantage by settling into pull-up jumpers. Acuff Jr recently earned an offer from Kentucky, however it’s clear that he’s hungry for more. The Michigan native has been a notable headliner while playing up an age division on the prestigious EYBL Circuit. 

The Georgia native has popped in a plethora of ways, however I came away most impressed with Derrion Reid’s defensive versatility and budding, two-way impact. He’s a long athlete who has the foot speed to defend in space, plus he knows how to leverage his length to force deflections or block shots. A skilled pull-up scorer with a growing arsenal off the bounce, Reid has made clear improvements in his offensive game since last seeing him live. His blend of positional size, length, and lateral quickness makes him a switchable defender who can wreak havoc on opposing ball handlers. 

Have become even more confident in Tounde Yessoufou’s long-term trajectory over the past few days out in Phoenix. Well-built athlete who is loaded with vertical pop and physicality. Powerful point of attack ball handler who can bully defenders out of his way with his aggression off the bounce. Productive positional rebounder who has the strength and motor to outmatch opponents on the glass. Put together some impressive spans on the defensive end, specifically when he showed flashes of his switchability by defending the pick & roll. 

Loved what I saw from Louisville commit TJ Robinson during Saturday’s action. He’s another speedy lead guard who used a variety of slippery dribble moves to get to his spots on the floor. Converted a collection of three-point jumpers, whether it was off the catch or bounce. Capable self-creator who was comfortable operating in isolation situations on the offensive end. Also impressed with his acrobatic rim finishing, plus he displayed plenty of craft in the lane. 

The stock continues to rise for Nigel James as he’s been one of the most productive guards on the E16 Circuit. Ultra-shifty with evident flair, he’s a dangerous isolation scorer who can get a bucket when one is needed. He leverages the wiggle in his handle to create advantages, plus he has a knack for getting to his spots on the floor. His downhill playmaking, consistent scoring, and scrappy on-ball defense have generated plenty of buzz in the EYBL. 

There’s little that hasn’t been said about Cameron Boozer, however his dominance is something you can’t ignore. The blend of positional size, evident skill, and an advanced feel make him one of the best prospects in the nation regardless of class. He’s been highly efficient, whether it’s at the rim, facing up in the mid-range area, or stretching the floor from three-point range. Boozer holds a collection of high-major offers already, however I’d still be surprised if more schools didn’t end up getting involved down the road. 

It was a highly productive day for 2026 lead guard Brandon McCoy in Phoenix. He’s a skilled advantage creator who uses his handle and instincts to pick apart opposing defenses. He displayed a manipulative handle by probing defenders into lapses, yet he thrives at taking advantage of what the defense gave him. McCoy played within the flow of the game and he was able to fill up the scoring column during Saturday’s action. The California native will continue to make waves this summer and we feel confident about having him at #11 in our 2026 rankings. 

I’ve been highly impressed with Jalen Wilson this session, yet there’s still an undeniably high ceiling for him to reach. The blend of positional size and offensive skill pop at first glance, however it’s his consistency that has caught my eye the most. He’s a skilled face-up scorer whose comfortable creating for himself, plus he possesses plenty of pull-up touch inside the arc. Wilson plays within his game which is a highly valued trait for a prospect his age. I’m expecting a big summer from the Minnesota native and more schools will certainly get involved soon.

Brayden Burries has been a consistent producer this weekend and he’s gotten downhill at a high volume. He’s a shifty combo guard who has an intriguing blend of size, feel, & ball skills. Utilized numerous dribble moves to attack closeouts, plus he has a tight crossover that allows him to create advantages often. Burries flashed plenty of touch at the rim, however his body control was also notably impressive. It’s been a strong weekend in Phoenix and we’ll see if it has any implications on his recruitment. 

Legend Smiley erupted for 25+ points during Saturday’s action in Phoenix. He’s a long & smooth combo guard who was a prominent shotmaker during today’s action. He’s a smooth pull-up scorer who leveraged his length & touch to score over defenders outside the paint. Smiley was a capable creator who used tight crossovers, plus he needed minimal dribbles to get downhill. His combination of size and shooting for a guard his age makes him another notable prospect to monitor in the Pacific Northwest moving forward. 

Jalen Montonati has been one of the best scorers in the E15 Division and his offensive versatility has been on full display. He’s a skilled mid-range scorer whose highly dangerous in isolation situations given his handle and fluidity for a prospect his age/size. He’s a potent pull-up scorer who possesses extensive shooting range and plenty of touch on the perimeter. Montonati is one of the premier scorers in the 2026 class and he’s clearly proven that so far in Phoenix for Mokan. 

Jacob Lanier was highly impressive again on Saturday and he was a relentless slasher who has been a steady two-way producer this weekend. He’s a long, rangy athlete who excelled at utilizing long strides and ample ground coverage to beat his man off the bounce. He’s a prominent grab & go threat who is dangerous in the open floor with his speed, functional handle, and vertical pop. Lanier is a highly switchable defender who was able to lock up guards & wings on different occasions throughout the day. 

JJ Andrews has been a heavy producer this weekend and he was a forceful slasher throughout Saturdays action. Physically imposing point of attack ball handler who knows how to leverage his strength to create enough space to finish at the rim. Highly efficient dominant hand rim finisher who has made clear growth as a shooter & overall scorer. Reliable spot-up shooting threat who has the range to connect on jumpers from the perimeter. Truly a defensive specimen who can guard multiple spots with his lateral agility, positional size, and notable strength. 

Continue to become higher & higher on Gabe Sularski the more I see him live. He’s a skilled wing with a smooth stroke from the perimeter, plus he showed some intriguing flashes of his passing feel. Capable slasher who uses long strides to attack off the bounce, plus he proved to be a reliable mid-range scorer who was comfortable attacking closeouts. Sularski is extremely young for the class and he’s a notable prospect to look out for in Illinois. 

Alex Constanza has been a heavy producer for Nightrydas once again this weekend. He’s a smooth ball handler who utilizes a shifty crossover and quick first step to blow by closeouts. He’s flashed improving touch in the mid-range area, however he’s been a highly efficient rim finisher as well. Constanza has the shooting range to space the floor as well, yet his slashing has popped the most in Phoenix. Caleb Gaskins and Alex Constanza make up for one of the most dangerous duos in the E15 Division. 

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