Nike EYBL Session 3: Saturday's Standouts & Storylines

Trent Sisley walked into Dallas with something to prove, and he has put on a scoring clinic so far in Session 3. He’s a versatile hybrid-forward that showcased high-level patience, fluidity, body control, and ball-handling as a scorer in today’s action. Sisley scores at an efficient rate and one of his best attributes is playing within the flow and pace of the game, which was extremely evident on Saturday. The versatile scoring, in addition to flashes as a offensive rebounder and grab-and-go playmaker, make Sisley one of the early standouts during Session 3 in Dallas.

There was a lot to like from Royce Parham during Saturday’s action. The Marquette-bound hybrid-forward was scoring from the low block, mid-post and free throw line extended while showcasing his improved mechanics. He’s a long, sturdy functional athlete who plays with craftiness and poise. Parham is great at utilizing his long arms and savvy finishing moves around the rim and doesn’t get sped up by an increased pace of play. He got to the line today consistently and made a lot of things look easy, plus he flashed activity on the glass and a new-and-improved handle in the open court.

A fast-rising headliner in Dallas has been the Georgia Stars’ do-it-all wing Caleb Wilson. He’s a long, rangy hybrid-forward that excels in a grab-and-go style environment with his blend of athleticism, long strides, and fluidity. Wilson was very aggressive during today’s action, consistently getting to the free throw line after attacking closeouts and driving hard in the open court. In addition to today’s scoring display, Wilson was a tremendous rebounder while showcasing his instincts and timing on the defensive end. He’s a big name on the EYBL stage and there’s a strong likelihood his recruitment continues to gain momentum as he strings together more impressive performances. 

After struggling slightly in Phoenix, Naas Cunningham was incredibly productive on Saturday in Dallas. He’s a very lengthy, athletic wing prospect who excels as a spot-up shooter in the half-court. He was incredible from beyond the arc in today’s action, but he also showed why he’s so deadly in the open court with his high-level athleticism, bounce, and fluidity. Cunningham was an efficient scorer that didn’t get sped up or out of control, which is something he’s struggled with in the past. Today, Cunningham took a clear step forward in his development and being more consistent as a decision-maker is what all eyes will be on moving forward. It’s safe to say that Cunningham will keep this going throughout the rest of Dallas and EYBL, and his best basketball is still certainly in front of him. 

Wisconsin-native Kon Knueppel has been a standout so far in Dallas during Session 3. He’s a physical wing that displays high-level efficiency and has the ability to pick apart defenses with his feel for the game. In today’s setting, Knueppel was of the score-first mentality and showcased a consistent, smooth shooting stroke, as well as an ability to put himself in a position to score with off-ball movement. Knueppel had a statement performance today and with it, additional offers could be on the way, with Notre Dame, Virginia, and Stanford already in the mix.

Austin Swartz has been dominant offensively for Boo Williams during EYBL play. In Dallas, the dominance continued while also showing flashes of improved efficiency and decision-making as a scorer. Swartz is a smooth, in-control guard who has high-level shot-making ability. His methodical, patient style of play lulls defenders to sleep where he then utilizes extreme body control and ball-handling to quickly get to his spots on the court. Following his impressive play on the EYBL stage so far, Swartz has been able to land offers from Indiana, NC State, Florida State, and Maryland. But, expect more teams to get in the mix as Swartz continues to showcase an impressive skillset.

Darius Acuff has blown up on the EYBL stage this spring, and there’s a ton to be impressed about with his game. What stands out the most, however, is how Acuff is able to completely control the pace and speed of the game. If he wants to push in transition where can finish around the rim or find trailing teammates, he’ll do it. Or, if he wants to slow it down in the half-court and get to his spots with his savvy ball-handling, he’ll do that, as well. Acuff’s combination of versatile scoring and playmaking is incredibly impressive, and coupled with his feel for the game, his strong performance on a major grassroots stage isn’t all that shocking.

Many in attendance have become even more excited about Marquette signee Damarius Owens after watching his performance during Session 3 in Dallas. A rangy athlete who has quickness and bounce, Owens displays all the natural tools to be a great connector at the next level. He flies around on defense, and has a nose for the ball. He’s constantly in passing lanes and bothering ball-handlers at the point-of-attack. On the other end, he’s consistent from deep and he’s a threat to shoot off movement. He’s impacted the game on both ends of the court, and is emerging as one of the best two-way prospects in Dallas.

Once again, Dylan Harper is showing why he's one of the best prospects in the country and this time, it’s in Dallas. Harper is a quick, shifty guard who is effective both in the open court and in the half court. He does an excellent job at manipulating defenses and plays with a timely pace. He’s capable of scoring off-the-dribble and his elite body control allows him to finish through contact despite a size disadvantage. He’s been one of the most impressive players during EYBL play, and he’s doing it again in Dallas and will likely do it all the way to Georgia.    

The buzz continues to grow for Legend Smiley as he’s been one of the most electrifying guards in the E16 division. He’s a quick-twitch guard with slippery ball-handling ability, and his blend of burst ability and patience is rare for a player his age. He’s more than capable of scoring off-the-dribble but in today’s action, he flashed some off-ball responsibilities which was highly encouraging. He’s a threat to shoot from anywhere on the court, and his range extends far beyond the three-point line. Making strides as a playmaker and a passer in the half-court is the next step for Smiley, but there’s enough versatile scoring gravity to be excited about. Smiley’s aggression as a scorer, as well as the activity he brought as a perimeter defender, make him one of the more exciting prospects on the E16 circuit.  

There’s not much more to say about Cooper Flagg, but his complete two-way dominance is something that can’t be talked about enough. The combination of fluidity, body control, ball-handling, versatile scoring, and functional athleticism makes him one of the best prospects in the country regardless of class. He’s also been highly impactful as a defender, whether it be at the point-of-attack on the perimeter or as a rim protector in pick-and-roll coverages and rotation help. There’s not a ton of things on a basketball court that Flagg can’t do, and even more so, not much that he doesn’t excel at. Flagg has a fair share of high-major offers already, but expect more schools to join in on the sweepstakes just because he’s too talented not to.

It’s been a great showing in Dallas for 2025 guard Kayden Edwards. He’s a talented off-the-dribble playmaker who has the quickness and ball-handling to score from anywhere on the court. He showcased patented hesitation and start-stop dribble moves that allowed him to create separation from defenders, where he’ll then pull-up from his spots on the court. Edwards is an elite shooter from range and was able to utilize his versatile scoring ability in that department. The Texas-native has made a lot of noise so far in his home state, and many have certainly noticed. 

There’s a lot to like and be intrigued by with Joshua Lewis to begin with, but he’s made himself even more interesting by performing exceedingly well during Session 3. And, it feels as if he’s only just scratching the surface of his true potential. The combination of positional size and length, spot-up shooting, high-level mechanics, and athleticism jumps out immediately. But, it’s the feel for the game that Lewis displayed on Saturday that was most impressive. He plays with an excellent pace as a ball-handler but is steady as a spot-up, off-ball shooter. Efficiency is another aspect of his game, and he’s capable of seeing overtop defenses with his positional size. There’s a lot to like about Lewis’ game and there’s a strong likelihood that many programs will agree after his performance today.

Cam Ward has been an offensive force during EYBL play this summer and he’s done it with an unmatched swagger that’s difficult not to love. He’s a lengthy, quick guard who possesses a multi-level, versatile scoring package. He utilizes a variety of professional dribble combinations that allow him to create separation and get to his spots, as well as allow him to attack closeouts effectively. Ward showcased elite-level finishing ability around the rim, where his vertical leaping ability, underrated strength, and body control in the air shine through. It’s been a strong spring for Ward and he’s continued his offensive dominance in Dallas.

Jaion Pitt went off for 23 points against Team Takeover on Saturday in Dallas. He’s an under-the-radar, under-recruited wing prospect that has a prominent inside-the-arc game. He’s physical and creative as a scorer, utilizing his unique frame and skillset to his advantage. Pitt was a force around the rim in downhill-attacking situations, and the strength he has allows him to absorb and finish through contact. Pitt’s strength and physicality also help him on the boards, where he was once again effective in today’s game. His skillset, and consistency as a productive prospect, make him one to track as his recruitment will likely skyrocket sometime soon.

Cameron Ryans was incredibly impressive during Saturday’s action in Dallas. He proved to be one of the better scorers in the building on the E15 circuit throughout the day. Ryans a long, versatile scorer that does most of his work inside the arc. He’s difficult to deal with because he’s capable of getting to his spots off-the-bounce but is an instinctual cutter in the half-court. In an open court setting, he runs the floor hard and puts himself in easy positions to score. Ryans is one of the more intriguing players in the E15 division and he’s starting to blossom here in Dallas.

Dylan Mingo was a scoring machine on Saturday. Throughout the day, he was an efficient scorer who brought three-level scoring to the table for the PSA Cardinals. He’s got great positional length and size, which he utilizes well when attacking opponents off-the-dribble and turning corners on the drive. He’s an all-around, versatile scorer that flashed an ability to play on-ball and off-ball. Inside the arc, he’ll typically demand the ball and make play with the ball in his hands. As a shooter, he’s great at coming off screens, squaring his spots, and getting a rhythm shot off-the-catch. Mingo’s talented scoring ability will be something to monitor moving forward throughout Session 3.  

Deron Rippey has been a steady prospect throughout EYBL so far, but many were anticipating a breakout performance from him in Dallas during Session 3. He’s a downhill-attacking slasher who understands the advantage he has with his elite first step, ball-handling, and balance. Rippey also possesses high-level finishing ability with a deceptive vertical jump. During today’s action, Rippey proved to be not just a finisher around the rim, but a facilitator, as well. Defensively, Rippey ups his level of intensity and aggression, making him a great positional rebounder and on-ball perimeter defender. With today’s impressive performance, those in attendance may start to see Rippey’s production increase for the rest of the session.

A prospect that’s continued to impress is Expressions’ Patrick Otey. He’s a skilled guard with a mid-range scoring package that’s highly impressive for a player his age, plus he flashed upside as a spot-up shooter from deep in today’s action. Otey thrives as a cutter and off-ball movement scorer in the mid-range, but he also possesses the ball-handling to drive to the basket where he has the strength and size to score. Otey has demonstrated great poise while playing up a level, but the fact that he’s scoring 25 points is something that can’t go unnoticed. 

Dhani Miller has been a productive, consistent prospect for the Georgia Stars, but he really popped on Saturday as a multi-level scorer and facilitator in the half-court. He’s got excellent quickness and burst which he puts to good use when attacking closeouts, and packaged with an impressive floater and finishing game, Miller is capable of scoring in bunches. He also has the range and touch to shoot from outside when left open, but when opponents closed on him, it truly was his slashing ability that stood out the most in Dallas.
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