Nike EYBL Session 4 Preview

Session 4 of the Nike EYBL will tip off this Saturday (May 27th) in Memphis, Tennessee and there’s a whirlwind of storylines to track throughout the weekend. From headliners, to stockrisers, and important matchups, we’ve got you covered with an extensive preview. 

Some Prospects To Watch
Dylan Harper
Tre Johnson
Jalil Bethea
AJ Dybantsa
Boogie Fland
Liam McNeeley
Karter Knox
Tyler Betsey
Kanon Catchings
Drake Powell 
Darius Acuff Jr
Derrion Reid
Kon Knueppel
Billy Richmond 
Elliot Cadeau

Some Potential Stockrisers To Track
KJ Windham
Brandin Cummings 
Amari McCottry 
David Punch
Matthew Hodge
Jovan Milicevic 
Ibrahim Souare 
Kohen Rowbatham

Five Matchups To Watch
Team Thad vs Vegas Elite (Saturday, May 27th @ 3:30 PM) 
Team Final vs Team CP3 (Monday, May 29th @ 2:00 PM)
Brad Beal Elite vs NJ Scholars (Sunday, May 28th @ 5:00 PM)
PSA Cardinals vs New Heights Lightning (Saturday, May 27th @ 11:00 AM)
Team Takeover vs NJ Scholars (Sunday, May 28th @ 9:30 AM)

Current Standings

Pool A 
Team Thad (10-2)
Brad Beal Elite (10-2)
Team Takeover (9-3)
NJ Scholars (9-3)
Vegas Elite (9-3)
Florida Rebels (8-4)
Meanstreets (7-5)
JL3 Elite (7-5)
Team United (6-6)
New York Renaissance (6-6)
City Rocks (6-6)
Phenom University (5-7)
Team Griffin (4-8)
All Ohio (4-8)
NW Rotary Rebels (3-9)
Team WhyNot (3-9)
ProSkills (2-10)

Pool B
Team Final (11-1)
PSA Cardinals (10-2)
New Heights Lightning (10-2)
Team CP3 (10-2)
Team Melo (7-5)
Oakland Soldiers (7-5)
Mokan Elite (7-5)
Expressions Elite (7-5)
The Family (7-5)
Drive Nation (6-6)
Boo Williams (6-6)
Team Durant (6-6)
LivOn (5-7)
Paul George Elite (5-7)
Houston Hoops (5-7)
Nightrydas Elite (4-8)
Indy Heat (4-8)
AZ Unity (3-9)
The Skill Factory (1-11)
Georgia Stars (1-11)

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