20 Things From Saturday at EYBL Session 1

Loaded slate of EYBL action from the 8 AM tip to the 8 PM close. Plenty to break down and parse through, here are 20 things that caught my eye from Saturday in Atlanta.


 It's been a seamless transition all the way up to EYBL action for AJ Dybantsa thus far. 2026's top prospect wreaked havoc on the defensive end with his length, smarts and quick-twitch athleticism. While the offense is scaled down to some previous settings, his natural creativity and slithery finishing ability translated. It's been a very, very impressive start for a prospect we've come to expect plenty from.


 It's not going to draw headlines or mixtapes like some others, but Jalen Haralson is one of the nation's truly elite prospects. On a talented Indy Heat squad, the 6-7 G is tasked with primary on-ball duties and impressed heavily as a decision-maker on Saturday. It's a methodical, somewhat unorthodox style of play but he's efficient getting to his spots, generates mismatches and bends the defensive in so many different ways. Further, the Fishers, Indiana native shot the ball well and showed plenty of comfort shifting off the ball. A summer playing up an age group and on-ball the ball in this role should go a long way developmentally. 


 It looks like Austin Swartz's breakout may be upon us. The 6-5 G scored in flurries, knocking down tough looks both off the bounce and off movement. This has been one I've been pushing for sometime and one I'd expect the rest of the industry to catch up to before long. A top 40 prospect for us.


 Jayden Quaintance continues to make his case. There's still natural rawness to his game, but the Ohio native was a stalwart around the rim routinely making plays in rotation and strings together sequences offensively that very few can mimic at 6-10. Young for the class, loaded with significant measurables and off the charts productivity, it's going to be tough keep him out of the 3rd overall spot in 2025 at this juncture.


 Hot spring continues on for Nojus Indrusaitis. The 6-5 Iowa State commit is playing with plenty of confidence, but it's been his approach and decisiveness offensively that have driven productivity offensively. Trending up.


 To be expected while making his EYBL debut, it took some time for Jeremiah Fears to settle in, but the top-35 2025 G found his groove as the day went on. Dynamic float game, advanced pace, stocked with creativity off the bounce and has an impressive natural feel for the game. Closed the day with a game-winning finish in traffic.


 Jarin Stevenson's flourishing offensive versatility was eye-opening. Long been quick off the ground with big time ball skills, but the top-15 big is shooting the ball with real confidence and hunted mismatches as a slasher. Looking forward to tracking the progression offensively.


 Came into the spring with high hopes, and the early returns have been positive with Zion Sensley. The 6-8 2024 wing flashed some highly impressive off the dribble shot-making, something he's done in spurts previously, but it was the interior passing and live dribble playmaking that caught my eye. Consistency has been the key for him, something I'll be keeping close tabs on moving forward.


 Up and down day, but came away highly impressed by Kanon Catchings' confidence and resiliency. The 6-8 wing missed some looks he tends to make more times than not, but continued hunting his own shot and showed much of why he's on the very fringes of the top 10 in 2024 for us. The best is well ahead for the Indiana native, but I'd continue to buy stock in his trajectory given his approach, demeanor and plethora of tools.


 It wasn't the most efficient day, but the box score doesn't tell much of Tyler Betsey's story as a prospect. A picturesque shooting stroke at 6-8, but it was the defensive flashes that grabbed my attention Saturday. A fluid mover loaded with length, I'm bullish on his outlook as a multi-tooled defender long-term.


 Aleks Alston is back to full health and headed in the right direction. Back at Midwest Warmup, it was clear the 6-9 wing was still getting his sea legs back under him. Fast forward to Saturday's action, the Chicago native shot the ball extremely well from beyond the arc and continues to show new layers as a playmaker. There's more to smoothen out, but the blend of feel, touch and shooting versatility is more than enough a top 50 spot in 2025's rankings.


 MoKan's TO Barrett looks due for a rise. In a very strong backcourt, Barrett is the least known to this point but appears to be asserting himself onto the radar. The top-75 2024 G excels dislodging defenders to get downhill to his spots, pulling up in pockets to finish with touch or loading up to finish with aggression around the rim. The Oklahoma native has some subtle explosiveness to his game and plays with an edge. 


 Amari McCottry is a candidate to see his stock begin to gain steam. At 6-5 with ruggedness and impressive deceleration around the rim, he generated fouls at will and countered ball pressure well to get to his spots. The Milwaukee native has had his stretches over the last year or so, but could open some eyes if the productivity stays on track.


 A big day for Curtis Givens. Ultra fluid with ball in his hands and smooth playmaking feel, the 6-3 G made heady decisions and knocked down his looks on Saturday. Comfortable handling in pressure, selfless in his approach, crafty and certainly continuing to improve. 


 Tracking Donnie Freeman's progression will be a priority of mine through the rest of the summer. The ceiling defensively is sky high, as the DMV native flies around to cover ground in a hurry and contest everything while also some juice in switches. On the other end of the floor, it's a bit more unclear what he can hang his hat on, but there's no shortage of highlight sequences to provide optimism. Eager to track his growth.


 Karter Knox is scorching hot. The 6-5 wing is playing with plenty of confidence right now, and for due reason. With Louisville and Kentucky front and center for each matchup, Knox made tough perimeter looks with regularity.


 Situation is aligning for Mikey Lewis to put together a big summer. Playing alongside a natural playmaker in Styles Phipps, Lewis is freed to do what he does best, put the ball in the bucket. And that's exactly what he's done thus far.


 More impressive moments from Davion Hannah. Prolific defensive playmaking to go with what look's to be a maturing offensive diet, the 6-5 G has showed well thus far in Atlanta. 


 Team Thad has been rather dominant so far, and Jasper Johnson has been a massive piece of the equation. The 6-3 G has a cerebral approach and never seems to be rushed, even while playing up and against athletes that are more mature. Knocks down shots given time and space, excels driving closeouts and has a dynamic float game. The top-20 2025 is off to an impressive start.


 Dylan Grant has been the big beneficiary of The Family's strong guard play. It's not all flash or flair, but he's dynamic around the rim and plays well through contact. The motor doesn't let up and he appears one that's no fun to play against.



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