Top-10 2025 Jalen Haralson talks recruitment, first season on the national stage and more

Jalen Haralson is the 8th overall prospect in 2025 and a consensus Top-12 prospect in the country, but on the national front, he isn't consistently discussed as one of the elite rising prospects. Now at La Lumiere (IN), with a schedule of perennial powers ahead of him, that should change. I sat down with the junior guard to discuss the move to La Lu, the landscape of his recruitment, zooming in on those relationships, his long-term goals and much more.

Haralson's skillset and approach don't cater to highlights and mixtapes the way some other elite's do. To understand and grasp his winning impact and upside, you have to sit down and watch the full games. You have to be up close in the gym to see the 6-7 Swiss-Army knife diagnose coverages, communicate with his teammates, his coaches and methodically pinpoint opposing teams' weaknesses when the tempo slows down. 

The Anderson, Indiana native has been a fixture with Indy Heat the past two springs, playing up a level both years. This EYBL campaign, he produced 12.5 points, 5.1 assists and 4.3 rebounds per game on 36% - 18% - 77% shooting splits. 

"We were a young group, so we struggled a little bit. We had a lot of new guys and the togetherness wasn't all there. We have big goals for this upcoming year. I haven't made Peach these past two years -- it's my last year now, I have to get there" he said.

Haralson spent the first half of his high school career at Fishers (IN), and had no shortage of success as he began to ascend as a national prospect. Indiana basketball culture is like no else, and because of it, there was some flack when he announced his intentions to transfer to La Lumiere.

He said, "It was a big decision, it's a big move. There was a lot that went in to it, but I'm just ready to take my game to the next level. I want to challenge myself -- mentally, physically and in all aspects of life.

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