Five-Star Jasper Johnson Talks Upcoming List Trim, Some Schools, & Possible Reclass

2025 five-star guard Jasper Johnson is one of the best guards in the country regardless of class and currently ranks No. 11 in the MADE Hoops junior class rankings. He's coveted nationwide by some of the hottest programs, and looks to be making moves in the recruiting process here soon. Before his season kicks off in his first year at Link Academy, he spoke with MADE Hoops about the recruiting process, broke down a handful of schools recruiting him (wait for the list for other programs involved), and the possibility of a potential reclass that's been thrown around.



Recruitment: “There’s a lot of schools that are really prioritizing me. I won’t say any names, but I’m about to drop a top ten soon.”

Kentucky: “It was good, I went up there for Big Blue Madness. I got to see the atmosphere and how the crowd was into it. I talked to Coach Cal for a little bit afterwards and we talked about our relationship, that he trusts in me and wants to coach me in college. He was speaking of a ten-year plan for me, so I can be a one and done and hopefully get to the pros. I always like talking to Coach Cal.”

Baylor: “I like Baylor. They say that they trust me and that they don’t really go after too many high schoolers. They believe I can run their offense and fit in well with their program. They’re a program that’s been to a championship, sweet sixteen, and elite eight in back to back years. They’re a winning program overall, so I like that about them.”

Alabama: “They’re on me hard. I definitely like their play style and I know their program has been going up recently, they’re one of the top schools and win percentages in the conference. Coach (Nate) Oats, I know he produces a lot of pros as well, and he likes to run with a lot of guards, putting it in their hands and just letting them go. I like that. I’ve seen a lot of players from their program’s draft stock go up over the course of the season.”

North Carolina: “They came up to see me at practice and Coach Hubert (Davis) texts me real often trying to get me up there for a visit so he can break down everything. They’re another program that’s really interested in me, so I’m really tuned in on them as well.”

Recruiting Timeline: “I’m going to drop a top ten soon then go from there. I’m planning on committing probably at Peach Jam this year, so around that time I think I’ll be ready.”

Possibility of a Reclass: “I mean, it’s always an option, but as of right now overall I’ll probably be staying in the 2025 class."



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