Jaylen Harrell Talks Recruitment and Official Visits

2025 four-star wing Jaylen Harrell, who currently ranks No. 66 in the class of 2025 rankings, was a top five scorer in E16 play this past summer, averaging 20.8 points per contest. More recently, he showed out at MADE Hoops East HSA a couple weeks back, continuing to stack together strong performances. Below, he talks with MADE Hoops about schools involved and upcoming visit plans.




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Rutgers: "Their player development. One of my guys, Gavin Griffiths, goes there. He talks about what it's like playing there and how they focus on your betterment as a man and as a player."

Xavier: "They want to build a relationship moire than anything, so they'll call and check on me almost everyday and they want me on campus, but it's been hard since they're so far away. Just the fact that they're committed to me and want me to go there."

Providence: "Their facilities are some of the best I've ever seen. They fit my play style, they shoot a lot of threes, they like big guards, and they play fast. Kim English is a young coach, so I get him more than a lot of coaches out there."

Boston College: "It's like my hometown. Thats the main reason I'm interested in them and they're interested in me. I can always go to a game, and the coach is always checking on me. They'll come to my school and check on me, always making sure I'm alright."

Wake Forest: "They focus on wanting to get me to the NBA and try to get me to the league. They'll help me and tell me to shoot it higher, and this is what you should probably be working on. Coach (Steve) Forbes, he's just a funny guy, so I'm going to go there soon."

Washington: "The vibe they give, they're energetic. They don't sugarcoat a lot of stuff, they know what they want from me and know what I can do for them. They'd be in the Big Ten by the time I'd go there, so they'd have a stronger schedule and that intrigues me a lot."

Visit Plans: "I'm probably going to go to Alabama either October 14th or 21st, I'm going to visit over there. Then I'll be going to Wake Forest, I'd say two weeks after that. I'm going to Xavier soon, too. Alabama and Wake Forest are going to be official. I'm also going to Illinois and I don't know if I'll make that an official or unofficial, but I'm definitely going to go there. Coach (Chester) Frazier is trying to get me there right now."

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