'26 JJ Addison Discusses His Game, Early Interest, & Dream Schools

2026 prospect JJ Addison is a player to keep an eye on in the rising sophomore class. He's Team Durant's leading scorer at the 15u level in EYBL play this season, and is averaging 12.7 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 1.8 assists over the course of three sessions. Addison has a multi-facetted impact on the game, impacting it both on and off of the ball. He spoke with MADE Hoops' Travis Graf about a variety of topics.



Description Of His Game: "I would describe my game as someone who can do a little bit of everything. I grab rebounds, can handle and push the ball down the floor, mainly being a slasher.  I get buckets driving downhill and that opens up the floor for me to kick it out and find open teammates. I can also hit the three ball as well, but I more so get into my mid range shot." 

What He's Working On: "Well, right now, two things I’m working and trying to improve on are being a better defender and being able to consistently shoot the ball. My strengths are definitely slashing, rebounding, running the show on the fast break, and finding my teammates cutting or spacing out for the shot."

Schools Showing Early Interest: "Yes, a few have. Memphis, Illinois and Washington but no offers just yet."

Dream Schools: "Two dream schools I have are USC and Kentucky.  I love where USC is located and the fan base they have, as well as how I can fit there with their kind of spread out offense. The same with Kentucky since there are so many pros going in and out of their program their offense is kind of spread and they just get buckets. Maryland, Virginia Tech, and Georgetown have also been dream schools of mine because I’m based out of the DMV and would love for my family to be able to come watch me play.  I’ve also went to a few of their games and loved the energy of the crowd, coaching staff and style of play at all three schools."  

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