LA Live Standouts Part 1

Circuit foes collided this past weekend in Los Angeles, with the West Coast's finest and a few programs from around North America facing off. Here, I'll zoom in on a collection of standouts and takeaways.


Katrelle Harmon Stars for NW Rotary Rebels

Explosive weekend out in LA for the top-60 2026 guard out of Bothell, Washington. After a relatively quiet spring and summer playing in an ancillary role an age group up, Harmon took on more usage and thrived in the process. A shifty shot creator with impressive change of direction and an unpredictably off the bounce that had defenses tilted in a hurry. He's progressing in all the right ways as a playmaker for others — firing off live dribble passes with either hand as the defense rotates, seeing rotations before they occur and wasting no motion. The 6-3 guard has added strength while retaining his fluidity, as shown by an efficient few days finishing around the rim. Long been a skilled scorer with range on his jumper, but he's evolving into a more dynamic lead-guard who can break down defenses and elevate the guys around him. He's due for a rise in the 2026 rankings.


Brandon McCoy Jr's Upside Shines

We've seen better weekends in terms of efficiency and productivity from the top-5 2026 G, but I came away impressed by the flashes while playing in a role that's relatively new. Playing up at the 17U level this weekend, McCoy Jr served as the primary ball-handler and playmaker for Unity. It wasn't all seamless in terms of turnovers and digesting reads, but the glimpses of improved feel in the pick & roll and facilitating off a live dribble were very noteworthy. Shifty, loaded with burst and can score it at a high clip off the bounce, but a role like this one looked like a breeding ground for another level to hit as a full-on primary guard. On the other, McCoy Jr was his normal self — a ball hawk in the passing lanes and smothering defending at the point of attack. Dynamic already, but flashing significant upside. 


Dylan Grant's Surge Continues

He's been a favorite for sometime due to his workman-like approach and versatility, but Dylan Grant has made strides in his game as of late. Always a presence on the glass and as a finisher around the rim, but he's developed a solid foundation as a shooter to build upon. The 6-7 multi-faceted forward connected on multiple 3's in more than one game and appeared very comfortable in the process. Defensively, he plays bigger than he is and has the athleticism to thrive in a heavy-switch system. High majors have flirted with Grant, but it seems more likely than not that someone will get a high level forward who's ready to impact winning from the jump in the Canadian national.


Isaac Carr is One to Know

One of the lesser-known names in the top-150 of 2025, Isaac Carr continues to add new layers to an already intriguing collections of tools in his toolkit. With each viewing previously, the Oregon native has thrived as an off-ball scorer with fantastic instincts as a cutter, mature shot prep and a fluid stroke. It was more of the same in Los Angeles, but he's grown vastly more assertive attacking closeouts and generating his own offense in ball screens. One that should continue to gain traction on the recruiting trail and notoriety out West.


Miles Goodman is Finding His Footing 

I've always been a notch higher than most on Miles Goodman, but it's apparent now that the pieces are starting to come together and the game appears to be slowing down. Came away impressed by the Seattle native's coverage versatility defending ball screens, stringing together big sequences hedging out front and recovering to the rim to make a play. 6-10 with plus length and athleticism, he covers ground in a hurry and is unafraid to muddy things up in deep. A lob threat in ball screens offensively, but is beginning to add more substance to the flashes of skill he's sprinkled in each viewing over the last year plus. Touch out to three, improved feel finishing at the rim and a knack for creating extra opportunities on the glass. There's more to flesh out and grow consistent with, but think his foundation and progression has gone undervalued nationally. Goodman blends immediate scalability as a rim runner and versatile defender with upside for much more.

More Notes...

 - It didn't take long to see the flashes last summer with UPLAY's Onyx Nnani and they continue to come in bunches now. At 6-9 with explosiveness and solid ball skills, he makes his presence felt on the glass and as a spot up shooter relocating off the ball. For Nnani, it's been about his decision-making and slowing the game down. Far from a finished product, but it was nice to see him playing within himself, picking his spots with purpose and bringing energy on both ends.

- 2026's have yet to come into focus much for college programs, but NW Rotary Rebels' Yabi Aklog continues to look like one they'll be eager to bet on early in the process. The top-70 big has impressively mature ball skills at 6-10 with a 7-4 wingspan, making him a tough matchup as a handoff hub and low post facilitator. While not your traditional shot blocker with quick pop, the Washington native is exceptional positionally and seems to always be in the right spot to impact shots around the rim. Highly skilled and beginning to grow more comfortable as a set shooter, he's one to keep close tabs on in the PNW. Due for a jump in the rankings.

 - Few have put together a bigger spring and summer than The Family's Darius AcuffWith each viewing since EYBL Session 1, it seems like his cadence and knack for creating advantages in the pick & roll has grown more proficient. A low center of gravity mixed with a dynamic handle and burst, he's a handful to wall up and keep out of the lane. Opening up even more space, he got it going from beyond the arc in LA. Still in the process of fully interlacing his playmaking instincts with his scoring ability, but he's separated himself as one of the premier guards in 2025 and a fixture in the top-20. 

Legend Smiley put together a strong spring and summer, scoring north of 16 PPG on very impressive efficiency. He's risen all the way into the top-40 of the class over the last two months, and showed much of why in LA. Long, slithery and purposeful with his movements, he's taken a leap as a shooter and has a dynamic float game once he gets two feet in the lane. He's at his best driving closeouts and attacking a tilted defense, flashing intriguing passing feel when he gets the defense rotating his way. 6-5 with a very impressive shooting profile, big-time touch and another level to hit as a handler and defender.  Again, one of the more under-discussed 2025's out West who's on the verge of a big jump.

- It can be tough to dial in on every group during live periods, making a setting like this a prime spot for one like NW Rotary Rebels' Ryan LaffertyA 6-5 guard with on and off ball versatility, excellent craft and a very impressive feel for the game. He scores it in bunches and has a wide array of slight, creative movement patterns to generate advantages in the half-court. Came away impressive time and time again with his playmaking instincts, firing off live dribble passes briskly after identifying even the slightest of potential advantages. The Spokane, Washington native reeled in his first offer from Pacific in June, but it'd be no surprise to see more mid-majors join the party before long.

- Loved the flashes from Team Why Not's 2026 G SJ MadisonA long, wiry 6-4 guard with impressive slashing feel and a knack for turning slight seams into easy layups in transition. The SoCal native put pressure on the rim all throughout the weekend, blowing by defenders on closeout attacks and generating free throw attempts. Still growing more consistent and carving out an identity, but plenty of tools to build on.


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