MADE Hoops 2024 Southwest Warmup Team Spotlight: Build Your Way Elite

Build Your Way Elite showed up to Mesa, Arizona for our Southwest Warmup and did not disappoint. Build Your Way Elite finished the weekend with a 3-1 record against some of the nations top programs and prospects. They showcased a well balanced offensive attack and a plethora of versatile athletes who should be garnering attention from colleges on all levels. In this article, I will detail a few prospects from this program who had standout performances, and are geared up to have a big spring and summer. 


Results: Wins against Top Contender (HI), Team RHJ, and Arizona Unity EYBL. Loss to YBA Aftermath. 

Levi Oaks is a player that stood out from the rest when watching his play. Oaks' size, athleticism and aggression at the point of attack proved to be troublesome for opposing matchups. Oaks has the ability to be a one man fast break, corralling the defensive glass and pushing the pace in transition from a live dribble. Rebounded the ball well on both sides of the glass and he consistently made plays without needing the ball in his hands, utilizing his high motor to make winning plays. 

Marc Cherfan is a heady floor general for this group. Smart, reliable ball mover who makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands. Cherfan’s confidence and understanding of attacking angles helped him to get to his spots with ease in half court offense. Possesses a solid pull-up game in the mid-range area and is a fierce competitor defensively. 

Ethan Johnson’s creativity as a scorer with the ball in his hands was extremely glaring, often getting whatever look he wanted from a live dribble. Johnson utilizes his bursty first step to blow past defenders in the open floor, relentlessly attacking downhill and converting controlled drives to the rim. A talented athlete at the point of attack with natural scoring feel. 

Majok Chuol is a wiry footer who protects the paint for this group. Chuol exhibited a ton of upside as a high level shot blocker and rim deterrent with his defensive instincts and quick reaction time. His length, mobility and deceptive lower body strength allows Chuol to quickly cover ground as a help side defender, and gives him an advantage when going up against bigger, slower bigs. Still raw on the offensive end of the ball, but he makes a lasting impact defensively when he’s on the floor. 

Bishop Brooks proved to be an important piece for the success of this group. Brooks understands his role and plays within himself, a skill that is translatable to the next level. Brooks did most of the little things and took pride in doing the dirty work, if it meant his team would be successful. Wiry athlete who has a very fundamentally sound skill set from the forward position. 


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