2024 MADE Recruiting Report: Part Three

2024 MADE Recruiting Report Part Three: It’s been a busy few weeks on the recruiting trail as the contact period recently opened for 2025 prospects and there were two weekends of live period events held across the country. Here, we break down some new updates while focusing on 15+ rising seniors in the 2024 class

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UMass is the latest to offer 2024 guard CJ Cox. Underrated prospect in the Northeast who played well during the NEPSAC live period events. Shifty advantage creator with skilled footwork and a smooth pull-up prowess. Physical finisher at the rim who is highly reliable when converting layups with his dominant hand. Capable perimeter shotmaker who isn’t afraid to let it fly when defenders give him the space. One to keep tabs on at Milton Academy (MA) next season.

North Texas & Wichita State are the latest to offer 2024 guard Ashton Simmons. Well-built & tough athlete who is a steady two-way producer on both ends. Quick handler at the point of attack who leverages a tight crossover & bursts of speed to beat closeouts. Physical finisher who isn’t afraid of contact & possesses solid body control at the rim. Highly productive positional rebounder who demonstrates a relentless motor & evident toughness in the paint. Has the foot speed to guard in space, yet he’s flashed also some wall-off ability at the point of attack. 

Loyola Chicago is the latest to offer Top-120 2024 big man Malick Diallo. Energetic & fluid athlete for a prospect his size at 6-foot-10. The Mali native possesses a strong foundation of tools to build upon in the coming years. Bouncy finisher who is a prominent lob & putback threat given his blend of verticality, hands and long arms. Leverages his physical tools well to contest shots block. One to keep an eye on out West at Wasatch Academy (UT).  

Northeastern & Ohio are the latest to offer 2024 guard Sharron Young. The West Virginia native has seen multiple programs enter his recruitment this spring. Ultra-quick, shifty ball handler who is loaded with burst at the point of attack. A crafty finisher with his dominant hand, plus he’s shown glimpses of a soft-float game as well.  Capable pull-up scorer who can take advantage of distant or slow closeouts. Consistently demonstrates a strong feel & natural floor-mapping instincts with his strong playmaking ability. 

Yale & Montana State are the latest to offer Top-130 2024 guard Trap Johnson. The Texas native is a versatile scorer and skilled shotmaker on the offensive end. Multilevel scoring threat who is a fairly tough finisher with his strong hand. Still filling out his frame physically, although the shotmaking & scoring ability certainly pop. Could be poised for a big summer and senior season down South. 

New Mexico is the latest to offer Kayde Dotson. Ultra-quick, tough athlete who can put constant pressure on the rim with his blend of burst & changes of pace. Hard-nosed, aggressive rim finisher who seeks out contact in the lane. Highly skilled & dynamic space-creator who is lethal when using his speed + counter moves. Smooth pull-up scorer from multiple levels, plus he’s capable of converting jumpers in stand-still situations. Laterally quick on-ball defender who is a solid defender at the point of attack. 

Manhattan is the latest to offer 2024 wing guard Kingston Walker. The Connecticut native has put together some strong showings at the NEPSAC live period events. Leverages a quick-twitch at the point of attack along with long strides to glide downhill with the ball. A crafty, left-handed finisher who has strong body control & functional touch. Still developing his shooting consistency, although he’s flashed the ability to connect on spot-up opportunities on the perimeter. 

Marquette, Villanova, Alabama & multiple others have offered Top-60 2024 wing forward Matthew Hodge in the last few days. The Belgium native put up some big numbers & multiple impressive outings at Philly Live II. Highly versatile & well-rounded prospect who affects the game in numerous facets. Capable of posting up smaller opponents, yet he can beat slower bigs off the bounce. Patient dribble-handoff operator who thrives at generating advantages by playing within offensive sets.

Oklahoma & Texas are the latest to offer Top-55 2024 wing Kuol Atak. The Texas native is an appealing long-term prospect with evident upside & a high ceiling. Possesses extensive touch and the ability to space the floor at a high level. Also flashes advanced movement skills & plenty of fluidity as an athlete. Still developing physically & becoming more aggressive, although the blend of size & shooting is certainly notable. TCU, Oklahoma State, & UNLV have also offered this spring. 

Jacksonville & Portland State have offered Top-145 2024 wing Malik Abdullahi. The Florida native is an appealing long-term prospect who most recently garnered buzz at Section 7 in Arizona. Rangy, long athlete that is loaded with vertical pop & explosiveness at the rim. Leverages a quick first step & twitch to beat closeouts off the bounce often. Switchable defender who has flashed the ability to defend on the perimeter, the drive or in the post. Potential riser in the 2024 class to keep an eye on down South. 

2024 guard Ben Hammond recently to Rhode Island over St. Bonaventure, Charleston, Towson, & George Mason. Crafty & energetic floor general who brings that “dog” presence on both ends of the floor. An ultra-quick creator with the speed to create advantages, plus he’s a reliable downhill playmaker. Thrives in a primary ball handling & creator role where he’s able to command an offensive attack. Scrappy on-ball defender with strong lateral quickness & quick hands. Strong get for Rhode Island as they secure the Team Takeover product somewhat early on. 

Xavier & Charleston are the latest to offer Top-85 2024 frontcourt prospect Josh Hill. The Georgia native has garnered some buzz down South with his stockrising play during the June live period events. Long, athletic, & versatile wing forward who possesses evident touch on his jumper. Smooth floorspacer who is comfortable operating in the pick & pop. An energetic rebounder who leverages his size and movement skills to be productive on the glass. One to keep an eye on as he continues to ascend this summer. 

Oregon & New Mexico are the latest to offer Top-60 2024 guard Trent Perry. One of the top guards out West, he’s a skilled backcourt prospect with a strong combination of scoring & playmaking. Heady decision-maker with the ball in his hands who tends to play at a composed pace on the offensive end. Smooth pull-up scorer with extensive touch & range, yet you rarely see him force a tough or contested look. The Vegas Elite product has steadily risen up the ranks & he’s another backcourt prospect to look out for in the 2024 class. 

Oklahoma State is the latest to offer 2024 guard Brooks Bahr. The Texas native is another heady playmaker who is loaded with intangibles. High-feel, composed & willing playmaker who led the UAA in assists for a solid period of time. Consistent shooter who has the range & touch to score on the perimeter as well. The mix of size, feel and playmaking at 6’5” makes him an appealing backcourt prospect to college programs. BYU & New Mexico have also offered the Texas Impact product this spring. 

Lehigh is the latest to offer 2024 wing Jack Daugherty. The Wisconsin native is a polished offensive prospect with a strong mix of size & shooting at 6’8”. Heady off-ball mover who has a strong sense for finding open space & spot-up shooting pockets. Leverages a high & fluid release to shoot over smaller defenders from multiple levels on the floor. Quick processor who tends to take care of the ball & play within the flow of offensive sets. Talented & skilled wing prospect who is garnering buzz in the Midwest. 

Loyola Chicago is the latest to offer 2024 forward Dylan Warlick. Physical post player who can take bumps & finish through contact, plus he excels at leveraging his frame to carve up space. Powerful rebounder who plays with an evidently high motor, yet he also has a strong sense for generating strong positioning in the paint. Tends to be highly productive regardless of the platform or setting, which speaks volumes to his game. Not the most explosive shot blocker, yet he uses his frame to keep opponents out of the paint. Look out for the Oklahoma native to see more programs get involved. 

2024 guard Jeremiah Jenkins recently earned an offer from Western Kentucky. Heady floor general out of Connecticut who plays for Brewster Academy (NH). Shifty ball handler, steady downhill playmaker & a fluid pull-up scorer. Possesses the range to hurt opponents on the perimeter, yet he tends to do the majority of his damage as a dribble-drive creator. Utilizes quick bursts of speed & counter moves to beat closeouts, plus he has a soft float game that can be put to use in the lane. Scrappy on-ball defender who consistently demonstrates quick feet & hands on the perimeter. Vermont & Wyoming have also offered Jenkins this past spring. 

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