2025 MADE Recruiting Report: Part Four

2025 MADE Recruiting Report Part Four: It’s been a busy few weeks on the recruiting trail as the contact period recently opened for 2025 prospects and there were two weekends of live period events held across the country. Here, we break down some new updates while focusing on 20+ rising juniors in the 2025 class

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Kentucky is the latest to offer Top-5 2025 big Jayden Quaintance. Not only is he exceptionally young for the class, but he’s consistently put together some surreal flashes this AAU season. Mismatch machine who is a physical finisher & tough slasher at the point of attack. Powerful rebounder who is a force on the interior for opponents to handle with his aggression and vertical pop. Continues to show improving touch as a shooter while also flashing an enhanced handle. Kansas, Baylor, Oregon, Mississippi State & more have offered the Team Thad product. 

Kansas State & Houston are the latest to offer Top-30 2025 guard King Grace. Quick-twitch backcourt prospect who can attack closeouts & provide downhill playmaking. He’s demonstrated an improving feel, plus he’s a skilled shotmaker with extensive range. Versatile scoring weapon who tends to put together his fair share of playmaking chops. High-level defender with quick feet & hands, yet he brings contagious energy & plenty of communicative traits. California, Rice, LSU, Texas A&M & more have offered the Texas native. 

Manhattan is the latest to offer 2025 wing forward Jaquan Womack. Physical, powerful finisher who has the strength to take bumps & finish through contact. Rebounds with a high motor, plus he excels at using his toughness to generate strong positioning on the glass. Still extending his range and sharpening his handle, although the aggression & motor pop most at this stage. One of many talented prospects on Team Takeover E16 group.  

Mizzou is the latest to offer Top-120 2025 wing guard Isaiah Sealy. Well-built & fluid athlete who has blossomed into a multilevel scoring threat over the years. Possesses the blend of size (6’7”), ball skills & feel to be utilized as a jumbo guard/playmaker. An aggressive slasher who plays with force and power at the point of attack against smaller guards. A physical rim finisher who doesn’t shy away from contact, plus he’s a reliable finisher with his dominant hand. Possesses the lateral agility to defend in space & he’s capable of guarding wings as well. 

Wake Forest is the latest to offer Top-95 2025 guard Nigel James. Ultra-quick lead guard who is filled with burst & counter moves at the point of attack. Reliable downhill playmaker who tends to produce paint touches at a high volume. Potent pull-up scorer with a fluid release & the range to hurt defenses on the perimeter as well. Willing playmaker with strong floor-mapping instincts & a high-feel. Scrappy on-ball defender who is laterally quick & plays with an evidently high motor. Marquette, St. John’s, Minnesota, Rutgers & more have offered the Long Island native this spring. 

Oregon State, Utah State & San Francisco are the latest to offer 2025 guard Isaac Carr. Skilled offensive weapon who is tracking as one of the top backcourt prospects in the Pacific Northwest. Smooth pull-up scorer with a multilevel shot profile, plus he’s a heady mover without the ball in his hands. Fluid spot-up shooter with clean mechanics & glaring confidence when he’s feeling it. He’s a strong decision-maker who displays a mature shot selection as well. UNLV, Portland, Weber State & Portland State also offered this spring. 

Virginia Tech is the latest to offer Top-110 2025 wing Devin Booker. The Pennsylvania native has flown under the radar and his recruitment is beginning to ascend. Long, wiry & tough athlete who provides a valuable two-way impact on the floor. Smooth & fluid spot-up shooter with a quick release off the catch, plus he’s comfortable putting it on the deck to attack the paint. A bouncy finisher who is loaded with vertical pop & explosiveness at the rim. Recently entered our 2025 rankings and it’s likely he’ll continue to rise. Mississippi State, Drexel, Temple, Albany & more have offered. 

Xavier & Butler are the latest to offer 2025 guard Adrien Stevens. The Maryland native is a powerful athlete who has proven to be a dynamic scorer this summer. Leverages his frame & tight crossovers to create advantages, plus he’s capable of converting pull-up jumpers inside the arc. A powerful finisher that doesn’t shy away from contact & he leverages his size well against smaller defenders. Look out for The Bullis School (MD) product to potentially enter the rankings in their next update. 

Houston & Mizzou are the latest to offer Top-15 2025 guard Darius Acuff. The stockrising lead guard has been garnering buzz with his standout play at the prestigious NBPA Camp in Florida. Plays at a composed pace while demonstrating a strong balance of scoring & playmaking. Possesses a strong feel & pin-point accuracy as a passer, specifically as a dribble-drive creator. Showcases his extensive touch by converting jumpers on the perimeter, primarily off the dribble. Kentucky, Michigan State, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan & more have offered. 

George Mason is the latest to offer Top-150 2025 wing Onyx Nnani. Possesses a plethora of long-term indicators given his blend of size, length & athleticism. Fluid spot-up scorer who continues to flash growing touch & comfortability as an off the dribble shooter. Shows upside as a grab & go threat where he glides up the floor quickly after securing rebounds. Rangy, long defender that can cover ground quickly & generate deflections. Oklahoma State offered this spring as well. 

George Washington & Manhattan are the latest to offer 2025 guard KJ Cochran. The Pennsylvania native has garnered plenty of buzz to start the summer. Shifty, quick-twitch creator who is a potent pull-up scorer & dynamic shotmaker. Has the wiggle to get downhill, plus he has the touch to finish around the rim as well. The blend of size, length & multilevel scoring make him one to keep an eye on moving forward. Mississippi State, Towson, Kent State & more have offered this summer. 

Miami is the latest to offer Top-90 2025 big man Eric Reibe. The German native has been another notable stockriser on the East Coast in the past few months. Physical, rugged post presence who is a tough finisher at the rim. Highly productive rebounder who has a strong sense for leveraging his frame to generate positioning in the paint. Still developing his range & floorspacing ability, although he’s flashed some face-up touch. Wake Forest, Purdue, Georgetown, Indiana & more have offered this spring. 

Illinois is the latest to offer Top-30 2025 wing forward Nikolas Khamenia. Highly skilled & versatile wing that is loaded with prominent intangibles. Continues to enhance his pass, dribble & shoot skillset. Showcases a polished game on the offensive end with his footwork, shooting mechanics & touch. Still expanding his athleticism & bulking up physically, although the versatility should allow him to excel in a variety of systems at the next level. Kansas, UCLA, Gonzaga, UNLV & more have offered this spring. 

Virginia Tech & Tennessee are the latest to offer Top-50 2025 big man Malachi Moreno. While his strong positional size at 6-foot-11 pops at first glance, it’s clear theres more to his game. Consistently demonstrates soft hands, strong coordination & evident touch as a rim finisher. Still expanding his range & skillset, although he’s a highly productive scorer in the low-post or paint. Physical rebounder who plays with an evidently high motor on the glass. Assertive rim protector with strong instincts & adequate length as a shotblocker. Notre Dame & Michigan have also offered the Indiana Elite product this spring. 

Tennessee State is the latest to offer Top-130 2025 wing Antonio Munoz. The Illinois native is a high-level athlete who is loaded with physicality & vertical pop. Tough, downhill slasher who can leverage his strength off the bounce. An explosive finisher at the rim who can convert plays through contact. Energetic competitor who can provide a spark on the defensive end with his playmaking ability. Jumps passing lanes, guards in space & he can push the ball himself after securing rebounds.  

Kansas State is the latest to offer Top-40 2025 wing Terrion Burgess. The Arkansas native is a toolsy wing forward with an appealing mix of size, length & rangy athleticism. Possesses imminent upside due to the blend of physical tools and two-way production at this stage. Bouncy & mobile athlete who can finish lobs, plus he’s capable of exploiting smaller mismatches in the low-post area. Capable floorspacer who flashes plenty of shooting upside with his size & fluidity. Switchable defender with advanced foot speed at his size, plus he’s a lengthy & instinctual rim protector. 

SMU is the latest to offer 2025 guard Leroy Kelly IV. The Texas native has had some impressive outings for Drive Nation’s E16 group this spring. Prominent spot-up shooter with a quick release & adequate feel off the ball. Love what he brings to the table defensively between his lateral quickness, instincts & aggression. Potential fast break igniter who is effective playing on or off the ball. Physical at the point of attack and leverages his power to get downhill. He could be in store for a big summer and he’s been generating buzz down South. 

Louisiana Tech is the latest to offer Top-150 2025 big man Amari Reed. Physical, tough athlete who provides a budding two-way impact & notable malleability on the interior. Rugged, aggressive rim finisher who flashes soft hands when securing drop-downs or lobs above the rim. An assertive rim protector with strong timing & natural instincts as a shotblocker. Powerful rebounder who plays with a relentless motor whenever he is on the floor. Expect to see more programs get involved with the fast rising prospect down South. 

UMass is the latest to offer 2025 wing Sam Hughes. The Massachusetts native is a skilled offensive prospect who is a fluid catch & shoot weapon from three-point range. Not the most explosive or flashy creator, yet he leverages a tight crossover & his size to an advantage when working his way downhill. Energetic defender who plays hard, communicates & rotates promptly. St. Louis offered recently as well and the Expressions product could continue to see his recruitment rise. 

Top-100 2025 wing Jordan Scott recently completed a visit Maryland. One of the biggest stockrisers this spring, he’s added offers from a plethora of high-major programs. Skilled & potent pull-up scorer whose showcased a diverse shot profile this AAU season. Fluid space-creator who leverages tight crossovers & swift changes of pace to generate advantages. The polish, skill & multilevel scoring have the Virginia native trending upwards as we approach the summer. Notable wing to keep tabs on in the coming years out East. 

Minnesota is the latest to offer Top-50 2025 guard Brayden Burries. The California native has shot up our rankings this spring with his productive play on the EYBL Circuit. Well-built & explosive athlete who is an aggressive finisher at the rim. Tough at the point of attack, plus he leverages a blend of counter moves & changes of speed to beat closeouts. Potent pull-up scorer in the mid-range area who is more than capable of creating space himself. True bucket getter who can stuff the scoring column when he’s feeling it. 

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