Midwest Mania: 15U Standouts

Mark Zackery (Team Teague 2027): Combo guard Mark Zackery was pushing the pace all weekend at Midwest Mania. Zackery loves to get out and run in transition, where he displayed the uncanny ability to consistently knock down transition threes off the bounce. Zackery is not shy about his range and the confidence he has in his shot making. Aside from scoring the ball, Zackery made smart reads from a live dribble in pick and roll play and was very unselfish sharing the ball. Defensively he possesses quick hands and high defensive instincts, which lead to deflections.

Kelvin Torbert Jr.
(The Family): Kelvin Torbert Jr. is a very talented scorer and has very good change of pace in his dribble moves. He displayed a healthy usage of hang dribbles and hesitations to get to his mid-range pull-up. Torbert Jr. also uses his athleticism to his advantage when penetrating the paint or attacking close-outs.

Jon Sanderson (Midwest Basketball Club): Jon Sanderson was the primary playmaker and ball handler for Midwest Basketball Club this past weekend at Midwest Mania. He displayed immense selflessness, and consistently found his teammates with quick-snap passes through the defense. Sanderson consistently shot the ball well from deep once he got comfortable and found a rhythm. Defensively he was a fierce competitor and applied full-court ball pressure.

Jackson Roberts
(Vanguard North): Roberts was impressive with his offensive versatility and his size from the wing. Roberts shot the ball from three at an efficient clip as a spot-up shooter, and was exceptional at attacking close-outs and making the right reads. He has wily athleticism which he used to live at the line, where he cashed in on free throws. Roberts was comfortable creating offense and making plays from a live dribbble. Defensively his size, athleticism and quickness allowed him to guard multiple positions on the floor.

Taylen Kinney (All Ohio Sumner): Taylen Kinney is a gamer, the epitome of a flat-out hooper. Kinney has an advanced feel for how and when to attack defenses, and is blessed with natural scoring ability. He’s comfortable shooting from any spot on the floor, out of different situations. Kinney has good positional size and likes to get out in transition, where he can play above the rim and be athletic.

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