National Prep Championship Standouts

Isaac Bonilla
2023 | Guard | Bradford Christian Academy (MA) | Maine Commit

Bonilla was one of the stronger shooters during this event and he had advanced relocation skills without the ball in his hands. He’s a consistent spot-up shooter who had the offensive versatility to be utilized in a variety of offensive sets. The 6-1 guard is a capable transition shooter who used his off-ball feel and relocation skills to take advantage of transition opportunities. The sharpshooting off-guard was a functional pull-up scorer who could convert jumpers off the bounce inside the arc. The future Black Bear could give Maine some perimeter firepower early on in his collegiate career.

Jordan Clayton 
2023 | Guard | Bradford Christian Academy (MA) | Northwestern Commit

Clayton continues to steadily improve his game and he provides plenty of value on both ends of the floor. The 6-2 floor general is a versatile and skilled lead guard who brings an advanced balance of scoring + playmaking. The Massachusetts native is a potent pull-up scorer in the mid-range area given his quick counter moves that allow him to create space. He has the shooting range to convert jumpers from behind the arc as well. Thrived in a lead creator role due to his ability to create space, get downhill, or probe defenders. An underrated recruit nationally, Clayton was a strong pickup for Coach Collins & staff at Northwestern. 

George Turkson 
2024 | Forward | Bradford Christian Academy (MA) 

Turkson provided a budding, two-way impact for Bradford Christian Academy (MA) and he played with what seemed to be like a never-ending motor despite playing hefty minutes. The 6-8 forward is a true physical specimen given his blend of positional size, malleability, and athleticism. An explosive, powerful finisher who doesn’t shy away from contact or bigger defenders in the paint. Mobile and energetic rim-runner who tended to earn a few easy dunks by running the floor. Physical rebounder who used his strength and power to reel in rebounds at a high volume on both ends of the floor. Instinctual shot blocker with strong timing, plus he wasn’t afraid to jump with anyone in the lane.

Marvin Musiime-Kamali
2023 | Wing | Cushing Academy (MA) | Akron Commit

I came away impressed with the growth that 6-6 wing Marvin Musiime-Kamali has made in the past few months. Intriguing prospect with a unique physical makeup given his wiry frame, solid positional size, and bouncy athleticism. Improved spot-up shooter with a slight delay in his release, yet he was connecting at a high clip during Thursday’s set of games. Switchable defender who put together some impressive sequences of play when he was switched onto guards out of the pick & roll. A high-upside prospect who has plenty of potential to tap into at the next level in Akron, Ohio.

Erhunmwunse Oswin
2025 | Big | Putnam Science Academy (CT)

Oswin hasn’t been in the United States for long, however he’s certainly been a highly productive prospect for Putnam Science Academy (CT). The 6-9 big man is an explosive and powerful athlete that possesses evident interior touch. Reliable lob threat given his blend of soft hands, positional size, and vertical pop. An assertive rim protector who had a knack for the ball when jumping to block shots. Showed flashes of his timing, instincts, and quick hands when he simply put a lid on the rim. The Nigerian native is a prospect to keep an eye on in the 2025 class and there’s a lot to like down the road.

Tarique Foster
2023 | Wing | Putnam Science Academy (CT) | VCU Commit

Foster had a big outing in the semifinals against Bradford Christian Academy (MA) and put together some eye-opening spans of play. He’s a toolsy wing who possesses plenty of positional size and disruptive length. The 6-8 prospect from New York showed flashes of his spot-up shooting value and fluidity from three-point range. Flashed his versatility as a grab & go threat by showing off his explosive finishing package in transition. Used his length well to jump passing lanes and apply pressure on the ball. 

Mouhamed Dioubate 
2023 | Wing | Putnam Science Academy (CT) | Alabama Commit

Dioubate is a tough, two-way wing who plays with a high motor no matter the score or competition. The Alabama commit is a physical point of attack ball handler when slashing downhill and he has functional touch around the rim with his dominant hand. The 6-7 wing also flashed some mid-range touch over the couple of games he played in Worcester. Versatile defender who could defend guards due to his blend of size and lateral quickness, plus he possesses the strength + quickness to wall off opposing slashers. An aggressive rebounder whose motor, toughness, and verticality allow him to be productive on the glass. Dioubate is a part of a talented and deep recruiting class that is headed to Tuscaloosa. 

Tre Norman 
2023 | Guard | Worcester Academy (MA) | Marquette Commit

Norman has made steady improvements in his game since last summer and he played well during the National Prep Championship event. The Marquette commit is a tough, two-way guard who is as tough as they come on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he’s a potent mid-range scorer who can operate out of the pick & roll or in isolation situations. The 6-3 guard is a fluid space-creator that has the dribble moves to create space for pull-up jumpers. Possesses the shooting range to score from behind the arc whether it’s off the dribble or in spot-up situations. Physical and laterally mobile defender who has functional strength to wall off slashers which makes him difficult to beat off the bounce. Norman could very well end up becoming a seamless fit into Shaka Smart’s system in Milwaukee. 

TJ Power 
2023 | Wing | Worcester Academy (MA) | Duke Commit

Power saw a noticeable rise in his recruitment and stock after erupting on the EYBL Circuit last spring & summer. He’s a skilled, versatile, and mobile wing forward who possesses an advanced feel for the game. Fluid space-creator who has the handle to settle into self-created jumpers off the bounce from multiple levels. Showed an advanced feel for the game by demonstrating playmaking chops out of double teams and traffic. Appears to be a bit laterally quicker than when I last saw him live given his ability to defend out of the pick and roll. Overall, the 6-8 wing forward is an offensive weapon who can be utilized in a variety of ways. 

Parker Jones 
2023 | Wing | Worcester Academy (MA) | Colgate Commit

Jones was a notable contributor to Worcester Academy (MA) on the offensive end and he demonstrated his shotmaking prowess. He possesses a diverse shot profile given his ability to score off the catch or dribble. The 6-7 wing thrives at using pump fakes to beat poor closeouts where he can settle into one & two dribble pull-up jumpers. He’s a smooth perimeter prospect that was a strong pickup for Colgate He’ll still need to develop his body, playmaking feel, and overall athleticism, however there’s a lot to like given his multilevel scoring ability. 

Eli Rice 
2023 | Wing | IMG Academy Post-Grad (FL) | Nebraska Commit

Rice popped out for IMG Academy Post-Grad (FL) and there’s definitely some appealing upside given his skillset + athleticism at 6-6. The Nebraska commit is a long and fluid left-handed athlete who flashed his spot-up shooting value. Capable scorer from behind the arc, plus he had a knack for converting finishes with his dominant hand in the paint. Defensively, he was a solid on-ball defender who could stay in front of opponents, plus he was able to block a few shots. Rice could be a strong pickup down the road for the Cornhuskers and they have a standout talent headed to Lincoln. 

Anquan Boldin Jr.
2023 | Guard | IMG Academy Post-Grad (FL) 

Boldin Jr is an underrated prospect who is still on the board in a 2023 class with little uncommitted prospects left. He’s an explosive athlete with plenty of pop and burst which allows him to put constant pressure on the rim. Bouncy finisher in the lane that elevated for a few dunks in traffic, plus he has the physicality to convert finishes through contact. Tough point of attack ball handler who has the upper body strength to bully his way downhill against opposing guards. Capable pull-up scorer who flashed some mid-range touch when he noticed open opportunities to shoot the ball. Instinctive and quick on-ball defender who was difficult to beat off the bounce. 

Kevin Overton 
2023 | Guard | Sunrise Christian Post-Grad (KS) | Drake Commit

The Drake commit erupted for 32 points against South Kent (CT) on Thursday and led his team on a deep run. He was the most impressive and consistent prospect at the event in my eyes despite there being a handful of nationally ranked players in attendance. Skilled shotmaker with notable space-creation skills and solid positional size for a lead guard at 6-3. Dangerous isolations scorer who has the ability to score from multiple levels at a high volume. The Oklahoma native has a long wingspan which makes his shot very difficult to block on top of his dribble counters. Energetic defender with quick hands who wasn’t afraid to defend bigger opponents off the bounce or on the interior. Drake got a steal in Overton and he could step into an impactful role early on for the Bulldogs.

Isaiah Griffin
2023 | Guard | Sunrise Christian Post-Grad (KS) 

Griffin was an unsigned prospect who caught my eye over the weekend with his toughness and two-way value. The 6-0 guard is a bouncy athlete that is loaded with vertical pop and he elevated to the rim when he saw a runway. His elite end to end speed and quick acceleration bursts allowed him to put pressure on the rim. The New Jersey native was a prominent downhill playmaker who helped open up the floor for Sunrise. Defensively, he was a pest defending the ball given his lateral quickness, concentration, and quick hands. He was not only highly competitive against a crop of Division-One prospects, but he was highly productive as well. 

Cooper Bowser 
2023 | Big | Sunrise Christian Post-Grad (KS)

Bowser had a strong outing in the championship game despite the loss to Putnam Science Academy (CT). He’s a long and wiry athlete who was a prolific rim runner, plus he was an extremely quick finisher at the rim. The 6-10 forward used his soft hands to reel in passes through traffic against a long, big Putnam Science team. The Virginia native also displayed his explosiveness as he finished the ball above the rim frequently. Defensively, he has a knack for using his length to block shots and reel in rebounds at a high rate. He holds offers from the likes of Howard, Jacksonville State, North Carolina A&T, and LIU Brooklyn. 

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