NJ Shootout: Saturday Standouts

Aasim Burton (Cardinal O’Hara): Aasim Burton looked well running the show for Cardinal O’Hara showing off some fluid shot creation and connector traits. Burton has good size for a combo guard with his skill set, allowing him to see over smaller defenders and use his body to create free throw opportunities. Scored it from all areas on the floor and showed some ice in his veins, sinking a game winning three in an OT thriller against Middle Township. 

Jalen Grant (Roselle Catholic): Grant stood out as a quick, steady guard who consistently obtained two feet in the paint, and made smart decisions once he got to the lane. Grant has a natural feel as a floor general, and exhibited the small nuances of a high-level point guard. Knifed through the defense looking to distribute to spot-up shooters and bigs playing out of the short corner. When it was time to call his own number, he connected on short pull-up’s and floaters, as well as reliably making perimeter shots as a spot-up shooter. 

Ethan Mgbako (Roselle Catholic): Stocky wing Ethan Mgbako exhibited great all-around feel and two-way intangibles in Saturday’s action. Defensively he was an eminent force with his effort as an on-ball defender, picking up full-court and sitting down against ball-handlers trying to break him down with quick combo moves. Disrupted opposing offenses with controlled chaos, as well as putting his body on the line when diving for loose balls. Offensively he shot the ball with fluidity from range, but also made plays around the rim using his body. Mgbako also looked great as a facilitator when playing out of the high post, connecting on high-low action with Rich Brisco on the block. 


 Rich Brisco (Roselle Catholic): Rich Brisco was dominant as a paint anchor offensively in Saturday’s action. Was great at playing behind the defense and holding his leverage when sealing defenders to execute high-low action. Showed good hands when playing in traffic, as well as good habits like keeping the ball high and going straight up with aggressive dunks. Snatched rebounds with both hands, chinning the ball and looking to make a safe outlet to a guard. Very active as a help-side rim protector, quickly covering ground moving with fluidity and impressive agility for his size. 

Jamir McNeil (Middle Township): Combo guard Jamir McNiel excelled in his role as a downhill playmaker. He was able to put combo moves together, creating angles to live in the lane with ease and get to his mid-range pull-up. McNiel got excessively hot at times through Saturday’s action, putting together tough makes on consecutive possessions down the floor. 

Jaden Barnett (Linden): Jaden Barnett showcased some explosiveness and keen attention to detail on the defensive end, with his ability to read the passing lanes for quick run-outs in transition. His defensive prowess allowed him to show his athleticism at the point of attack, as well as some acrobatic finishing around the rim. Barnett connected on ample and-one opportunities and finished well with both hands. 

Darrell Davis (Archbishop Carroll): Darrell Davvis exemplified everything you would want from your leader, and floor general for Archbishop Carroll in Saturday’s action. Davis was the head of the snake, and set the tone defensively from tip-off. He applied full-court ball pressure, often pick-pocketing opposing guards before they crossed half-court. In the half-court setting he consistently kicked over ball screens, and forced turnovers by speeding up ball handlers. Offensively he exhibited some poise playmaking in pick and roll play, but also shot it with confidence when defenders got stuck going under ball screens. 

Tarik Watson (Roselle Catholic): Tarik Watson was real steady in both games during Saturday’s action, doing a little bit of everything and affecting the game in multiple facets with winning plays. Watson was huge on the boards, and showcased some advanced feel on the offensive end. Was very comfortable when acting as a screener, popping and making plays from the slot or the top of the key in ball reversal action. He also used his well-built frame to seal defenders and score around the basket. 

Isaiah Marshall (Friends Select): Combo Guard Isaiah Marshall exhibited poise as a primary handler, and polished self-creation as a playmaker. Shifts in direction and quick change of pace helped him consistently create space for his smooth mid-range jumper, as well as getting all the way to the rim and finishing through contact to convert and-one plays. Defensively, Marshall was very disruptive when guarding the ball and made intelligent plays when executing traps on opposing ball handlers. 

Ian Williams (Archbishop Carroll): Ian Williams was very effective in the backcourt with his quickness, fearless mentality and highly intelligent situational scoring. Williams spent most of Saturday’s action attacking downhill, getting into the lane with his change of pace and valiant finishing around the rim. His aggressive play-style led to him garnering plenty of opportunities at the line. Williams also showcased some soft touch converting runners in the mid-range area, when attacking close-outs. 

Aiden Tobiason (St. Elizabeth): Wiry wing player Aiden Tobiason was consistent as a grab and go threat when crashing the defensive glass, and utilized his polished offensive arsenal to create opportunities off the bounce. Tobiason used his length and fluid jumpshot to convert on tough shots off the bounce. Had a smooth approach to the game, letting the ball find him and making plays when needed. Once his shots started to fall, it opened up his ability to penetrate the defense and create plays for others. Has the ability to play above the rim and was reliable as a shot blocker defensively. 

Jayden Johnson (Elizabeth): Jayden Johnson was pure off the catch as a spot-up shooter, heating up quickly and putting possessions together with consecutive makes. Has a great habit of being loaded into his shot pocket before the ball arrives, so he has very little wasted movement in his shot and releases quickly at the top. Johnson was also very patient in his approach when handling the ball, not forcing the action and deferring to his teammates before looking to score. 

Jason Whitlock (Hightstown High): Jason Whitlock excelled as a spot-up shooter from range, who can also attack close-outs and make plays in the lane. Whitlock was precise from the perimeter, which caused defenders to close-out out of control and with aggression. Whitlock used his shot making to open up other facets of his game, and make plays out of one, or two dribbles. Was also very reliable as a dual threat when acting as a screener in pick and roll play. Defensively, he was extremely active in the passing lanes and let his defense turn into offense on the other end. 

Emmanuel Doku (Holy Cross Prep): Lengthy forward Emmanuel Doku was tremendously effective inside with his high motor and effort plays. Doku kept possessions alive offensively by giving multiple efforts on the glass, and was great at putting himself into position to make plays along the baseline. Possesses soft hands when catching hot passes in traffic, and finishes well through contact. 

Luke McGinnis (Holy Cross Prep): Luke McGinnis made plays utilizing some high IQ off-ball cutting and relocation. Excelled at using the proper footwork when sprinting into off-ball screens to get his shot off. McGinnis also showed flashes of advanced shot making off the bounce, stopping on the dime in the mid-range area for smooth pull-up jumpers. Defensively, he made intelligent plays to disrupt offensive flow and cause turnovers. 

Donte Alexander (Nottingham High): Donte Alexander is a quick, fiery guard who was uber aggressive at the point of attack, often pushing the pace after made baskets and scoring before the defense had time to sprint back. Alexander used his upper body strength to play through resistance from defenders on his way to the rim, and finished with imposing force. His lightning quick end to end speed was on full display as he zoomed past defenders in Saturday’s action. 

Jordan Raba (Nottingham High): Jordan Raba displayed an extensive array of skills to score the ball. Raba was very comfortable scoring on the move, shooting after using pin-down and cross screen action. His lights out shooting opened up his floor skills off the bounce, as he intelligently attacked wild close-outs and garnered free throw attempts by driving to the rim with aggression and athleticism. 

Aiden Sosinov (Manalapan): Aiden Sosinov excelled in a small ball forward role with his solid frame and intelligent playmaking. Sosinov is a very high IQ player who made the correct the reads and exhibited advanced decision making. A very clever passer and a reliable shot maker off the catch, who can create for himself as well as set plays for others. Defensively, he guarded multiple positions and rebounded efficiently with toughness on the glass. 

CJ Miller (Camden Eastside): CJ Miller might’ve put together the best defensive performance of the weekend with his discipline, ability to deter shots with his length and agile lateral movement. Miller was dominant and essential in Camden Eastside’s success this weekend with his defensive prowess. Miller switched ball screens and kept guards from gaining middle penetration, walling-up and forcing them to take tough shots, fading away from the basket. Acted as a roamer playing center field due to his agility, high awareness and willingness to give multiple efforts. 

Jahaan Green (Camden Eastside): Strong combo-wing with a quick burst and sharp changes of direction to create advantages with angles. Green’s downhill playmaking was the cause for easy offense, with his ability to obtain paint touches and draw two defenders. His relentless aggression when attacking the lane allowed him to live at the free throw line. Dynamic athlete in transition and consistently gave effort on the defensive end, rebounding and protecting the rim from the guard position. 

Erik Porch (St. Peter’s Prep): Erik Porch displayed some natural feel as a multifaceted scorer on multiple levels. Porch executed some tough shot making off the bounce, utilizing some advantage creating shiftiness. Savvy finisher in the lane who uses his body to create fouls when driving on overly aggressive defenders. The combo guard also was effective as a spot-up shooter, and showcased his ability to score on the move. 

Jeremy Clayville (St. Joseph’s Metuchen): Jeremy Clayville put together a free shooting clinic against Caravel in Saturday night’s action. Clayville scored from the perimeter in multiple facets, letting it fly from multiple feet behind the arc. Clayville made shots off the bounce, dribbling into transition threes and off the catch when facing late close-outs. His elite shot making opened up his ability to get downhill, using a deceptive handle to create layups and crafty playmaking opportunities. 

Trevor Webster (Caravel): Lefty guard Trevor Webster possesses great positional size and length as a lead guard. Webster used his frame and quick decisive drives to create scoring opportunities in the mid-range area. His creativity as a shot creator was evident as he confidently made some tough shots. Defensively, he was very aggressive and competed with toughness on that end of the ball, jamming DHO action and crashing the glass with tenacity. 

Ryan Black (Caravel): Ryan Black exuded some consistent shot making from range with a fluid set shot. Black showed flashes of self-creation capabilities as well, when quickly attacking close-outs and making plays in the lane with one or two dribbles. His effort defensively was evident as he dove for loose balls, and came up with steals and deflections due to his high activity. 

Jalil Daniels (Atlantic City): High energy guard Jalil Daniels was flying around defensively, putting his body on the line and converting on momentum plays such as taking charges. He carried that same energy over to the offensive side of the ball, getting downhill in a blur finishing with acrobatic, hang layups. He imposed his will with his physicality and got to the line with his aggressive mentality. 

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