West Circuit Preview: Oakland Soldiers

And just like that, Year X of the Winter Circuit is around the corner. Here, I'll be taking an early look at the Red League teams out West. To begin, we've got the Oakland Soldiers.

The reigning West Blue 7eague Champs, the Oakland Soldiers return with their eyes on another Championship run, and it's easy to see why given their level of talent. 


Rhys Robinson put together a winter full of flashes last year, and it sounds like they're beginning to materialize. The skilled wing, along with Jaizahn Lewis, a West Academy standout, are expected to make leaps this winter. 

Number of different potential guys, but Josh Agbo is a potential X-factor for this group. The athletic wing showed well both last winter and this fall in Seal Beach at West Academy, but Soldier's staff sees even more upside to tap into these next few months.

The Soldiers will lean heavily on the productivity of Jakyi Miles. One of the most promising young prospects on the West Coast, he's begun to sprout physically while retaining and buiding upon his foundation of on-ball skill and playmaking ability.

As far as looking ahead long-term, we’ll be keeping close tabs on Andre Carter. The young wing is stocked with intriguing upside as he continues to put the pieces together.

The Soldiers pride themselves on their mature approach, preparing their players for the next level and beyond. Coach Price said, “Consistency. That's our culture. We have a ton of different pieces and don't really on anyone one player too heavily. For us, it might be a different guy each game. And our guys have bought into that. That's how we beat the elite's last winter, and we'll lean on that again this winter."




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