Peyton Marshall Commits to Mizzou

2024 | 7’0” Big | Kell (GA) & Game Elite (3SSB) 

The #108 player in our 2024 rankings, Peyton Marshall has committed to Mizzou over Auburn, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State and more. He’s set to join Marcus Allen (#73 in 2024) and T.O. Barrett (#80 in 2024) in the Tigers’ 2024 recruiting class. Marshall was previously committed to Auburn, however he decided to reopen his recruitment back in April earlier this year. This is a strong add for Dennis Gates & staff as they’ll add frontcourt depth and a physical big to work with in the upcoming years. Mizzou is also targeting Bishop Boswell, Annor BoatengDarrion Sutton, Trent Burns, Jordan McCullum, Travis Perry and more in the 2024 class. 

Marshall is a physically imposing big man that is a prominent interior anchor on both ends of the floor. Aggressive back to the basket scorer who understands how to leverage his size and frame to create advantages & space. A tough rim finisher who also has the strength to take bumps and finish plays through contact. While he’s not the most explosive or quick athlete, Marshall has adept footwork & soft hands that give him an advantage on the low-block. He’s a bruising interior force who is a mismatch nightmare out of switches against smaller opponents. The mix of positional size, aggression and power make him a productive rebounder on the glass. Assertive defensive anchor who keeps opposing bigs out of the paint with his physical stature and strength. There’s room to improve his foot speed, conditioning and offensive versatility, however the budding impact on the interior and imposing measurables pop most at this stage in his development.  

Below, Marshall breaks down his decision. 

Why He Chose Missouri: “There was just a consistency with the coaches. The strength coach that they have, I feel like he’s somebody that I really need to take my game to the next level. The way they play, the style of play they have, I feel like I’d be able to show my talents and show that I can take my skills to the next level.”

Dennis Gates’ Pitch: “It was basketball of course, but I also liked that we can talk about life off of the court. He talks to me about things such as being a man and things like that, things that, when the ball stops bouncing, I’ll be able to use in my everyday life.”

Who He’s Going To Recruit To Join Him: “I’m working on my boy Annor Boateng right now, trying to see what he’s on. Bishop Boswell as well."

What Missouri Fans Can Look Forward To In Marshall: “Just a great guy, you know. I’m gonna bring the energy both on and off of the court. I’m gonna give it my best every night, just stick with me no matter what the situation’s like. We’re gonna try to bring something special to Missouri.”

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