McDonald's All-Americans to one-and-done?: Ranking the 2024 class as draft prospects

A favorite yearly project of mine has become reviewing the conversion rate of McDonald's All-American rosters and eventual one & done prospects. With the release of the 2024 McDonald's All-American rosters this week, I'll rank the contenders to make the leap as one & done prospects from 1 to 23 and take a look at their case. 24 players made the roster, but Jayden Quaintance is not eligible to be a one & done because of age requirements (seven months too young).

But first, it's important to take a look back at that conversion rate. 

Over the past six NBA Drafts (2018 to 2023), there has been a total of 118 one and done entrants. Of those 118, 77 were former McDonald's All Americans. 65.25% of one & done entrants over the last six years were McDAA selections. Over the past six years, 14 is the highest number of McDAA's to make the one & done leap -- which happened three separate times (2018, 2022, 2023). Flipping the lens, 53.47% of McDonald's All American selections over that stretch have went on to declare for the draft after one collegiate season.

1. Cooper Flagg

Flagg will be over-analyzed and nitpicked throughout the 2025 Draft cycle, but scouts will likely come away enthralled by all the little things he does to impact winning. He continues to fill out, progress as a shot-maker and handler while scaling between roles to drive winning basketball remains at the core of his game-to-game value. Continued development as a more versatile shooter will be an area to track, but he looks to be in a tier of his own about 18 months out from the 2025 draft.

2. VJ Edgecombe

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