Rankings Roundtable: 2024-2026

Next Friday, MADE Hoops will be unveiling updated rankings for the 2024-2027 recruiting classes. To help preview that, MADE Hoops' Max Feldman and Travis Graf answered a few questions below about who they personally pushed for in the rankings, who they feel still might be too low, and whose ranking they feel the rest of the industry is lagging behind on.


1. Who is one player in each of the 2024, 2025, and 2026 classes that you personally made a push for in the rankings?

Feldman: My big push this go around in 2024 was Labaron Philon. Getting eyes on each and every guy through all four classes live is a tall task, and he was one I got the chance to come back around on film lately here as I didn’t get to see a ton in real-time. Always been a gifted scorer with natural creativity off the bounce, but his growth as a playmaker struck me. 94 assists to just 30 turnovers with Team Thad to go with upwards of 12 PPG. Has to continue to get stronger and more efficient from three, but headed into the ranking review, he was one I felt strongly about pushing into the Top-20, ahead of anyone in the industry.

For 2025, I’ve continued to make a push for Khaman Maluach. With the reclassification of Flagg and Quaintance, I feel strongly that the 7-2 big man has an argument for the top spot here. An elite rim protector with a big time motor and a strong foundation as a shooter — I’m buying all the stock I can get. Blew me away up close last winter in Vegas and has continued to progress since. Two others I’ve pushed for there are Joshua Lewis, who we are already the highest on in the industry by a large margin, as well as Nigel Walls. Lewis made a big leap in a years time and it seems clear there’s another level to hit, even while having an ultra scalable skillset as a 6-8 athletic shot-maker. Walls has made steady progress, but the best is still well ahead of him. Bigs come along slower and he’s very young for the class, but showed indicators this spring and summer of beginning to find his way as a two-way impact guy.

In the rising sophomore class, I’ve continued to push Kayden Allen and Dakari Spear. Number of others I’m big on like Gabe Sularski, Dean Rueckert and Kevin Thomas, but both Kayden Allen and Dakari Spear’s level of shot-making, size and upside have taken them to new heights in the rankings. Mass fluctuation is inevitable in underclassmen rankings, and those two are among the biggest risers since the 2026 Top-150 debuted. 

Graf: In the 2024 class, I’ve been very interested in continuing to increase Khani Rooths’ ranking, and I think he’s a player who could crack the top 20-25 with a good showing this winter. I’m a big fan of his athleticism, versatility, and improved shot making. He’s not only versatile on the offensive end, but I also like what he could become on the defensive end as well with his physical traits and agility. 

For 2025, I continue to push for higher rankings for a couple of guard prospects — Kingston Flemings and Tyler Jackson. With Flemings, he doesn’t play for a marquee grassroots program, but whenever you watch him, the vision of what he can be is easy to see. He excels as a playmaker, can make shots from multiple levels, and gets paint touches consistently. He’s also a good athlete that has grown over the past year. 

Jackson is one of the best scoring guards in the country, and he’s someone that has the ability to continue developing into more of a point guard over time. He’s a three-level scorer that has become a better ball-handler and better defender over time. Once he improves his floor game and processing as a lead guard, he can really make a push for a very high ranking. 

Lastly, for 2026, I’m a huge fan of 6’7” wing Aidan Chronister. He’s a toolsy wing with great athleticism and a competitive streak that never allows him to shy away from any moment. Chronister’s length to go along with his shot making makes him super intriguing in the long term, and he’s already turning potential into consistent production. 


2. Who is a player that you feel like could make a big jump this winter?

Feldman: Two come to mind, both 2025’s from overseas headed to NIBC schools. I think the winter is going to be major welcome to both Dwayne Aristode and Miika Muurinen. Aristode is a hyper-athletic 6-7 wing shot-maker headed to Brewster Academy (NH), originally from the Netherlands. Muurinen is a highly skilled 6-9 big wing with impressive ball skills and shooting upside headed to Sunrise Christian (KS), originally from Finland. Both have risen to Top-60 status in the class for us, while being unranked everywhere else.

Graf: I’m going to go with Slim Rodgers here. MADE Hoops is very high on him as a whole and I expect there’s a good chance the rest of the industry to have him in their rankings when they’re unveiled in the future. There’s a chance he could become a national name, as the talented guard is a gamer that waited his turn behind Jared McCain a season ago at Centennial. Rodgers is a high IQ guard that plays at a good pace, shoots the ball well, and has showcased advanced play making. 

3. Who is a player that we have ranked high that you think the rest of the industry is lagging behind on?

Feldman: VJ Edgecombe and Jalil Bethea are the prime ones. Both are strongly Top-10 long-term prospects in my eyes, and for us, both are Top-6. Nic Codie and Damarius Owens are the two outside the Top-15 that have gone under-discussed I think. Both have skillsets that fit at the highest level and have made noteworthy jumps over the past 6 or so months. 

Outside of the rising senior class, I think 2025 as a whole. Feel strongly that the rest of the industry is due for significant shifts there, as ours look vastly different than most. From top to bottom in 2025, I think there’s a lag in the industry.

Graf: In 2024, I’m a big fan of Donnie Freeman, who is headed to play at IMG Academy this year. We have the Syracuse pledge at No. 21 nationally because we feel that he’s steadily improved his game over the past year and has developed into an all-around forward prospect that’s poised for a big senior season following a Peach Jam title. It’s been a small sample size, but his improved outside shooting numbers have me bullish on his long-term inside-out threat. Also, Jayden Quaintance is my personal number two in the class behind Cooper Flagg. With his build, age, and expanding skillset, I think he's a player who has to be at least top three in the class.

For the 2025 class, Azavier Robinson is a top-50 prospect for us while other outlets have him ranked as a three-star. The junior guard has increased the stature of the schools offering him over the past four months and is starting to catch the eye of a lot of coaches across the country. He competes at both ends, defends at a high level, and rebounds extremely well for a guard. His polish at the defensive end will always allow him a high floor. 

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