East Championship: Red Lea8ue Standouts

Raul Cruz (2027, Expressions Elite): Raul Cruz was one of the smartest players in the gym this weekend and it showed with his attention to detail on the defensive end. Cruz was tasked with the challenge of guarding the opposing team's best perimeter players, and with every assignment he rose to the occasion. Cruz was exceptional at denying wing entries, locking and trailing shooters through screens and forcing turnovers as a help defender. He communicated well, talking teammates through switches and rotations. He was effective as an on-ball defender without fouling. Offensively he made shots off the catch and was very fundamentally sound with his decision making. 

Munir Greig (2027, The Ivy): Munir Grieg started off the weekend playing like a man on a mission. Greig came in with an aggressive mentality and imposed his will on both ends of the floor. It all started on the defensive side of the ball, which helped him find a rhythm on the offensive end. Greig crashed the defensive glass and pushed the ball coast to coast for controlled drives in transition. He used his length and functional strength to finish through contact and get to the free throw line. 

Marquis Newson (2027, DPS): Marquis Newson was essential in DPS’s success on their way to an East Circuit championship. Newsome has enticing measurables and uses his length to play the passing lanes which leads to easy dunks on the other end. Despite his slender build, Newsome is effective on the glass. His quick leaping ability allowed him to score points around the rim, and he shot the ball consistently well off the catch. 

Charles Chieggan (2027, Team United): Although Chieggan is new to this United program, he wasted no time asserting himself as the defensive anchor they needed in the middle. Chieggan showcased elite shot blocking, switchability on the perimeter and tenacious glass cleaning. He runs the floor extremely hard and moves with fluidity for his size. Offensively he exhibited potential coast to coast ability, as well as a floor spacer.

Derek Daniels (2027, Team Takeover): Derek Daniels uses his size, strength and athleticism to control the interior. Daniels had high activity on both sides of the floor, keeping possessions alive on the offensive glass and protecting the rim on the defensive end. Daniels is effective playing out of the dunker spot, where he catches drop-offs from dribble penetration and finishes with ferocious dunks. Daniels brings the physicality and possesses enough agility to quickly cover ground. 

Nazir Tyler (2027, DPS): Nazir Tyler is the heart and soul for this DPS team. His tenacity on the glass, shot making and competitive nature led DPS to a Winter Circuit championship, with Tyler earning MVP honors. Tyler outworks all of his opponents and is willing to do the dirty work for his team to be successful. He plays with contagious energy and brings that dog mentality that fuels his teammates to follow suit. Tyler continues to be a tenacious defender that can guard multiple positions, and has shown improved shot making from the perimeter. 

Baba Oladotun
(2027, Team Durant): Oladotun continues to show why he’s one of the most intriguing prospects in the class of 2027 with his polished offensive skill set. Standing at about six-foot-six with his wiry frame, fluidity and shot making, Baba is emerging as a special talent. Oladotun excels in isolation situations from the wing or mid-post, exhibiting a deep bag of moves from those areas on the floor. He has quick bursts out of hesitation dribbles and change of direction moves. He uses his height to shoot over smaller defenders, and is effective as a screener in pick and roll/pop play. 

Josiah Johnson-Freeman (2027, Team United): Johnson-Freeman possesses all the skills to be one of the best combo guards in his class for years to come. Johnson-Freeman has great positional size from the wing and is comfortable as a primary or secondary ball handler. He can get downhill with the best of them and is a capable playmaker once he gets into the paint. Showcased his athletic ability in transition, pushing the pace and finishing above the rim. Competes defensively and uses his athleticism to garner steals and reject shots at the rim. 

Talib Martin (2027, New Heights): Talib Martin is a lengthy wing who does a little bit of everything for this New Heights group. Martin has real two-way potential, using his length to live in passing lanes, guard multiple positions and secure defensive rebounds. He excels in transition and possesses a fluid handle in space to get to his spots. Has a fluid mid-range jumper and shows a high understanding of using different styles of footwork in different situations to get his shot off. 

Giovanni Moran (2027, New Heights): Giovanni Moran was one of the only players the entire weekend who consistently picked up ninety-four feet on the defensive end. Moran competes hard on that end of the ball and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He was able to force turnovers in the backcourt and acted as an on-ball irritant for opposing guards. Offensively he was very poise when facing pressure from a live dribble and excels at “split second” decision making when penetrating the lane. Consistently made shots off the dribble from the perimeter and in the mid-range area.

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