East Championship: Red Lea8ue Standouts

Nazir Tyler, 2027 Wing, DPS: Tyler was one of the best players on the best teams. He had an awesome championship game that saw him lead DPS in scoring. Tyler is a bigger guard/wing prospect who has a good frame and is consistently in attack mode. He is at his best when he is downhill and attacking the rim. Once he is downhill he is likely to either finish or get fouled where he does a good job making his FTs. He can also use his strength to get a few offensive rebounds and putbacks. Tyler needs to make strides as a shooter but his touch is pretty solid and he is decent from the FT line so there is reason to be optimistic. Tyler is prone to take some tough shots but he does play in the flow of the offense and is a capable passer. He is the potential to be a decent defender but needs to become more engaged off the ball. 

Josiah Johnson-Freeman, 2027 Guard, Team United: Johnson-Freeman was one of the best players in attendance and showed much of what makes his upside so appealing. It all starts with his instincts and understanding of the game, offensively and defensively. Physically, Johnson-Freeman is thin but is long and quick. On offense, he has the potential to be a primary handler because of his ability to get into the paint, make quick decisions, and shoot the ball. Throughout the game made multiple high-level passes including dump-offs and kick outs to the corner. He also made an impact defensively where he uses his long arms and quick feet to stay in front of defenders. Johnson-Freeman is also a good help defender and does a good job of understanding where the offense will be. 

Javion Tyndale, 2027 Guard, UPLAY: Tyndale was one of the smaller players in attendance but also one of the most effective. He is a willing passer who pushes the ball in transition and does a good job of finding teammates. Although he usually isn’t asked to create for his teammates he made multiple high-level reads and is good in pick-and-rolll situations.His biggest strength is his shooting where he can shoot from a few feet behind the three-point line. He is never afraid to shoot and is very confident in his shot from three or in the midrange. Tyndale is very twitchy and can beat defenders off the dribble with his quickness, handle, and shiftiness. Once in the paint, he makes good decisions. He is able to shoot from different angles and awkward positions which will be really useful in the long run. Defensively he is not afraid to throw his body around and fight with bigger guys.

Macai White, 2027 Guard, New York Lightning: White is a well-rounded guard who can fill a multitude of different roles offensively. He can score in the paint with floaters or at the rim, in the midrange he uses dribble pull-ups, and can shoot from deep. When attacking the rim White uses his craft and a variety of moves to create space. Before White is at the rim he does a good job getting by the initial defender and putting them in jail, once at the rim he uses good footwork and touch to finish over bigger defenders. He has a pretty stroke and does a job getting into a dribble pull-up and is a good FT shooter. Most impressively, White doesn’t turn the ball over much, doesn’t use many dribbles, and keeps the ball moving. To go along with this White is also good without the ball and can attack off the catch. Defensively, White can cause multiple turnovers and do a good job of guarding the perimeter. 

Terrence Jones, 2027 Guard, Team Melo: A lefty guard, Jones can score and pass. Jones loves to get to the mid-range where he has the ability to make really tough shots. He is also a good finisher around the rim and can finish with defenders on his hip. Jones displays patience and does a good job of fending off help defenders. He is a good shooter and hit a three and as mentioned earlier is good in the mid-range. All in all, Jones is a talented offensive player who can put points on the board in a hurry.

Baba Oladotun, 2027 Wing, Team Durant: Oladotun is a lengthy wing prospect with the potential to be a great player.  He has a relatively high release point and consistently makes shots from behind the arc. As he develops his handle and becomes stronger he has the potential to become more of a threat off the dribble. Even with this said, he still makes some tough shots off the dribble even when he fails to create a ton of space. Oladotun is also a willing passer who has a strong understanding of the game. Defensively, Oladotun has the chance to be a weakside rim protector because of his length and instincts. Oladotun is also impressive as a help defender and does a good job filling gaps. He does have some ability to guard on the perimeter because of his length as well.

Jacob Canton, 2027 Guard, NY Rens: An offensive-minded combo guard, Canton is a shotmaker. Every team ultimately needs guys who can create their own offense and hit shots and Canton can do that. He is a bigger guard who can hit a multitude of different shots from different angles. Canton can create offense for himself and create shots from three or in the mid-range. He showed some of the most positive self creation flashes of anybody in attendance. Canton also has shown some sustained flashes as a passer. Canton’s shotmaking and shot-creating make him one of the more exciting players out East.

Josh Rivera, 2027 Wing, PSA Cardinals: Rivera’s sky high ceiling was apparent all weekend. Rivera hit multiple shots in the mid-range and even a variety of perimeter attempts. He also looks good in transition when he attacks the rim. Over the course of the winter, it’s been clear that Rivera’s confidence and overall assertiveness offensively have grown given opportunity. On the plus side, he is a very willing passer and consistently keeps the ball moving. Defensively, there is also potential because of his long arms and instincts. His long arms have the potential to give offenses fits. Overall, Rivera has a high ceiling because of his length, shotmaking, and defensive upside.

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